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King Qis heir was waiting for his Uncle Han to take down his opponent, and then he would get his revenge.

But Han Fengqiu still couldnt capture Zu An even after such a long time!

In that instant, he instead felt a bit relieved. Look, not even someone at the peak of the ninth rnk could catch him.

Isnt it completely normal for an eighth rank like me to lose

Murong Qinghe stared at this scene.

Her fierce brows furrowed deeply.

“Your brother-in-law is really strange… He was fighting like this against King Qis heir earlier, and hes now doing the same thing with a cultivator at the peak of the ninth rank.

What is even his limit”

Chu Youzhao said proudly, “My brother-in-law is really strong, you know”

She even thought to herself that it was a pity that her sister-in-law wasnt here and couldnt see this scene.

Han Fengqiu stopped when he heard the surrounding discussions.

His face was scalding hot from the embarrassment.

He still couldnt take down this kid after so long even with his cultivation! He was already extremely humiliated.

He knew that it would be hard for him to catch Zu An if he continued this, so he decided to just stop.

“Little bastard, youve really angered this old one this time.”

Zu An couldnt help but smile.

“Ah, so you werent actually that angry when your pants dropped in front of everyone.”

He fought with his life on the line against even more powerful opponents before.

No matter how formidable Han Fengqiu was, it wasnt enough to truly scare him.

Han Fengqius skin twitched, and then he sighed.

He didnt say anything else and instead held his sword in front of him.


The sword began to vibrate.

Then, his right hand drew out a large circle in front of him.

The sword in front of him suddenly multiplied, spread out like a peacock, and then blossomed like a chrysanthemum.

Zu An retracted his smile as well.

He could sense this sword energys viciousness from far away.

Han Fengqiu flung the ring of swords into the sky.

The swords continued to spin and vibrate with noise.

Then, one became two, two became four, four became eight…

Endless sword energy filled the skies.

Han Fengqiu sneered.

“Brat, where will you run now!”

He and King Qis heir both had the same idea.

Since they couldnt deal with his movement technique, then hell just use an area of effect move so theres nowhere left to evade.

The woman in the carriage spoke up.

“Save him!”

In her opinion, there was no way for Zu An to avoid this attack.

“Fine!” The driver with the missing tooth cracked open a grin.

Then, he took a step out, appearing right in the middle of the battlefield.

All of the sword energy suddenly descended, creating a rain of swords.

Everything within a range of several dozen li was completely covered.

Now, Zu An couldnt dodge no matter where he tried to dodge.

Zu Ans expression grew strange.

Youre using a sword Then I just happen to have a similar skill.

He was just about to make his move when someone appeared in front of him.

“Hm That carriage driver” Zu An recognized who this was right away.

This old fellas teeth were crooked and even had a tooth missing, so it would be hard for him to forget this level of ugliness even if he tried.

The driver with the missing tooth reached into midair and made an ordinary gripping motion.

He perfectly grabbed Han Fengqius sword.

When this sword was caught, all of the sword energy seemed to evaporate into thin air, immediately scattering into nothing.

Han Fengqius smile instantly froze.

He wanted to see Zu An scream in agony from the sword ki.

How could he have anticipated this scene

But he quickly reacted as well.

He immediately greeted the driver with the missing tooth respectfully.

“King Qi Manors Han Fengqiu greets the senior!”

Even though the other party looked a bit younger than himself, in the world of cultivation, the strong carried seniority.

Since this man could easily see through his sword formation and grab his sword, that meant that his skills were at least a grade above him.

This implied that he was at least a master rank cultivator! Only at the level where one could cultivate the soul, would they be able to easily see through the formation and instantly find its core.

It also served to express his identity.

No matter how powerful this opponent was, he couldnt possibly be stronger than King Qi, so this was a warning.

The driver with the missing tooth harrumphed.

“Dont try to scare me with King Qi.

I indeed cannot win against King Qi, but giving you a beating isnt so difficult.”

Han Fengqiu: “......”

“Oh, right.

I was laughing earlier.

Didnt you want to beat me up earlier” The driver didnt have any plans of letting this matter drop.

He looked at Han Fengqiu with an ambiguous smile.

