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When Cheng Xiong and his men left, the crown princess turned around.

Her originally vicious expression immediately eased up, her dignified eyes carrying a bit of gentleness.

“Sir Eleven, are you alright”

The scene of how she reprimanded Cheng Xiong reappeared in his head. Now that was what I call dashing!

He stared blankly for a moment when he saw her smile gently towards him. 

“Sir Eleven” The crown princess blushed when she saw the other party stare at her like this.

She coughed lightly to remind him.

It really was strange.

Zu An looked at her in a similar manner before, yet she found it annoying back then.

She even scolded him for it.

Yet when Sir Eleven did this, she immediately felt her heart begin to pound.

What is going on with me

Zu An snapped out of his daze and said, “Thank you crown princess for helping me out of my trouble.

I am fine.”

The crown princess was clearly still worried.

“I heard that your soul was wounded at the hospital last time, and you just faced Cheng Xiong.

Did your injuries flare up again”

Zu An smiled.

“Someone like Cheng Xiong isnt enough to injure me.”

“Sir Elevens cultivation is profound as expected! It really is admirable.” When she saw his confident appearance, the crown princess thought to herself, this is what a real man should be like!

Zu An cupped his hands.

“This is thanks to the crown princess grace.

I wouldnt have been able to recover so quickly without the medicine.”

The crown princess blushed.

“Im glad I was able to help.”

After saying this, she didnt dare meet his eyes anymore and quickly said.

“You saved me and the crown prince, but we never had a chance to properly thank you.

The crown prince was quite frightened by the ordeal and could not make it, that is why he told me to come and grant Sir Eleven some gifts in his place.

I hope sir does not refuse.”

A group of maids and eunuchs brought over plates of gold, silver, and precious gems.

There were also many expensive medicines.

Zu An thought to himself that the princess didnt have it easy.

She was clearly furious at the crown prince, yet she still protected her husband on the surface.

Zu An didnt act pretentious when he saw these treasures.

“Thank you, crown prince and crown princess for your blessings!”

He wasnt as noble and virtuous as the leads in those television dramas.

Money was good stuff, the more the better!

The crown princess felt relieved when she saw him accept the gifts.

She was worried that he would refuse her kindness, but now that he received it, both sides were on friendly terms.

Even though she was a noble crown princess, the status of golden token envoys were also quite special.

Obtaining his friendship was extremely beneficial towards the crown princes future.

This was my purpose in coming here, yup.

Nothing else.

She continued to convince herself like this.

Then, she nodded towards Zu An with a smile.

It wasnt convenient for her to speak too much to another man with her status.

She slowly left after granting him this gift.

Zu An then stored the treasures into his Brilliant Glass Bead before quickly disappearing from this place.

Yun Jianyue, who was waiting for him to come in couldnt help but stomp her feet.

“This rascal!”

Meanwhile, Zu An found a secluded place and quickly removed his Embroidered Envoy uniform.

Then, he welcomed the crown princess troops.

The crown princess furrowed when she saw his arrival.

“Where did you go just now”

Zu An laughed in embarrassment.

“My stomach felt weird, so I went to the bathroom.”

The crown princess: “......”

This guy is always going to the bathroom whenever I see him! Is there something wrong with his body

Also, why are you telling me those details Disgusting.

Compared to Sir Eleven, it really is like the clouds and dirt!

She subconsciously took a step back, as if she was worried that she would be contaminated by him if she was even a bit closer.

“The crown prince is resting today, and the lesser tutor is also nursing his wounds.

There is nothing else that needs attention in the palace, so you can return for now.”

Zu An was worried that he might be juggling too many things right now.

He was overjoyed when he heard this.

“Thank you crown princess!”

The crown princess waved her hand and left with her servants with an expression of disdain.

Zu An quickly returned to his own courtyard.

Yun Jianyue was currently lying on the silk band, her figure swaying there, as if she liked the feeling of sleeping here.

