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“Phoenix Nirvana Sutra!” There was a huge uproar from the crowd.

Those who were running away stopped in their tracks. 

“What is the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra” Many hadnt heard about this technique before, and asked their companions in puzzlement.

“Its a miraculous secret manual that supposedly only exists in legend! It is rumored to be able to grant eternal life! Far too many have sought out this manual in hopes of obtaining eternal life, but no one has ever found it.

Who knew Zu An would have it!” There was no lack of individuals from major clans in Brightmoon City, which was why news about the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra had spread quickly.

One thing held true since ancient times.

No matter how great ones cultivation was, and no matter how much longer ones cultivation extended ones lifespan, it was still impossible to escape the cold and deathly grasp of time.

How powerful was the current emperor He was absolutely unrivaled.

However, everyone knew that he was already approaching his limit, and might pass away at any time.

A sudden sparkle shone in Xie Yis eyes, and he lowered his head to hide his expression. No wonder the emperor made such a huge fuss over this… He was even willing to wipe out the Chu clan to capture Zu An! This explains it all.

I must report this to King Qi as soon as possible.

King Qi had been able to contend with the emperor all these years because the emperor was approaching his limit.

That was the reason for King Qi\'s patience.

Time was on their side!

However, if the emperor gained eternal life, what hopes would their faction have left

Who would be stupid enough to go against an unrivaled expert who didnt age

Xie Yis expression grew uglier by the second, as he pondered the severe consequences.

A single mistake, and King Qis entire faction would crumble into nothing.

Jiang Luofu looked at Zu An in shock. This brat still has so many secrets on him

Transcendent aptitude was already shocking enough.

Yet, he somehow also possessed the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra

Even she was beginning to feel muddle-headed from the temptation.

If the two of them werent so close, she might have tried to steal it.

Chu Zhongtian and Qin Wanru exchanged glances.

The same shock and alarm was mirrored in the others eyes.

They hadnt fully understood why the emperor would keep acting against them, regardless of the rules.

They thought that capturing Zu An was just an excuse.

They now knew that, compared to Zu Ans value, the Chu clan was actually of lesser importance.

Given the Chu clans history, they had also heard about the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra before.

They never expected that Zu An would be the one carrying it.

Everyone thought that Zu An had gotten lucky and rose in status by joining the Chu clan.

Now, it was hard to say which of them was more significant.

Leaving the two of them aside, even King Liang and Liu Yao were incredibly shocked.

Even though they were in charge of capturing Zu An, they werent privy to the exact situation.

Being left in the dark with regards to the emperors motivations had rankled them a little, but it was clear as day as to what was happening now.

The commander of the Embroidered Envoy immediately erupted in fury.

“Absolutely shameful! Why are you deluding the people with your lies There is no Phoenix Nirvana Sutra in this world!”

You have successfully trolled Huang Huihong for 444 Rage points!

It mightve been better if he had kept his mouth shut.

Speaking in such an agitated manner only made everyone believe that he had a guilty conscience.

They all looked at Zu An with hungry expressions.

All of them wanted to seize him for themselves.

Chu Zhongtian, that man of impeccable integrity, was actually so crafty! Everyone believed that the Chu clan had married their goddess of a daughter off to a good-for-nothing kid from the streets, but their true goal was to obtain the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra!

I would marry my daughter off for that too if I could!

Zu An gulped when he saw the sea of greedy expressions.

He wouldnt have minded at all if it had been a group of cute girls, but being stared at by a bunch of grandpas in such a creepy manner was rather horrifying.

He cleared his throat and said to the Embroidered Envoy, “Sure, sure, sure.

If you guys say I dont have it, then I dont have it.

Since I dont, can I leave”

Huang Huihongs breath caught.

“Of course not! We need to bring you back for interrogation!”

Zu An shrugged his shoulders.

He didnt say anything else, but the surrounding crowd hissed in displeasure.

They were clearly mocking the commander of the Embroidered Envoy for being two-faced.

Huang Huihong was furious.

He immediately gestured for his companions to surround Zu An.

“Capture him! We let you get away last time because we were careless, but we definitely wont make the same mistake again.”

You have successfully trolled Huang Huihong for 583 Rage points!

In all his years of service, his targets would always greet the Embroidered Envoy with bowed heads, and show absolute respect when they were captured.

Occasionally, one or two would resist, but they would quickly be detained, and their eyes would be filled with fear the entire time.

However, not only did this Zu An not fear them, it was they who were afraid that he might pull some trick.

