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Sang Qien was currently in the air, so Zu An couldnt just let go right now.

However, it didnt seem appropriate for him to keep holding onto her as well.

Zu An gulped.

“Would you believe me if I said that I thought you were someone else”

Sang Qiens face turned red.

She gently pushed him away and stood up on her own.

She was as lithe as a swallow, her movements extremely graceful.

“Then who did you think I was”

“I thought that you were…” Zu subconsciously reacted, but he suddenly realized that he shouldnt say Zheng Dan.

This was her sister-in-law! Wouldnt it be a slap to her face if he told Sang Qien that he was looking for Zheng Dan

He could only change the topic and point at her white clothes.

“Why are you dressed up like this”

Sang Qiens eyes turned red.

“Did you forget that my big brother was killed by Mosquito Daoist Because we were prisoners before, we could only bury him in the wilderness.

His corpse was just brought back recently, so we are currently keeping watch.”

“My condolences, Miss Sang.” Zu An sighed.

Even though he and Sang Qian had a grudge with each other, the man was already dead.

It was already all in the past.

“Thank you.” But Sang Qiens mood was still downcast.

Zu An suddenly thought of something.

He took out Mosquito Daoists corpse from the Brilliant Glass Bead.

This is the one who killed your big brother.

I made sure to collect her corpse because I knew you guys might need it.”

After a long time had passed, it was normal for a corpse to shrivel up.

That was why he didnt have to worry about others wondering if Mosquito Daoist had her essence blood sucked out.

“Mosquito Daoist!” Sang Qien immediately recognized her brothers murderer.

She was shocked and overjoyed.

“How did she die”

She saw Mosquito Daoist in action before.

Not even her father was her match, so it seemed like there was no hope in getting revenge.

However, she actually died!

Zu An said, “I was lucky and managed to take her down.

I wanted to just burn up the corpse to settle the issue, but I remembered that you guys will definitely want to see her corpse.

That was why I kept it with me.”

Sang Qien was a sharp girl.

She didnt ask about how he killed Mosquito Daoist, because everyone had their own secrets.

“Thank you Brother Zu! You are a great benefactor of our Sang clan.”

She only thanked him half-heartedly earlier, but this time, it was sincere.

“Im already happy that you dont hate me.” Zu An smiled bitterly.

After all, there was no way the Sang clan would let him go after finding out his relationship with Zheng Dan.

Sang Qien instead thought in a completely different direction.

“Brother Zu, you cannot say that.

We were enemies because we were on different sides.

Whoever won and lost depended on the others skills.

We can only say that we were outplayed when we lost back then, so how can we blame you Furthermore, strictly speaking, it was my father who acted against you all first, so you only retaliated because you had no choice.”

Zu An was a bit speechless.

“Miss Sangs open-mindedness truly leaves me surprised.”

“Brother Zu, please head inside as our guest.

I will let my father know.” Sang Qiens eyes suddenly lit up and she waved behind herself.

“Sister-in-law, please help me entertain Brother Zu.

I am going to bring Mosquito Daoists corpse to my father.

He will definitely be pleased.”

It originally didnt seem proper to make a widowed sister-in-law receive an outsider man, but the Sang clan was already in dire straits.

They didnt have many servants left, and there was no better choice for the task.

She was also in a hurry to contact her father, so she didnt think too much about these things.

Zu An turned around and saw that Zheng Dan was standing not too far away in white mourning clothes, her face full of joy when she saw him.

As expected, a classic dress never disappointed.

Zheng Dan was already extremely beautiful, but now, these snow-white clothes made her look even more lovely.

“No problem, Little Qien.

Ill look after him.” Zheng Dan did her best to make her voice sound as calm as possible.

“Thank you, sister-in-law.” Sang Qien was only thinking about her task right now, so she didnt think too much about it.

She brought Mosquito Daoists corpse with her so that she could tell her father the good news.

When she left, Zheng Dan nodded towards Zu An.

“Young master Zu, please follow me.”

Zu An knew that she was worried about being seen, so he couldnt help but laugh.

It was as if he returned to his time back at Brightmoon Academy again.

Back then, she used to pretend that she wasnt close to him, and they used their identity as teacher and student to deceive everyone else.

Zheng Dan didnt close the door after they arrived at the room.

A man and a woman being together in the same room would draw unwanted rumors if they closed the door.

