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Zu An gently embraced her soft waist.

“Were already one.

Dont treat me like an outsider now.”

Chu Chuyan blushed.

She quickly pushed him away.

“Stop messing around already, everyone is already impatient outside.”

Zu An was a bit sad when he saw how she looked at him like a pervert. Am I that type of person

The two of them quickly returned to the study.

Qin Zheng said indifferently, “So What is your decision”

He stared at Chu Chuyan.

He was actually a bit nervous.

She better not run away like Wanru did back then… He might just die from anger if he had to go through that twice.

Chu Chuyans face was still a bit red from before.

She said with a gentle voice, “Of course I will stay in grandfathers house.”

Qin Zheng roared with laughter.

“Excellent! Thats my granddaughter! Mister Zu, did you hear what she said”

Zu An was speechless when he saw his provocative expression. Bro, how old are you, man Youre acting like a kid.

You might just die from excessive anger if you found out what I did to your precious granddaughter just now.

I hope Chu Youzhao can keep a secret.

Even though I am shameless, I dont think Chu Chuyan could take it.

He subconsciously glanced over at Chu Youshao.

For some reason, she just happened to be looking at him as well, so their eyes met.

Her heartbeat quickened.

She quickly shifted her eyes away, unknown what she was thinking.

Murong Qinghes attention was always on Chu Youzhao.

She also quickly noticed that something was strange.

Hm Why is Big Brother Chus face red

But hes still sooooo handsome!

Big Brother Chus skin is so good.

Its fair with a bit of a pink blush.

Its not dark like mine…

She actually didnt know just how attractive her tanned and healthy skin was to other guys.

She was just used to seeing fair-skinned girls everywhere in the capital.

Even though she didnt really mind normally, she couldnt help but worry in front of the person she liked.

Big Brother Chus skin is so fair, will he dislike my darker skin

Should I ask the others what they use to make their skin pale when I get back

But what if they laugh at me…

Zu An spoke up at this time.

“Since it is Chuyans own choice, then I will respect it.

However, I hope that the State Duke of Triumph will not keep her under house arrest anymore.

The two of them discussed already that as long as Chu Chuyan recovered her freedom, then they could just meet whenever they wished.

The main thing was that they had to make sure they werent found out.

Qin Zheng harrumphed.

“Do I need you to teach me how to take good care of my granddaughters”

The reason he detained Chu Chuyan was only because he was worried that she might act on an impulse and try to save Zu An.

Now that Zu An was already safe, there was naturally no need to detain her anymore.

I should have Chuyan set out and make some indirect inquiries about the details regarding Zu Ans deal with the emperor.

He definitely couldnt bring himself to ask these things now, and he wouldnt even believe her even if she did reply.

After reaching an agreement, Zu An got up to leave.

Otherwise, being together with a fuming old man really wasnt fun at all.

Chu Chuyan was embarrassed because of what just happened.

She had her younger sister see Zu An out.

Murong Qinghe wanted to follow them out, but Qin Zheng kept her behind to ask her about her grandfather.

She could only watch with jealousy as the two of them left.

Even though she knew that it would only be a short while before she would see her Big Brother Chu again, she still didnt feel good.

Furthermore, why did she feel like there was a bit of green in the air while watching their rear figures

Zu An finally couldnt take it anymore when they reached the entrance.

“What the heck is wrong with you Why are you staring at me”

Chu Youzhao harrumphed.

“Do you really have no idea why I am looking at you like that”

Zu An replied, “Look at you, following bad examples from a young age and thinking all those bad thoughts.

Be careful or you might end up ruining yourself.”

Chu Youzhao: “......”

Who the heck was the one doing the bad things here Are you really spouting this sophistry to me right now This guy really is hateful!

You have successfully trolled Chu Youzhao for 233 Rage points!

She took a deep breath.

“Did you bring me back last night”

“Of course.” Zu An didnt want to expose Qiao Xueying.

“I was unconscious back then.

