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Zu An refused to end the call, and stayed on thisvideo call.

Chu Chuyan finally couldnt take it anymore and said, “You might have money, but I dont have enough ki stones with me!”

It was one thing if he actually had something important to say, but he was just chatting about daily life with her! She had to be careful even though the Chu clan was wealthy!

Seeing that Chu Chuyan was beginning to grow anxious, Zu An said with a smile, “Ill hang up once you call me the best husband.”

“Im not saying that.

I can hang up on my end.”

“Are you really going to refuse your dear husbands love”

Chu Chuyan gritted her teeth but remained silent.

In the end, however, she still broke down under his constant pestering.

“Youre… youre the best husband,” She said quietly.

Zu An beamed.

He moved his ear closer to the mirror.

“What did you say I couldnt hear because it was too soft.

Could you say it louder”

“Drop dead!”

Chu Chuyans face was entirely red.

She could bear it no more, and cut the connection.

Zu An was speechless.

A video chat in this world was actually such a luxurious thing! His previous world was so much more convenient.

However, the individual strength of the people in this world had the potential to be so great.

I guess there are always pros and cons to everything.

Zu An lay down on the bed and thought about his next steps.

He knew that, although those outside the clan might not know about what had happened these past few days, there was no way the Wei clan wouldnt know.

Despite that, not much had happened these past few days.

This was probably the calm before the storm.

He actually felt a bit apologetic.

After all, Wei Dan was Wei Suos adoptive grandfather.

Even though Wei Dan hadnt died at his hands, he had still been involved in the events surrounding his death.

However, what surprised him was that Wei Suo didnt seem at all sad.

In the times that he had met him in the academy, nothing seemed to have changed for him.

Maybe Wei Dans identity was so secret that not many people in the Wei clan even knew much about him.

There was also Sang Hong to consider.

Even though hed made a vow, Zu An knew there was no way that old fox would let matters drop just like that.

Increasing his own strength was still the most important thing.

Unfortunately, he hadnt developed an elemental ability after reaching the fifth rank.

If he could awaken a fire element ability, then his cultivation speed would increase drastically.

Relying on Rage points alone was way too slow.

He also had Qiu Honglei to think about.

Hed paid the Immortal Abode another visit, but there was still no sign of her.

It was as if she vanished into thin air.

He was suddenly hit with a wave of guilt.

He looked all around him, and then he muttered, “My beautiful wife, its not that I am looking for other girls.

Your bed just smells so good, and I cant control my own imagination!”

Two days later, Chu Zhongtian finally returned.

The entire Chu Estate was decked out in festive decorations to welcome his return.

The entire clan was brimming with joy and liveliness.

Chu Zhongtian looked much thinner than before.

Because of his status, it was unlikely that he was subjected to any physical punishment before he had been sentenced for his crimes, but it seemed as though he had certainly suffered a great deal of mental anguish.

After all, he had almost brought down the entire Chu clan with him, and this had plagued his mind constantly.

Fortunately, Zu An and his wife had resolved all of the clans worries.

Chu Zhongtians eyelids throbbed when he thought of Zu An.

He recalled the discussions the jailers had while he was in prison.

Even though they had been pretty far away, how could their conversation escape the ears of an eight rank cultivator

“Did you all know that theres some internal upheaval going on within the Chu clan”

“Ive heard that young master named Zu An or whatever actually messed around with Qin Wanru.

They were caught by Chu Second Master.”

“Didnt they say that hed forced himself onto Madam Chu”

“Youre too naïve! Thats surely the story that the Chu clan would tell outsiders.

However, a servant girl said that the two of them were close even before that.

If Madam Chu hadnt given him the go ahead, would the young master really lose his mind and try something on his own”

“Its not surprising that such dirty things happen within these big clans.”

“Honestly, Im quite envious of that Zu An fella.

I heard that Chu First Miss was an exceptional beauty, but he even managed to get his hands on the beautiful Madam Chu as well.

He got a taste of both the mother and daughter! His luck with women really is quite something.”

If someone had said this straight to Chu Zhongtians face, he wouldnt have believed a word.

However, these fellows had mentioned all of this while drinking and boasting.

They were so far away as well, and they couldnt have known that he was eavesdropping.

People often gave more credibility to the information that theysought out on their own.