Zu An shook his head.

“Dont worry, I wont run this time.

Ill go along with you guys to see the emperor.”

Everyone was shocked when they heard this.

Huang Huihongs face darkened.

“What game are you playing”

He might have believed him if he were someone else, but this kid didnt seem like the sort of person who would do this!

Zu An smiled.

“Whats wrong Im standing right here.

Could it be that the glorious Embroidered Envoy doesnt even dare to capture me”

Chu Zhongtian and Qin Wanru both sent him urgent ki transmissions.

“Ah Zu, what are you doing Use this chance to get away! Well help you distract them!”

But Zu An shook his head.

“Theres no need.

I dont want to trouble you all.

Besides, I have my own plans.

You two dont need to worry about me.”

Jiang Luofu also sent him a ki transmission.

“You damned brat, I have no idea what the heck youre planning, but there is absolutely no escape if you are brought back to the capital! The emperor will not tolerate another man achieving eternal life!”

Zu An replied with a smile, “Thank you gorgeous principal for worrying about me.

But take a good look at me! Do I look like an idiot who is about to throw my life away”

Jiang Luofu snorted.

“Ill admit that youre not dumb, but that doesnt mean they are.

I dont know what kind of plan youve cooked up, but even the best plans are meaningless in the face of absolute strength.

All schemes are futile before the emperors cultivation.”

“That might not be the case.” Zu An thought about his plan, and a strange expression spread across his face. How the heck am I gonna get the emperor to wear this green hat, though

Jiang Luofu was stunned by his confident demeanor.

She had met her share of confident men in her life, but their confidence was built on their cultivation and backgrounds, which hardly made it praiseworthy.

An absolute weakling like Zu An remaining so calm and confident in such a situation was definitely far more rare.

The Embroidered Envoy surrounded him and cast their Soul-reaping Chains around Zu An.

They showed visible relief when he did not resist.

Even if he wanted to resist, it was too late now.

Those who were bound by the Soul-reaping Chains would find all of their ki restrained.

No matter how powerful ones cultivation was, they would be rendered no different from ordinary people.

Zu An frowned.

He too could sense that his ki flow had been instantly cut.

When he lowered his head, he noticed that the surfaces of the chains were covered in runes.

These runes were exquisite, and faint blue light flowed across them from time to time.

They formed a sealing formation that restricted all of the ki within his body.

Fortunately, he could still use Grandgale, Blue Mallard, and Hunderdwarble.

That immediately gave him a little more confidence.

Xie Yi walked over at this time.

“My lords, since you have already completed your mission, why not stay in Brightmoon City for a few more days This humble official wishes to share more of our citys hospitality.”

King Liang said immediately, “Thank you City Lord Xie for your good intentions, but we still have official business to take care of that cannot be delayed.

We need to set out immediately.”

What kind of joke was this Zu An just exposed to the world that he carried the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra with him! Who knew how many sharks would be drawn to him after smelling blood.

How could they afford to waste any time at all

Moreover, this Xie Yi was part of King Qis faction as well.

What he was planning was beyond obvious.

There was no way King Liang would let him have his way.

He issued an order immediately, without waiting for a response.

“Bring the Sang clan with us.

We are returning to the capital immediately!”

The prison carriages of the father and son duo of the Sang clan, as well as Zheng Dans, were brought up.

Zheng Dan was still dressed in her wedding clothes, still as stunning as before, although a listless, sorrowful expression covered her face.

To her, the future was grim and bleak.

Zu An, bound entirely in chains, wandered across her vision, and she was so shocked that she sat up at once.

She wrapped her fingers around the bars of the prison carriage.

Her eyes seemed full of questions, almost as though they were asking why he was here.

Zu An gave her a smile.

Unfortunately, his ki was sealed up, so the two of them couldnt send each other voice transmissions.

King Liang gave another order.

“Find another prison carriage! I want a special one, one that the criminal absolutely cannot escape from.”

His subordinates were rather troubled.

“Theres no time.

We are trying to leave as soon as possible.

Brightmoon Citys prison carriages arent sturdy enough, and we dont have time to make new ones.”

King Liang was furious.

“You all couldnt even take care of something that simple What do I keep you fools around for”

Those individuals clearly felt the sting of injustice. You arent even giving us enough time to prepare! Do you expect us to summon one out of thin air for you

Zu An laughed and said, “Theres really no need for all the trouble.

This prison carriage seems pretty spacious.

Ill just ride with her.”

He pointed at Zheng Dan.


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