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Still drowsy, Zu An subconsciously reached out a hand to hug her.

“Youre finally back, honey Come and get some sleep.”

Did Chu Chuyan change her perfume She always wore an elegant orchid fragrance—why did he smell a sweet rose fragrance

“Ahem, ahem…” There came the sound of a light, displeased cough.

Zu An turned around.

Qin Wanru and Chu Chuyan were standing beside the bed.

Both of them had clearly not slept a wink.

Their eyes were slightly bloodshot, and they were both slightly paler than usual. 

However, gorgeous women would always be gorgeous women.

If anything, their current appearance actually lent them a different sort of appeal.

One was voluptuous and mature, while the other was reserved yet exquisite.

The pair of them formed a beautiful sight that seemed to brighten the entire room.

Qin Wanrus brow furrowed when she saw him staring at them.

Zu An shivered at her unpleasant expression.

He sat up at once and said, “I didnt expect mother-in-law to be here as well!”

He didnt understand why Qin Wanru would come to her daughters room so early in the morning.

He needed to find a way to tactfully tell her not to intrude into their private love nest.

Sensing his confusion, Chu Chuyan said, “We chatted all night.

We didnt find you in your room when we went looking for you in the morning, so we assumed that you had already gone to the academy.

But when we came here to retrieve some things, you were… here.”

Her face slowly turned red as she said this.

Even though the two of them were husband and wife, many people believed that their marriage was in name only.

The two of them had tried their best to hide their real relationship from everyone else, yet her mom had now seen him fast asleep in her own bed.

There was no way they could use the excuse that they were only sleeping together to treat her illness anymore.

Qin Wanru was also shocked.

Even though she knew that the two of them had consummated their marriage as husband and wife, she was still under the impression that the two of them only slept together because of Chu Chuyans illness.

However, judging from how Zu An now seemed to have free rein over this room, the two of them had definitely bonded many more times.

Sigh, my daughter has grown up.

Zu An had the decency to be embarrassed.

“What did you need me for”

Chu Chuyan was just about to speak when her eyes froze and her cheeks burned up.

“Just put on your clothes already! Well wait for you outside.”

The two of them had spent every night together recently, so she had obviously come to know her husbands habits.

This guy loved sleeping naked, and she did not want her mother seeing what was underneath the covers.

Qin Wanru had already spied the huge bulge in the middle of the blanket.

As an experienced woman, how could she not know what this signified

Even Qin Wanrus heart began to pound when she saw the exaggerated size of it.

She turned around stiffly, pretending as though she hadnt seen anything.

Suddenly, it seemed clear to her why her aloof and prideful daughter had been done in by this man.

This thought left a sour taste in her mouth.

Her daughter, who was outstanding in every aspect, had been forced into submission by such a simple and crude method.

It was truly loathsome,

However, once her initial anger had passed, she began to accept her daughters point of view.

After all, her experience had taught her that the relationship between a man and woman wasnt actually that complicated.

In the end, physical attraction was still the most important factor.

Zu An got dressed and walked out soon after.

Not a hint of embarrassment showed on his face.

Qin Wanru sighed. This fellows skin really is thick!

Instead, it was Chu Chuyan who seemed embarrassed.

“Ah Zu, please accompany me for a while.

We need to ask some people for help.”

Qin Wanru spoke as well.


There is no way we can gather sixteen million taels of silver on our own, so we need to borrow some money from others.

Our Chu clan has been kind to others over the years, and we should be able to call in some favors.

You and Chuyan have a few places to visit, while I seek out some of my friends.”

In his heart, Zu An scoffed.

He would consider it a win if no one kicked them while they were down.

However, he kept this to himself, afraid that his words would provoke er.

Instead, all he said was, “Understood!

As the two of them set out, Zu An asked, “Where to”

“The academy!” Chu Chuyan looked towards the distant academy building.

“The academy” Zu An was shocked.

How could they still be heading to school in such a situation

“Weve made considerable donations to the academy over the years,” Chu Chuyan explained.

“The Chu clan has always maintained a cordial relationship with the academy and the Chu clan, which makes it the best place to start.”

Zu An felt enlightened.

Just as he was about to say something, a happy voice chimed from beside him.

“Sis, are you coming along with us to school”

Chu Huanzhao skipped her way over and grabbed Chu Chuyans hand.

“Yes, we are going to the academy.” Chu Chuyan dotingly stroked her younger sisters head.

“Its been so long since Ive gone to school with sis!” Chu Huanzhao said, her voice tinged with nostalgia.

Chu Chuyans tone was apologetic.

“Ive been so busy these few years that I havent had time to keep you company.”