She might fall off if she fell asleep, but lying down here during the day wasnt an issue. Hmph, it feels quite nice up here.

Once I go back, Im going to have one of these set up there too.

“Big sis sect master really is elegant and refined! I was almost scared to death back then.” Zu An sat down with a big smile.

He poured a cup of tea to drink.

Running back and forth today left him quite tired.

It really would be great if he could transform like the monkey king.

But when he sipped on this tea while admiring the amazing beauty before him, he felt relaxed and carefree.

Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

“Your relationship with the crown princess seems pretty good.

With her protection, nothing wouldve happened to you.”

She offered her help, yet he rejected her without hesitation, only to rely on another woman! Hmph! Do you think I dont have my own pride

Zu An explained, “Thats because I saved her before, so she is merely returning the favor.

Theres nothing else between us.”

In front of a girl, its always better not to get into the details of your relationship with other women.

This is my fuccboi cultivations very doctrine!

But how could he have known that this would piss the other party off Yun Jianyue suddenly got up, the silk bands restriction making her bottom look even more seductive.

“It makes me angry just thinking about it! If it wasnt because of you, we wouldve already killed the crown prince and princess, successfully framing King Qi! We wouldnt have had to face the emperor either! I wouldt have been injured…” She was only talking about it casually at first, but she got more and more angry as she continued.

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 555 555 555…

Zu An felt like he had poked a hornets nest.

He quickly said, “I dont really understand what you all are trying to do either.

Right now, King Qi and the crown princes struggle has reached a climax.

By getting rid of the crown prince, wouldnt that be helping King Qi No matter how furious the emperor is, he still cannot immediately end King Qis life.

Once he calms down, he will have realized that there is something fishy about the entire matter.”

If King Qi rose to the throne, then he would be much more powerful than a stupid crown prince will ever be.

At that point, the Devil Sects survival would only become increasingly difficult.

Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

“Thats not something you need to worry about.

We have our own thoughts on the matter.”

Zu An frowned.

“But his majesty already knows your identity now.

Your attempts to frame King Qi have already failed!”

“Wasnt it all because of you that my identity was exposed” Yun Jianyue grinded her teeth in anger.

“As for the emperor knowing my identity, so what Who said that the Holy Sect cannot work under King Qi”

Zu An had a strange look on his face.

Were pretty girls all two-faced King Qi really had quite the drama on his side to deal with it seems.

Feeling the resentment towards him, Zu An quickly said, “I met with Honglei when I left the palace earlier and told her everything.

Also, this is the hammock I bought for you.”

Yun Jianyues rage decreased considerably when she saw how he was busying about for her, and he even saved her life.

“Honglei is fine, right”

“Shes fine.

She was just a bit broken-hearted over her companions being captured.” Zu An replied.

After a bit of hesitation, Yun Jianyue still said, “It seems like youre doing quite well for yourself in the palace.

If there is a chance, help the Holy Sect free the captives.

If you cannot save them, it will be good if you can quickly end their suffering.”

Zu An rolled his eyes.

“I dont even know if Ill survive, do you think I have the leisure of saving other people”

Yun Jianyue said in annoyance, “Im telling you to make the first move to gain an upper hand, but you just dont get it.”

“What do you mean make the first move You make it sound so easy.” Zu An was a bit upset.

Yun Jianyue said with a sneer, “Fool, didnt the emperor put you in charge of finding out who leaked out the information that he wasnt in the palace You cant even deal with Cheng Xiong with imperial authority on your side”

Zu Ans face lit up.

“The one who told you was Cheng Xiong Wait, that doesnt seem right.”

He quickly rejected this thought.

If Yun Jianyues insider was Cheng Xiong, then she definitely wouldnt have told him in this manner.

Yun Jianyue had an ambiguous smile on her face.

She asked another question in return.

“Tell me, if his majesty put you in charge of the investigation, then doesnt that mean he is already suspecting someone Who else could this suspect be”


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