Han Fengqiu immediately apologized.

“This junior doesnt dare!”

Fine beads of sweat were already starting to form on his forehead.

He thought to himself, what the hell is going on He actually ended up running into one freak after another today!

He wanted to completely dominate this situation, and then use this chance to show off a bit.

Yet before he even regained some of his honor, he was humiliated again!

“I didnt think you would.” The driver with the missing tooth harrumphed.

Then, he turned to look at Zu An.

“Kid, youre not bad.

Your mouth is a bit sharp, but youre not too bad looking and have decent cultivation.”

Zu An was speechless. Why are you looking at me like Im your son-in-law or something

He quickly cupped his hands and said, “I wouldn\'t have made such a fool of myself if I knew that senior had such a powerful cultivation.”

No wonder the other party didnt thank him at all when he stopped that horse.

Turns out the horse never had a chance of harming them!

“Its rare to see someone with such chivalry.” The driver with the missing tooth found him more and more pleasing.

Chu Youzhao was shocked and happy.

Endless sword energy was about to drown out Zu An a moment ago, making her so nervous her heart was about to jump out, yet a moment later, this mysterious expert helped her brother-in-law! Judging from his tone, it looked like her brother-in-law was definitely going to be alright.

She couldnt help but ask Murong Qinghe quietly, “You know the most about cultivators.

Do you know who this senior is”

Murong Qinghe was also quite baffled.

“I dont.”

She knew almost all of the master rank cultivators in the capital, but there really wasnt a single one that matched the description of this mysterious man!

The carriage didnt have any clan emblems, and it looked no different from a completely ordinary carriage. 

Nearby, King Qis heir was unhappy.

Han Fengqiu might feel misgivings, but he didnt.

Apart from the emperor himself, there werent many others he needed to fear in the capital.

“Who is your distinguished self Do you know that shielding a criminal who has murdered military officers is a serious crime You are stopping the court from carrying out the law!”

The driver with the missing tooth chuckled, revealing his yellow and crooked teeth.

“You shouldnt try to scare me with these things.

I believe the court is able to discern between what is really right and wrong.”

Zu An spoke up at this time.

“Hey, tomato face, you can use your mouth to eat random things, but you cant speak random things.

When did I murder court officers These fellas were only frozen.”

Zu An retracted the cold energy.

The frozen individuals all came back to life, but many of them were missing arms and legs.

King Qis heir was shocked.

What kind of move is this It could do this type of thing However, he didnt bother investigating this and immediately said, “Even if theyre not dead, their arms and legs have been broken by you.

Attacking a military officer is a huge crime!”

Zu An laughed.

“We have so many witnesses.

It was clearly you who wanted to show off so badly that those chunks of ice fell, breaking their arms and legs.

The main culprit is yourself! Old sir whose pants fell, please capture this main culprit!”

“You!” King Qis heir was shaking all over in anger.

With his status, he could completely get away with deliberately distorting the truth and framing someone.

Yet now, he suddenly felt like their identities were flip flopped.

You have successfully trolled Zhao Zhi for 888 888 888…

Han Fengqius eyelids jumped when he heard the wordspants fell.

Was this kid born to piss people off

You have successfully trolled Han Fengqiu for 999 999 999…

He took a deep breath and forced himself to endure the urge to attack.

He gave that driver with the missing tooth a look.

“May I ask what this seniors great name is”

He knew that the main problem here was this mysterious expert.

If this man wasnt here, then Zu An was just livestock waiting to be slaughtered.

“Ive forgotten my name.

I am merely an ordinary carriage driver now.” The driver waved his hand casually.

The others were baffled, but Han Fengqius expression changed.

“Could it be that you are…”

However, King Qis heir became annoyed.

“Who the hell cares who he is Today…”

Han Fengqiu quickly stopped him and whispered by his ears, “Young heir, he is…”

King Qis heir immediately began to breathe heavily.

He quickly looked towards the ordinary carriage, his eyes full of expectation and desire.

Zu An frowned.

What was going on with this fella Why did he look like a pig in heat Was he not scared that his little fella might just break if he gets too excited

The driver with the missing tooth smiled and said to Zu An, “Youngster, my madam invites you for a meeting.”


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