She brought Zu An behind the door, to a place no one else could see.

She could no longer hold back her emotions and threw herself into his embrace.

She said while choking on emotions, “Ah Zu, youre really okay”

Even though he told her again and again that he had a solution, the one he was facing was the emperor, the number one expert in this world.

She didnt believe that he could safely make it through the crisis no matter how much she trusted him.

“Yup, Im perfectly fine.

I already dealt with everything.” When he sensed how her body was shaking slightly, Zu An knew that she was extremely worried during this period.

His clothes were already drenched in tears soon afterwards. Zheng Dan really is a water element cultivator… is she freaking made of water or something

The two of them exchanged some intimate words, and they also talked about what happened after they separated.

“Why are you wearing these clothes too Are you also mourning over Sang Qian” Zu An was a bit jealous.

Zheng Dan giggled.

“No way.

I didnt want to wear them, but… Forget it, I dont want any bad karma.”

Zu Ans heart softened.

“I know what you were going to say.

You were worried that I might be killed today, so you put it on for me.”

“But thankfully, youre okay.” Zheng Dan helped him sort out his messy clothes, feeling a bit embarrassed when she saw how his clothes were soaked in her tears.

Zu An was moved by her affection.

He lowered his head to kiss her.

Zheng Dan moaned.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and received him enthusiastically.

Compared to the bashful Chu Chuyan, she was much more proactive.

They did plenty of this type of stuff back in Brightmoon Academy, so this was nothing strange to her at all.

Zu An was interrupted by Chu Youzhao when he was in Qin Manor, so there was no way for him to get it all out during that short amount of time.

Now that Zheng Dan, this lovely and pitiful widow, was in front of him, Zu An felt more and more aroused.

A light cough sounded at this time.


Sang Qiens voice sounded.

“Young master Zu, my father has invited you up for a chat.”

Zheng Dan jumped in fright.

She quickly pushed him away.

Zu An was also a bit embarrassed.

However, he was always rather shameless and quickly recovered his composure.

He walked out and said, “I wanted to meet with Sir Sang as well.

Hm Miss Sang, why is your face so red”

Sang Qien gave him an annoyed look.

She opened her mouth to say something, but then stopped.

In the end, she didnt say anything about what just happened and only said, “Maybe it was because I tried to get here as fast as I could.”

Zu An obviously knew that she was using a coverup.

With her cultivation, she wouldnt break a sweat even if she ran at full speed.

Did she see something

But this shouldnt be the case! If she really saw anything, then wouldnt she immediately become hostile This was her sister-in-law he was messing around with!

While Zu An was thinking to himself, he quickly arrived in the Sang clans main hall.

Sang Hong already came out to greet him.

“You are our benefactor.

Please accept this old ones respect.”

Zu An jumped in fright.

He quickly helped Sang Hong back up.

How could he possibly dare to let him bow to him “Sir Sang is being too formal! There is no need for this at all.”

Sang Hong sighed.

“My son lost his life to Mosquito Daoist.

Her cultivation was too high, and none of us could even hope to stop her.

There are many people who want her dead, yet all of their efforts were wasted.

I thought that there might be no chance for revenge in this life of mine, but she actually ended up dying under your hands.

What are you if not our benefactor”

Zu An said.

“Mosquito Daoists cultivation was far greater than mine.

I was only able to kill her through luck.”

Sang Hong didnt ask him about how he killed Mosquito Daoist.

“This is what the heavens have dictated.

Since you are not willing to receive my respects, then little Qien, please bow in place of your father and brother.”

Sang Qien bit her lip, her face flushed blood red.

She was more than willing to bow her head before, but after what she just saw, it became much harder.

But even so, she was still a smart and caring daughter.

She knew that her father felt terrible during this period, so it was best if she didnt tell him the truth. Sigh, Ill shoulder this truth alone.

As such, she turned towards Zu An in embarrassment.

“Our benefactor…”

Zu An quickly supported her to her feet.

“Please dont do this! The reason I brought back Mosquito Daoists corpse wasnt because I wanted to be repaid with gratitude.

We all traveled to the capital together and even fought side by side, so we\'re already comrades.

That was why I brought her over to you guys.

Youll make me feel sorry if you do this.”

Sang Qien blinked her eyes.

This man wasnt as disappointing as she imagined him to be.


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