He couldnt help but be shaken by this news, especially when it was coupled with the injuries hed sustained in the past that prevented him from sleeping with Qin Wanru.

That had always pained him.

Before, he would have absolutely trusted his wife not to engage in such affairs.

However, his wife was a mature woman, and this side of her had been neglected for so many years.

Surely, she couldnt help but harbor some inner bitterness…

Qin Wanrus radiant greeting cut into his thoughts.

“Husband, youre back!”

Chu Zhongtian felt a surge of warmth at his wifes enthusiastic greeting, and he also smiled.

However, upon seeing her smiling face and rosy expression, a loud thud also sounded within his heart.

Qin Wanru had no idea what he was thinking about right now.

She had specially arranged for a brazier to be set up by the entrance.

She pulled him over and said, “Husband, cross this brazier, so that we can rid ourselves of all this bad luck.”

Chu Zhongtian sniffed.

“Whats the point of such superstition”

He didnt go near the brazier at all, but walked straight past it with a gloomy face.

Zu An took this chance to walk over to him.

“Greetings, esteemed father-in-law.”

“Oh,” Chu Zhongtian replied indifferently, and headed straight inside.

You have successfully trolled Chu Zhongtian for 711 Rage points!

Zu An was stunned when he saw this notification. What the hell

Chu Zhongtian always tried his best not to offend anyone! He was the only one who had treated him well when everyone else in the Chu clan was mocking him.

He had never gotten angry at Zu An, let alone fed him so many Rage points.

“Dad, whats wrong” Chu Huanzhao hadnt gone to the academy either, so that she could welcome her father home.

“Its nothing.

Huanzhao is still the most obedient.” Chu Zhongtian smiled a knowing smile when he saw his daughter.

Unfortunately, his daughter had already grown up, so he couldnt lift her up and carry her like before.

Qin Wanru walked over to Zu Ans side and said quietly, “Ah Zu, dont you think your father-in-law is acting a little strangely”

“Definitely,” Zu An replied.

Their conversation didnt escape Chu Zhongtians ears.

He knew how much his wife had disliked Zu An before hed been imprisoned, yet the two of them suddenly seemed so close.

Could it be that the two of them had truly engaged in something shameful

You have successfully trolled Chu Zhongtian for 110… 110… 110…

He might have been able to brush off the previous Rage points, but Zu An didnt dare dare ignore these points.

There was definitely something amiss.

His mind moved quickly, and it hit him that this deluge of Rage points had only begun when Qin Wanru had moved close to him.

He immediately realized what was going on, and quickly sent Qin Wanru a message via ki transmission.

Qin Wanrus face immediately grew red when she heard his words.

So that was what her husband was worried about! No wonder he was acting so strangely.

She quickly called the welcome ceremony to a halt and dragged Chu Zhongtian into the study for a talk.

“Hmph, it looks like your opinion of Zu An has changed quite quickly,” Chu Zhongtian said sourly.

Qin Wanru snorted.

“What am I going to do with you What the heck are you filling your head with I brought you in here just to tell you that its not what you are thinking!”

She immediately told him everything that had transpired that night in great detail.

Chu Zhongtian was a kind and righteous person by nature.

This, together with the deep affection he had shared with his wife for so many years, helped to dispel the last of his doubts.

When the two came out of the study again, he had already buried the hatchet.

Chu Zhongtian immediately apologized to Zu An.

“Ah Zu, we have much to thank you for over these past few days.”

Zu An chuckled.

“Im happy as long as my father-in-law doesnt hate me.”

Chu Zhongtians face went red.

“Its my fault for being so muddle-headed.

Thinking back, its probably just another one of Sang Hongs schemes.

That person is truly cunning and vicious! You fall into his traps before you even know it.”

Chu Huanzhao was confused.

“What are you talking about”

“Nothing!” Chu Zhongtian and Qin Wanru said in unison.

“You guys are so weird.” Chu Huanzhao muttered.

Her attention quickly shifted elsewhere.

“Dad! Weve prepared this huge celebration for you! Come over here!”

The entire Chu clan was awash with joy and happiness for the next few days.

Unfortunately, this happiness was short-lived.

One morning, a cavalry troop armored in bright yellow charged straight into the Chu Estate.

“The imperial envoy has arrived!”


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