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Chapter 763: The Truth Comes to Light

Yun Yuqing didnt try to beat around the bush, and instead said directly, “I believe youve already guessed at the truth.

Its precisely the Shi clan, because their most beloved son Shi Kun perished at the hands of you and the crown princess.

If it were just you, that would be one thing, because there are more than enough methods for the Shi clan to deal with you through their authority.

However, the crown princess is also one of themurderers.

That leaves them little room to maneuver.

“If the crown prince becomes the emperor, shell become the empress.

There will be no hope for the Shi clan to get revenge then.

Actually, though, that isnt the most frightening thing; rather, its that they dont know what kind of attitude the crown princess has about this matter.

If the crown princess believes that the Shi clan is on alert because of Shi Kuns death, the Shi clan will inevitably fall in the future.

After all, everyone knows the crown princes situation.

The one who makes all of the decisions is the crown princess.

By offending her, there can be no good result for the Shi clan at all.

“The Shi clan cant place their hopes on something so intangible, which is why they decided to see this to the end.

Theyre going to get rid of the crown princess to get their revenge, as well as deal with the Shi clans future worries.”

Zu An sighed with amazement.

“But once this matter is exposed, it will instead bring the Shi clan to the chopping board ahead of time!”

Yun Yuqing replied calmly, “But doing this can instead place the initiative in their hands.

Its better than just waiting for their fate.

All in all, their greatest mistake this time was that the one they ended up targeting was you.

Something that originally should have been a cinch ended up producing all types of accidents.

You managed to get away.”

Zu An harrumphed.

“Im the victim here, okay I really was almost done in by them that night.”

Yun Yuqing looked apologetic.

“Ah Zu, Im sorry.

I didnt expect that the man the crown princess was going to be implicated in a scandal with was you, or else I would have definitely been opposed to it.”

Zu An held her hand.

“If you had never appeared, I would never have thought that it was you guys who had done all of this.

You ended up exposing yourself for my sake, so how can I turn on my benefactor and instead doubt you”

A smile quickly covered Yun Yuqings face.

“I didnt like the wrong person after all.”

Zu An couldnt help but ask, “Right, is Xin Rui one of your people”

Yun Yuqing shook her head.

“Not at all.”

Zu An began to think to himself.

Then he continued, “There is something I just cant wrap my head around.

Is it really just King Wu and the Shi clan who are involved in this scheme Are there any other powers”

Yun Yuqing stared blankly at him for a moment.

A while later, she sighed and said, “Ah Zu, youre really smart, as expected.

Indeed, there is one other party.

However, please forgive me; I cant tell you who they are for various reasons.

You know Im shouldering the fate of many people, so I cant selfishly sell out other people for personal reasons.”

Zu An chuckled and said, “Dont worry, just tell me what you can; if you cant, it doesnt matter.

Its better that you told me ahead of time, rather than trying to trick me.

Besides, your words have already affirmed some of my suspicions, so I should be thanking you.”

Yun Yuqing looked at him with a complicated expression.

“Ah Zu, youre always so good at understanding others.”

Zu An chuckled as he took her into his embrace.

“Actually, Im even better at removing clothes.”

“Youre so bad…” Yun Yuqing pouted playfully, her cheeks bright red.

After some time passed, Zu An examined the soundly sleeping King Wu.

He couldnt help but feel worried.

“What are you planning to do from now on Youve already become hostile to him.

I dont think hell let you go once he wakes up.”

Yun Yuqing smiled.

“Dont worry, after suffering from my Devils Eye, hell forget everything that just happened.

Thats also the reason why I went all out earlier.”

Zu An sighed in amazement.

“Your Devils Eye is really incredible… Please dont ever use it against me.”

Yun Yuqing said, looking upset, “Didnt I use it before you in North Order Commandery And yet, I was almost done in as a result.” Zu An smiled when he recalled how they had first met.