Chu Huanzhao shook her head.

“You are taking care of important matters! How can I have the nerve to bother you

Chu Chuyan was surprised.

She rubbed her head and said, “Our Huanzhao is all grown up now.”

Chu Huanzhao pouted.

“Why do you and brother-in-law love touching other peoples heads I spend a lot of time on my hair in the morning you know” 

Chu Chuyan subconsciously glanced at Zu An.

Did this fella always rub her sisters head too

Zu An felt guilty.

“Come on, dont misunderstand what shes saying.

I only rub her head like this.”

He reached over and ruffled his hand through Chu Huanzhaos hair thoroughly, making it look like a birds nest.

Chu Huanzhao looked like she was about to explode.

“Stinky! Brother! In! Law!”

You have successfully trolled Chu Huanzhao for 333 Rage points!

Chu Huanzhao was really angry this time.

She chased after Zu An and kept hitting him.

Chu Chuyan smiled when she saw the two of them playing around.

It wasnt a bad thing for the two of them to be so close.

Their clan sorely needed more of this kind of warmth.

However, her heart grew cold when she thought of the attitude of her second and third uncles.

Chu Huanzhao was still a young girl at heart.

After chasing him around for a bit, her anger quickly disappeared .

She ran back to grab her big sisters arm.

“Stop right there! Thats my wife youre touching.

Dont try to steal her from me!” Zu An shoved his way in between them and put a hand around each of their shoulders.

“You\'re so stingy!” Chu Huanzhao grunted disdainfully.

However, she still ended up leaning against him.

Chu Chuyan frowned slightly.

“Please put your arm down, and conduct yourself properly in public.”

Zu Ans voice was indignant.

“Whats so improper about hugging my own wife in public”

Chu Chuyans face became red, but offered no rebuttal in the end.

From their recent interactions, she had grown to appreciate this mans many strengths.

The eyes of Cheng Shouping, Jiao Shan, and their other followers grew wide.

They had fully expected the first miss to erupt into anger when Zu An brazenly hugged both sisters.

Who knew she would silently allow it

Chen Shouping giggled as he shrugged his shoulders towards the others.

He said quietly, “It seems like we dont have to wait much longer.

Pay up, pay up.”

It seemed that some of them had bet privately about whether Zu An would end up marrying the second miss as well.

Cheng Shouping was clearly a staunch member of thetwo sisters faction.

Even though Jiao Shan and the others saw how close the second miss and the young master were, none of them believed that it would turn out like what Cheng Shouping predicted.

After all, Zu An was of a certain background, and the Chu clan had its own reputation.

Both factions were unwilling to back down, and that was how this bet came about.

Cheng Shouping insisted that the second miss would definitely be the young masters as well.

Jiao Shan and the others were unconvinced, so they all bet against it.

There was no way Cheng Shouping could keep from acting smug when he saw the scene currently playing out in front of them.

Jiao Shan and the others still stubbornly refused to acknowledge defeat.

“Hmph, they havent gotten married yet.

How can we call the results right now”

“Are you trying to back out” Cheng Shouping was upset.

Jiao Shan defended himself.

“Do I, Jiao Shan, look like someone who doesn\'t acknowledge his debts This here only proves that they are on good terms with each other.

It doesnt offer conclusive proof.”

The other members of their escort spoke up one after another.

Some were on Cheng Shoupings side, and they offered their opinions as well.

Chu Chuyan suddenly turned around.

“What are you all talking about”

“Absolutely nothing at all!” All of them jumped in fright and shut their mouths.

The first miss handled most of the Chu clans affairs in recent years.

She was well-respected and revered within the clan.

Cheng Shouping curled his lips.

These people actually dared to underestimate the young master! Once they had lost their bet, their eyes would finally be opened.

Forgetting about the second miss for a moment, the Chu clan had a third miss as well.

There was no way she would escape the young masters clutches either!

Meanwhile, Qin Wanru had arrived at the nearby Li clan estate.

Even though the Li clan wasnt considered one of the great clans, they were still a large clan in Brightmoon City.

The Chu clan maintained good relations with the Li clan, and Chu Zhongtian had always shown favor to the Li clan.

This was why the Li clan was Qin Wanrus first stop.

Li Zhenjian, the master of the Li clan, received Qin Wanru in his study.

He expressed his sympathies towards the Chu clans situation.

Sensing the friendly atmosphere, Qin Wanru posed her request.

Li Zhenjian walked over to Qin Wanru with a smile.

“Brother Chu and Madam have both shown great consideration for me all these years.

How can I ignore this situation”

His hand moved sneakily to Qin Wanrus generous bottom, trying to cop a feel.


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