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On the other side, Zu An was refining the tremendous energy inside of him.

Regardless of whether it was the energy left behind by the emperor or Yun Jianyue, even though the amount wasnt that large, the quality was higher than any energy he had encountered before.

Well, other than those stupid old things in the secret dungeons.

He sat down on the bed and began to transfer the energies for his own use.

Even though the two energies were trapped within the black hole like vortex and could not escape, one belonged to an Earth Immortal, while the other came from a Grandmaster.

They were both furious when an ant-like existence like Zu An actually wanted to devour them.

They were frantically retaliating.

If it was just a seventh ranked cultivator, or even one at the peak of seventh rank, trying to absorb the energies of an Earth Immortal or Grandmaster was simply wishful thinking.

They would be lucky if they didnt explode to death on the spot.

But Zu An wasnt a normal seventh ranked cultivator.

His ki was far more dense than others at his rank.

He even had this ridiculous Heaven Devouring Art, which was why he was able to refine the energies of these two powerful individuals.

Zu An focused on refining the energy while using the method Yun Jianyue taught him to leave behind an empty shell of the emperors energy.

He needed to use the leftover energy as a bluff.

As long as the emperor didnt investigate up close, he should be able to get by.

A while later, Zu An suddenly opened his eyes.

Light flickered past his eyes.

One of his eyes seemed resplendent like the sun, while the other was cool like the moon.

However, they quickly returned to normal.

He took a look at his inner self and was pleasantly surprised.

Previously, only three formations were lit up in his seventh layer.

Now, there were already eight formations lit up, with only one the last one remaining before he broke through into the eighth rank!

Even though the amount of energy he received from the emperor and Yun Jianyue was small, the quality was much higher.

That was why it was able to help him out so much.

He put on his clothes.

It was already dawn outside.

He pushed open the door and left.

He headed straight for Yun Jianyues room.

He reached out his hand to knock on the door, but he was pushed back by its seal.

“Name yourself!” Yun Jianyues voice sounded.

“Its me.

I have something to ask big sis sect master.” Zu An was surprised.

Why did her voice sound so… seductive

There was a moment of silence.

A while later, Yun Jianyue said, “Wait a bit.”

A while later, the door slowly opened.

Yun Jianyues weary voice sounded from within.

“You can come in.”

Zu An walked inside.

He saw that white steam was surging inside, as if this was a steam room.

He was shocked.

“What is happening”

“Its nothing you need to make a fuss about.

I just finished my bath.” A hazy figure slowly walked out.

“You finished your bath” Zu An was stunned.

It was still nighttime when she left last night, while now, it was already dawn.

“Is that any of your business” Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

However, her voice was sweet with a playful hint.

Zu An frowned.

He felt like there was something wrong with her condition.

However, his eyes quickly widened.

That hazy figure walked out of the mist.

Yun Jianyue only casually draped a nightgown over herself.

Even though it wasnt transparent, the faint outlines were even more enchanting.

Her damp long hair casually fell behind her back, making a large part of her nightgown wet and sticking to her body.

He could sense her incredibly seductive curves even from far away.

It was like a hibiscus flower that blossomed in a clear spring, a natural beautiful creation.

These words appeared in Zu Ans mind, but he quickly tossed them out.

What do you mean hibiscus Only a peony or rose could describe how stunning this woman was.

Because the nightgown was sticking to her, when her delicate feet were exposed underneath, her toes seemed cute and lovely.

Her calves were straight and fine, and her well proportioned thighs were also vaguely visible…

“Have you stared enough yet” Yun Jianyues playful voice sounded.

Zu An was startled.

When he looked at her, he was met with an ambiguously smiling expression.

He quickly explained, “Im sorry! Big sis empress was just too beautiful, so I couldnt help but take a few more looks.

Please forgive me for that.”

At the same time, he was shocked.

The usual Yun Jianyue would immediately scowl at him.

She would never speak to him softly like this!

