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Chapter 1161: Gacha God

Zu An was speechless. Am I being looked down on by a tree right now

Seemingly sensing something wrong with his expression, the Silverflame Flowertree said quickly, “Wait… Don’t do anything strange.

If you don’t accept my condition, I’ll just fight until both of us die!”

Zu An almost laughed out loud, retorting, “You think you’re even capable of taking me down with you”

Seeing that Zu An wasn’t convinced in the slightest, that Silverflame Flowertree replied, “This is a mine, and those miners always talk about how this place is full of explosive gases, and that flames can’t be brought down here.

If you push me too far, then I’ll just blow up this entire mine! You guys won’t be able to live either.”

Zu An and Yu Yanluo’s expressions changed.

Yu Yanluo was especially frightened, because the mine was part of the Yu clan’s foundation.

How could she let it be destroyed

“Then why hasn’t there been an explosion yet, even though you’ve always been burning here” Zu An asked suspiciously.

“I can absorb those gases and let them burn slowly, not letting them explode… If you keep pressuring me, I won’t care anymore! I’ll just make this whole place explode!” the Silverflame Flowertree cried.

Zu An was at a loss.

He eventually remarked, “You’re pretty good at talking, aren’t you I almost wonder whether there’s a human hiding in there.”

“I’m just a flower, but after staying here for so long and listening to the miners for so long, I learned things from them,” the Silverflame Flowertree said with a shrug.

“Didn’t you say you were a tree just a second ago” Zu An’s forehead darkened as he spoke.

But he was worried that it might really do something stupid, so he offered, “How about this If you answer another question from me, I’ll let you go.”

“Sure, sure.

Ask away.” When it heard that it could live, the Silverflame Flowertree immediately focused.

Its body stood up a bit taller than before.

“Where did that Scaled Deathworm underground come from When did it appear” Zu An asked.

Since the tree had already been here for a long time, it had to know something.

“Bro, you asked two questions,” the Silverflame Flowertree complained.

It rested its arms on its waist, seeming a bit unhappy.

Zu An didn’t say anything, and only moved the Tai’e Sword in his hand.

The Silverflame Flowertree sensibly changed its tone and explained, “You’re talking about that ugly bug with the black fog all around it, right I never saw it in all the years I spent here.

It seemed to have appeared around half a month ago.

A spatial rift opened up in the depths of the mine, and it crawled out from inside.”

“A spatial rift” Zu An exclaimed in surprise. Did this weird bug come from another world

To a certain degree, secret dungeons were also different worlds, but they were usually strange worlds that people from this world entered.

It was rare to hear of beasts entering this world from one.

“That makes things much more troublesome.

If an endless swarm of those strange bugs rushes in, the people of this world will be in great danger,” Yu Yanluo said worriedly.

This was Cloudcenter Commandery, as well as their Yu clan’s ore mines.

She naturally had some attachment to the area after staying in it for so long.

The Silverflame Flowertree explained, “The spatial rift isn’t too stable.

Something as powerful as that creature coming through is already its limit.

There shouldn’t be anything else of that scale that can cross over for some time.

However, when that spatial rift stabilizes over time, it’ll be hard to say.”

Zu An gave it a doubtful look and asked, “Are you really just a tree”

The Silverflame Flowertree stood up and replied, “I’ve lived for so long already; of course I know a bit more than others.”

Yu Yanluo asked out of curiosity, “Then why has that strange bug never come to eat you”

“Are you really asking me that That weird bug isn’t a vegetarian, and it likes the darkness, not this kind of bright environment.

We just mind our own business,” the Silverflame Flowertree replied.

Zu An laughed in annoyance and remarked, “You really do like to act cocky.”

Even though the Silverflame Flowertree wasn’t weak, it was still incomparable to the strange worm.

Zu An thought, You’re still saying both of you mind your own business That’s like me saying I’d give Kobe Bryant a run for his money.

The Silverflame Flowertree turned its corolla and completely ignored what he said.

Zu An put away his mischievous side and asked, “Where is that spatial rift”

“Just how many questions have you asked already” The Silverflame Flowertree felt really dissatisfied.

But when Zu An gave it a glare, it could only reply, “I don’t really know exactly, but I can sense its direction.

It should be around twenty li in that direction if I use your human species’ calculation method…”

Zu An shot Yu Yanluo a look and said, “We should find a chance to locate that spatial rift.”

Yu Yanluo shared his thoughts, but she said with a frown, “But that Scaled Deathworm is too strong for us to deal with at all.

We’ll just be throwing our lives away if we go there.”

