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However, when he smelled the stench covering his body, his expression grew ugly.

Damn it, Im really suffering because of this stupid Old Mis task.

Wei Hongde had a servant escort Wei Suo in first.

Then, he said to Zu An, “Thank you brother Zu for bringing my younger brother back.

Ive already had someone prepare a guest room for you with a tub of hot water.

Once brother Zu takes a bath and has a change of clothes, youre most welcome to stay the night if you wish.” 

Zu An nodded and said, “Thank you, brother Wei.

Ive had a little too much to drink today.

If I go back like this, my wife will definitely kill me.

Ill gratefully accept your hospitality.”

Wei Hongdes breath caught.

He had made the offer just to be polite, and hadnt expected him to actually stay the night.

However, since the offer had already been made, he couldnt just change his mind and refuse him.

“Brother Zu is too polite.

However, its quite hard for me to imagine Chu First Miss being that aggressive.”

Zu An chuckled.

“Shes only a goddess in front of others.

She is the same as other women in private.”

Wei Hongde was incredibly jealous when she heard this.

“Brother Zu is truly blessed.”

If I had a wife like Chu First Miss, I would be by her side every moment I can! Why would I ever sleep outside

Those who are well-fed truly fail to comprehend the sufferings of the starving!

You have trolled Wei Hongde for 99 Rage points!

“Haha, youre flattering me.

Honestly, a wife like her comes with its own set of troubles,” said Zu An with a sigh.

“What sort of troubles” Even though Wei Hongde didnt have much of a personal friendship with Zu An, as a man, there was no way he would miss out on a chance to hear the secrets of a goddess.

Zu An sighed.

“My wife is too pretty! I always end up incurring the jealousy of other men! Do you know the extent to which people would go just to curse me over this”

Wei Hongde was speechless.

Why do I feel like this guy is indirectly scolding me!

You have successfully trolled Wei Hongde for 66… 66… 66…

Unknowingly, the two of them found themselves by the guest room.

Wei Hongde smiled and said, “All right, weve arrived at your room.

If you require anything, you can just order any of the servants to bring it to you.

I shall take my leave and allow brother Zu to rest undisturbed.”

“Thank you for your trouble.” Zu An clasped his fist.

Wei Hongde turned around to leave.

After he had taken a few steps, a sudden thought came to him.

He stopped and turned around.

“By the way, there is something else I almost forgot to tell brother Zu.

If brother Zu wishes to go for a walk, feel free to walk around the estate.” He pointed.

“However, that area is the place where one of the clans elders rests.

He enjoys peace and quiet, and he doesnt like to be disturbed, so…”

Zu An smiled widely.

“Dont worry, I wont go that way,” he reassured Wei Hongde.

He was just wondering how he was going to navigate such a large estate. How considerate of you to tell me exactly where I should go.

As for the supposed presence of the clan elder, he didnt pay it much attention.

This was probably just some pretext to prevent him from going there.

“Thank you for your understanding.” Wei Hongde smiled and took his leave.

Zu An entered his room.

A servant had already brought over clothes and other necessities.

A large tub of hot water was placed at the center.

“I like taking long baths, so please do not disturb me.” Zu An took care to instruct the servants, to prevent them from discovering his later activities.

“Understood!” Those servants put down the things they were carrying and left.

Zu An curled his lips. Isnt this Wei clan too stingy They didnt even send over a single maid! Are they scared that Ill do something to their girls or something

Naturally, these were just jokes.

He hadnt forgotten his true purpose in coming today.

After locking the door, he went to the tub, stripped down, and brought out the stealthy outfit that he had prepared beforehand.

Appropriately dressed, he leaped silently out through the window and snuck into the inner section of the Wei Estate.

For some reason, there werent many lights in the Wei Estate.

The grounds were much dimmer than the Chu Estate.

Of course, this made it more convenient for him to execute his task.

He silently headed in the direction that Wei Hongde had warned him not to go.

Perhaps because he was already inside the Wei clan estate and had gotten past the tightest defensive line, he didnt encounter many guards along the way.

He easily made his way past the few guards he encountered.

Employing the Mirror Mirage skill to mask his aura made it extremely hard for others to detect him unless they were looking right at him.

This really was a powerful weapon of concealment!

When he arrived at that courtyard, Zu An snuck into a room and began to search.

Unfortunately, he didnt find a case like the one Old Mi had shown him.

How could it be that easy to find a single item in such a large place

Zu An gave up after searching for a while.

Brute force wasnt his style at all.

Its a pity that I have no idea whats inside that case.

I dont even have a single clue, so how the heck do I go about finding it Zu An felt a headache coming on.

He got up and walked over to the window.

When he looked out, he discovered that there was a single room that was still lit.

After some hesitation, he decided to head over for a look.

Perhaps he could find some clues there.

Besides, he could still conceal himself with Mirror Mirage.

As long as he was careful, there wouldnt be much danger.

He made his way cautiously to the room.

When he reached it, he could vaguely make out some conversation.

Alarmed, he immediately squatted down by the wall.

He had seen too many dramas where an intruders shadow was glimpsed through the window.

He didnt want to make such a brainless mistake.

“Adoptive father, what troubles your respective self to personally make a trip here”

This voice didnt belong to either of the Wei brothers.

It was a middle-aged voice, most likely the Wei clans master.

“We received an important piece of news earlier regarding an old friend who has been missing for a long time.

The emperor has sent me to look into this matter.”

This voice was dark and gloomy, and sounded extremely unpleasant to the ear.

Zu An frowned.

Why did this voice bear a passing similarity to Old Mis

“I see.

I wonder what sort of issue can alarm even the emperor”


Dont ask questions that you shouldnt ask.”

“Of course, of course.

Adoptive fathers criticism is perfectly warranted.

This adopted son misspoke.

However, I am still quite familiar with Brightmoon City.

Is there anything I can help you with”

“Not right now.

If I need your assistance, I will let you know.

Heh, that old friend is incredibly cunning.

If we end up scaring him away too early, itll be quite difficult for us to find him again.”

“As expected, adoptive father is both wise and brilliant… ”

Zu Ans brows were knit together tightly as he eavesdropped on this conversation from outside.

This adoptive father seemed like a court eunuch from the imperial palace.

How could he possibly know that this man was a court eunuch, you may ask It was clearly because there were just too many examples in television dramas to draw from.

The tone and color of that voice was exactly the same as what he was used to.

Wait, Old Mis style of speaking is also quite similar…

Who is this mysterious court eunuch after He seems to be acting on an imperial order too.

He suddenly broke out in cold sweat.

The Chu clan was standing up to the emperor.

However, after giving it more thought, he dismissed the idea that this eunuch had come for Chu Zhongtian.

After all, he had called the target an old friend.

Chu Zhongtian didnt seem like the type to have such people as friends.

Was he here for Old Mi, then

This possibility seemed more likely the more he thought about it.

There was too much mystery surrounding Old Mi after all, and his cultivation was also extremely high.

All of a sudden, a cold voice boomed from inside the house.

“Whos there!”

Zu An turned pale with fright.

Hed been exposed! He prepared to use Grandgale to teleport away.

If these people were really looking for Old Mi, there was no way he would be able to fight them.

Right then, he heard a strange sound coming from the roof above him.

A black-clad individual took off in a different direction with even greater speed than him.


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