Wait, the normal Yun Jianyue would never dress like this in front of me.

Yun Jiayue already casually laid down on a soft seat.

She supported her head with one of her arms, and then her faintly discernible legs crossed together.

She looked just like the imperial consort Feng Xiaolian as she looked at Zu An with an ambiguous expression.

“Why did you seek me out at this type of time”

So **ing hot! Zu Ans eyes drifted towards her chest.

Those fair white peaks were absolutely fatal! She was giving off astonishing levels of temptation that would make any mans mouth dry.

All men would turn into beasts, unable to resist their urge to pounce over and tear apart her clothes, then press her down beneath them to ravage her…

Zu An gulped.

He controlled these thoughts with all of his willpower.

Meanwhile, he began to curse himself. What the hell is going on Why am I like this

He was worried that he might really completely offend her, so he didnt dare continue to look at her.

He quickly shifted his eyes.

“Ahem, I wanted to ask you when you guys were going to leave the capital.

Please let me at least meet with Honglei before you all leave.”

He was caught red-handed last night with her and forced to separate.

It didnt seem like he would be able to meet with Qiu Honglei again for some time.

He wanted a chance to say a proper goodbye.

“Were leaving at daylight.” Yun Jianyue replied.

She originally planned to stay for a while later, but after her eruption of desire last night, she was in a rush to enter seclusion cultivation.

At the same time, she didnt dare remain in this kind of state outside.

The sect was still safer.

Furthermore, there were many things that helped her cope with the episodes each month.

“Youre going back so soon” Zu An was alarmed.

He didnt think that they would leave so quickly.

“What, you cant bear to see us go” Yun Jianyue laughed.

Her chest even moved a bit from how her body rocked back and forth.

Zu An sighed. A mature woman is definitely a mature woman! Shes nothing like those young girls.

At the very least, most girls cant compete with this kind of chest size… Ahem, Manman is an exception, she doesnt count.

“Of course I dont…” Zu an was about to reply, but he was suddenly stunned.

Huh Wait, she used the word us

What does that mean

This woman would get mad at him when he just teased her a little bit.

Why did their roles suddenly swap today, with her teasing him

“Big sis sect master, youre okay, right” Zu An could feel that there was something wrong with her condition from their earlier exchange.

He couldnt be bothered to admire her stunning figure right now and asked with concern.

“Its nothing.

Its just a small episode of heat.” Yun Jianyue explained, as if she was saying something completely insignificant.

“Episode of heat” Zu An frowned.

He could tell just from the name that it wasnt something good!

Yun Jianyue gave him a rough explanation of what this episode of heat was, and then she said, “You should understand now why I insisted on stopping you from being with Honglei, right”

She wouldnt have told him such a huge secret normally, but under this episodes effects, even though soaking in the water for an entire night got rid of most of the heat, she was still in an endlessly seductive state.

She was much more open-minded than usual and had less reservations.

“So thats what it was!” Zu Ans eyes shone brightly. Which genius came up with this idiotic technique There are so many stupid side-effects!

“But big sis, havent you already reached the pinnacle of the technique Why are you still experiencing these side effects” Zu An suddenly realized this issue.

Yun Jianyues eyes were half open, as if she was extremely tired.

“I dont know either, it suddenly appeared after I helped you undo the seal… Maybe its because of the injury I received from the emperor, and then my cultivation dropped a bit when I fought with his seal.

Thats why I ended up like this… I should get better once I return and recover properly.”

Zu An couldnt help but say, “Big sis, this episode of heat isnt a joke! You have to take care of yourself.

If… I am only saying if, big sis sect master, you really need a mans help, you cannot find anyone else to help you.

You can use me, I will definitely do my best.”

Yun Jianyue was a bit moved when she heard his previous words, but the second half completely changed everything.

She widened her misty eyes, and then a dangerous smile appeared on her face.

“It seems to me like youre finally tired of living.”


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