Zu An replied, “Did you forget that we have someone else”

Yu Yanluo’s eyes lit up.

She asked, “Are you talking about Yan Xuehen” However, her expression quickly grew dark and she said, “But she’ll probably kill us first if she sees us.”

“She won’t kill us,” Zu An said with a strange expression.

He didn’t know how long his Gold Phoenix would last, but it shouldn’t have worn off so quickly, right “Besides, since she’s the head of the orthodox faction, she has to ensure the safety of the common people.

She won’t be able to ignore it if we share what we know with her.”

“Alright.” Yu Yanluo approved of Zu An’s reasoning too.

Even though Yan Xuehen was a bit too fierce, Yu Yanluo had no doubts regarding her character.

Suddenly, the two of them noticed that something strange was happening.

When they looked up, they saw that the Silverflame Flowertree had crawled out of the ground.

Its dense roots had split into two parts, becoming like a pair of legs.

It had already begun running into the distance.

Seeing that it had been discovered by the two of them, the tree screamed while running, “Don’t chase after me, or else I’m going to take you all down with me!” It even raised its flames as it spoke.

Mere moments later, it disappeared into the distance.

Zu An and Yu Yanluo were speechless.

Their horizons really had been widened today.

Meeting a talking tree was one thing, but this fella could actually run!

“Was there something wrong with my eyes” Yu Yanluo asked in disbelief.

“We were scammed by that damn tree.,” Zu An said gloomily.

It had already run away, so the matter of the Wuyang Jade they had agreed on before was obviously not going to happen.

Yu Yanluo covered her mouth and giggled, saying, “Don’t worry, even if it runs, it’ll still be in these mines.

It needs a large mine like this to survive.

We can just take the time to find it again later.

Zu An nodded and said, “You’re right.

At the very least, it provided us with a lot of useful information.

Let’s make some preparations first, then look for Yan Xuehen.”

He began to collect the Wuyang Jade around him; there were nineteen pieces in total.

He now had more than enough for Daji’s seventh rank breakthrough.

After doing that, he didn’t immediately leave, but instead said to Yu Yanluo, “I have something to do first.

Can you watch my surroundings for me”

Yu Yanluo just assumed he needed a break to readjust his condition.

She didn’t hesitate and said, “No problem.” She took out the World Painting and used it to protect their surroundings, remaining on guard against any potential dangers that might show up.

Zu An sat down and began to calculate the Rage points he had collected since the previous time.

He had experienced many dangerous situations in this mine, making him use all of his trump cards.

Now, he needed something to help him defeat the Scaled Deathworm.

He couldn't give up any opportunities to increase his own strength.

Even if he couldn't get a skill, another bottle of red medicine would still be good.

He had collected a total of 294,499 Rage points! That was enough for him to pull almost 3000 times.

He secretly carried out some prayers. If there is some god in this world, spare me a bit of blessing and protection, please.

I’m trying to save the world here, so you can’t just watch without doing anything!

He then began to pull the lottery.

The shining indicator quickly flew across the keyboard.

‘Thank you for playing’ messages continued to repeat.

Ki Fruits also appeared one after another.

Suddenly, however, his breath caught in his throat.

The shining indicator had stopped on the Z key!

I got a skill!

Zu An was in disbelief.

He had already been mentally prepared to only get a few bottles of medicine.

He hadn’t expected to actually get his hands on a precious skill this time!

He was about to check to see what kind of skill it was when the light indicator suddenly continued moving through the lottery.


Soon afterward, it actually stopped on the H key.

Two jackpots back to back!

Zu An never would have expected to actually pull two skills at the same time! Apart from his initial round of beginner’s luck, he had never had such good fortune again.

He quickly checked to see what skills he had won.

He checked the Z key’s skill first.

Congratulations for winning the skill ‘John Doe’s Nemesis’.

Skill description: At a certain point in spacetime, there was a crazy bastard named John Doe who existed outside the law.

He always managed to find loopholes around laws.

There was an almighty judge who finally couldn't take it anymore and wanted to bring him to justice.

After endless trials and tribulations, he finally succeeded.

For the first time in history, John Doe was convicted.

However, John Doe quickly found a new loophole and recovered his freedom once more.

The almighty judge continued to look for ways to convict him, but John Doe continued to escape blame, and that process continued again and again… That is why the almighty judge obtained the title ‘John Doe’s Nemesis’.

Skill effects: Upon use, anyone named John Doe will be confined for one second.

After one second, the target will return to normal.

What the f*ck Did this really come from the Z key

Zu An was stunned.

This is absolute horsesh*t! What kind of use does this damn skill even have!



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