How did you bring me back” Chu Youzhaos cheeks were pink.

Zu An had to admit that this cross-dressing dude was pretty attractive.

No wonder that silly Murong Qinghe ended up being obsessed with her.

“I carried you back of course, how else did I bring you here Im a cultivator.

Forget about a person, I could easily lug back a pig, so you dont really need to be that grateful.”

“Youre a scoundrel after all!” Chu Youzhao stomped her feet.

She turned around and ran back.

Zu An was stunned. I said you dont need to be that grateful, so why are you cursing me

But he quickly tossed this thought out of his head, because he still had more important matters to tend to.

It wasnt Chuyan alone who worried about him.

Pei Mianman returned home and wasnt at the capital.

He couldnt contact her even if he wanted to.

However, the emperor informed the entire world about his new status, so she should be able to find out soon after.

However, there was someone else he cared about at the hospital.

Zheng Dan was still here with the Sang clan\'s father and daughter.

He already found out before that after the Sang clans father and daughter returned, the emperor showed pity on the old man.

His crimes were reduced to some minor offenses, and they were placed under house arrest.

When the clans who were opposed to Sang Hong found out that he wouldnt have any more successors, they were all incredibly happy.

They didnt bother arguing with the emperor, which was why they all tacitly accepted this result.

What did it matter even if you chose the prettiest daughter-in-law She cant even help you give birth to a son.

Furthermore, Sang Hong is already incredibly old, he doesnt even have the ability to have another child.

He was doomed to be without an heir.

Since you want to become a lonely subject of the emperor to the end, then so be it.

The Sang clan was actually quite famous in the capital.

Zu An knew the general direction.

After asking around a bit along the way, he quickly arrived at his destination.

He had just visited the magnificent Qin clan, so the Sang clan seemed much poorer in comparison.

Not only was their territory much smaller, there were many dead leaves by the entrance that hadnt been swept away.

There was a bleak and defeated aura that filled this place.

Zu An wanted to head in from the main entrance, but he saw some people monitoring this area from the shadows.

House arrest was also a type of punishment, so he couldnt let them catch him.

He didnt want to expose his relationship with Zheng Dan either, wishing to avoid bringing unforeseeable dangers to the two sides.

He moved over to a secluded courtyard wall, and then leapt over with a tap of his feet.

With his cultivation, those watchers outside couldnt detect him at all.

When he entered Sang Manor, he discovered that there werent many servants inside, let alone any guards.

It wasnt like the territory of a governor at all.

He figured that this was likely due to Sang Hongs fall from power.

The people of the manor all abandoned this sinking ship.

Zu An couldnt help but sigh.

Even though he was enemies with Sang Hong in the past, that was merely because they were in different factions.

He still admired that mans ability and methods.

He felt a bit of sympathy when he saw someone like this fall so low.

He walked inside and discovered that this was probably the rear garden.

Even though he called it a garden, it wasnt that large either.

He saw a white figure moving about.

When he thought about the bleakness he saw along the way, Zu An was alarmed.

Was there a female ghost wandering this place

But he immediately laughed at himself.

This was a world of cultivators.

He already saw his fair share of zombies, skeletons, and ghosts in the dungeons.

Why was he still stuck in the thinking of his past world

He walked around the corner and finally saw that white figure.

Sure enough, it was a white clothed woman.

Her back was facing him, her figure seated on a swing, swaying back and forth absentmindedly.

Zu An quietly leaned over.

“The lady seems rather lonely.

Could you use a companion”

Who else could this familiar figure be but Zheng Dan

The woman jumped in fright.

She turned around nervously, but forgot that she was still swaying on the swing.

She lost her center of gravity and fell.

Zu An quickly caught her.

She swung her hand to strike him, but she was stunned when she saw who it was.

“Its you”

Zu Ans face was about to turn green.

The one in his embrace wasnt Zheng Dan at all! It was the Sang clans first miss Sang Qien!


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