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Zu An frantically used the Sunflower Phantasm to evade his grasp, as Old Mis sinister expression filled his vision.

Earlier on in the Chu Estate, he had been captured before he could react, mainly because he had been caught off guard.

There was no way he would let the same thing happen again, now that he was completely on guard.

Old Mi sneered. I was the one who taught you the Sunflower Phantasm! Arent you just showing off before a real expert!

He reached out his hand confidently, predicting where Zu An was moving to.

With his cover blown, he had no choice but to seize Zu An and knock him out before using the possession technique on him.

The success rate would obviously be lower, but the odds were still in his favor.

It was still worth the risk.

“Ive caught you!” Old Mi lunged at Zu An.

However, his smile froze instantly.

The figure in his grasp shattered immediately.

He realized that hed grabbed a fake clone.

“How is this possible!” Old Mi whipped around to look at the other Zu An.

He was the one who passed on this Sunflower Phantasm! He understood this technique far better than this brat! How did things turn out like this

This youngster had actually split up into two figures! Moreover, it had been completely impossible to differentiate the clone from the real person before making contact! Their auras, ki flows… Everything about them was identical.

“How did you manage to get to this level” Old Mi stared hard at Zu An.

This had to be something that Zu An had somehow stumbled upon accidentally while practicing the Sunflower Phantasm.

This sort of thing had precedent.

There were many miraculous techniques in the world, and a large portion of them had been created through accidents and coincidences.

“Devising a new technique is childs play for an awesome genius like me!” Zu An replied.

In his mind, however, he was continuously offering up prayers of thanks to the heavens.

Thank goodness big sis empress had modified his Sunflower Phantasm! Otherwise, he would have been powerless against Old Mi!

Zu Ans smug appearance annoyed Old Mi to no end.

How could this prized technique of his be modified on a whim This kid really overestimated his own abilities!

You have successfully trolled Mi Lianying for 666 Rage points!

Zu An noticed the Rage points, and immediately asked, “Elder, is there some kind of misunderstanding between us I dont want to learn the Steps of Rising Lotus, thats all.

Why are you so upset”

Old Mi gave an angry huff.

“As matters stand, theres no harm in telling you.

This old one likes your body.”

“Fuck!” Zu An immediately ran for his life.

He covered his backside while putting as much distance between himself and the old man as he could.

“Elder, Im straight! I have no interest in other men!”

However, a thought soon came to mind. This old man is a eunuch, so he cant do anything to me even if he has such thoughts.

What am I so scared of

He dropped his hands away from his butt.

If Old Mi doesnt have the ability to be on top… is he a bottom

He felt his stomach churn.

Seeing Zu Ans expression, Old Mi caught on to what he was thinking, and erupted in fury.

“Damned brat, what kind of nonsense is going through your mind”

You have successfully trolled Mi Lianying for 781 Rage points!

He decided to lay it all out clearly, to prevent Zu Ans imagination from running wild.

“I might as well reveal it all to you.

You heard what Wei Dan said.

Despite his death, countless others will continue to come after me because I took for myself what should have been the emperors.

In order to shake off my troubles once and for all, I thought of a perfect solution.”

“What kind of solution” Youre the wanted man here.

Why are you involving me

Old Mi looked him up and down, and his lips spread in a sinister smile.

“Its obviously Possession-Rebirth!

“This body of mine is already old, and it is flawed to begin with.

I have no regret leaving it behind.

However, yours is different, and you even have the number one beauty in Brightmoon City as your wife! The Chu clans authority will provide me with status and wealth.

Once I become you, not only would I have rid myself of all of my worries, I would have a bright and beautiful future ahead of me.”

“Possession” Zu An was horrified.

All the pieces had finally fallen into place, and the truth behind the puzzle was revealed.

This was what the old man was planning! No wonder hed always felt as though he was being looked at as prey.

This old man had passed on all sorts of techniques to him, and hed felt a twinge of guilt for having such thoughts.

However, now that he knew the real objective, he realized that all of this had been for the sake of protecting his perfect vessel!

Old Mi smiled at his stupefied expression.

“Theres no need for you to feel so scared.

With your tiny bit of cultivation, you dont have much of a future.

You will forever be a useless drafted son-in-law.

But I am different! With my cultivation and experience, the Chu clan will soon come under my control.

All of the Chu clans beauties will be mine to enjoy, and after a few years, your reputation will become widespread and glorious.

“In the eyes of the world, you will become a big winner, a hero! Your name will echo across the generations for thousands of years and be inscribed in the annals of history! So, what do you think Isnt this quite a good deal for you as well”

Zu An stared at him for a moment before he found his voice.

“Are you actually being serious”

Old Mi frowned.

“Did I not make myself clear enough”

“Screw you, you damned eunuch! Youre just lusting after my wife and other women! Something has to be seriously wrong with my head for me to agree to something like that…” Zu An couldnt hold himself back anymore, and began cursing at Old Mi.

Old Mis face twitched.

He felt his anger growing by the second.

You have successfully trolled Old Mi for 444… 444… 444…

“You ungrateful brat!”

He had no more words to waste on Zu An.

He charged straight at him.

Zu An used the modified Sunflower Phantasm at once.

He turned into two different figures and ran in two different directions.

He had already made his decision.

He was going to run to the gorgeous principal for help as soon as he returned to Brightmoon City.

At the same time, he would fetch Ji Dengtu and the others as well.

He would even contact Governor Sang Hong and City Lord Xie Yi.

The one that this old fart had offended was the emperor.

There was no way these officials would turn a blind eye.

No matter how strong Old Mi was, there was no way he would be a match for all of these experts together!

However, even though his plan was wonderful, reality was harsh.

He suddenly felt his shoulder droop downwards.

Old Mi had already caught up to him!

“How!” It was Zu Ans turn to feel shocked.

Just how had this old man known which one he was Was his luck really that bad

Old Mi snorted.

“You are only splitting into two identical figures.

Why would I need to keep guessing Ill just capture both of them!”

The difference in cultivation between the two of them was just too great, and Old Mi was clearly much faster than him.

Now that Old Mi knew that one of them was fake, he just had to attack both at the same time.

Considering his speed, this wasnt too difficult at all.

He was just about to seal Zu An with his ki, but Zu Ans shoulder suddenly twisted in his grip.

His arm worked its way into a strange angle, and then his body slipped away like an eel.

He instantly fled several zhang away.

“Oh The Pei Clans Entangling Feathersilk Art” Old Mi was taken aback.

Hed spent quite some time in the capital, so he was familiar with the techniques of the major clans.

This technique was instantly recognizable.

Zu An gasped for breath.

He wouldve been captured if hed been even a second slower.

There was no Wei Dan around to distract Old Mi this time, so it would have been much harder to break out of any sort of movement seal.

“It seems like that Pei clan girl treats you quite well.” Old Mi snickered.

“Brat, you seem ordinary, but you do have some skill at chasing girls.

Dont worry, this old one will take care of those girls well for you.

That Pei clan girl actually knows this Entangling Feathersilk Art… Her body is definitely both supple and strong! She is clearly top-notch.”

Zu Ans face darkened.

“Are you eunuchs all this nasty”

“Haha, you cant even begin to fathom how excited I am, just knowing that I will become a complete man again!” Old Mi laughed.

There wasnt even a tinge of embarrassment.

Zu An was already a dead man in his eyes.

As for the seal that hed placed on Zu An, he would just undo it after he possessed him.

That wasnt a problem at all.


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