Then Yun Yuqing said, “Right, the people who tried to assassinate you have been discovered by the city defense, so I believe you should be able to solve your case soon.

Zhao Yan and I will leave the capital as quickly as possible so we arent dragged in as well.

I dont know when well be able to meet again.”

Zu An gently sorted out the hair around her temples.

“Well meet again even across a thousand miles if fate wills it.

Wasnt it because of fate that we met again this time”

“Well meet again if fate wills it” Yun Yuqings eyes lit up.

As she mumbled those words to herself, her gaze was full of respect when she looked at Zu An.

“Ah Zu, I didnt expect you to have such skills in literature as well.”

Zu An shamelessly took on the role of a plagiarist.

He took her into his embrace and asked, “Do you like me even more now”

“Youre so annoying…”

It was still time for them to separate in the end.

They gave each other reluctant goodbyes.

After he left King Wu Manor, Zu An headed straight to the imperial palace.

When he arrived he changed into his Sir Eleven uniform.

He hurried to the Embroidery House, where he saw a man suffering from baldness in the shape of the Mediterranean Sea.

“Boss!” Chen Eighth ran over excitedly.

“Youre finally back! Something huge just happened on the city outskirts.”

“Oh” Zu An remained unfazed.

He wanted to see what kind of information the Embroidered Envoy had access to right now.

“What happened”

Chen Eighth gestured for him to come inside while explaining, “An intense assassination attempt happened near the home of Xin Ruis mother, and there was even a siege crossbow involved.

His majesty was furious and put the chief commander in charge of investigating this matter thoroughly.”

Dai Seventh, who was suffering from an entirely different kind of baldness, appeared out of who knew where and added, “Judging from the corpses that were found at the scene of the crime, all of them are deathsworn soldiers from the army.

Chief commander is currently checking their identity.

However, we dont know who they were after.

That person got away even while attacked by a siege crossbow! Isnt that person a bit too formidable”

Zu An subconsciously stuck out his chest.

He thought to himself, If I didnt know that there was no chance you knew it was me, I wouldve thought that you were buttering me up.

“I believe this siege crossbow attack has something to do with the case were investigating,” a calm voice said from off to the side.

It turned out Xiao Jianren had come out after hearing news of Zu Ans arrival.

“Oh” Zu An was curious.

He wanted to hear what this fellow had to say.

Xiao Jianren said, “Boss told me to investigate which noble clans were raising Fiend Race experts who could silently kill that casino boss.

“After looking through the Embroidery Houses records, I discovered that even though there arent too many clans like that, there are still a good amount.

Those high officials and noble persons all seem to have some of these foreign tribe experts.

However, after eliminating some clans that clearly have nothing to do with this case, I discovered that the Shi clan has a guest called Jia Sili.

Shes from the mysterious southern border and excels in spirit subduing techniques.

It would be extremely easy for her to silently kill a casino boss.

“Furthermore, there was a siege crossbow involved, as well as deathsworn knights.

Both of them are from the army.

Back then, the Shi clans leader Shi Miao relied on military achievements to get to his position.

His third son Shi Tong is a military officer in the capital.

I suspect that those deathsworn soldiers came from the Shi clan.

“Lastly, the crime happened at the home of Xin Ruis mother.

How can there be that much of a coincidence Every single clue can be traced back to the Shi clan.

Thats why I suspect that it was precisely the Shi clan who framed the crown princess, its just that I dont know who was being surrounded and attacked this time.”

Zu An laughed heartily.

“Indeed, your analysis is excellent.

It sounds almost identical to the truth.”

Xiao Jianren said with a bitter smile, “But unfortunately, all of this is speculation; we dont have proof.

The Shi clan wont admit to it.

Whether its the siege crossbow or those deathsworn soldiers, the Shi clan can just say that it has nothing to do with them.

Even though the chief commander is investigating their backgrounds, since theyre deathsworn soldiers, it will be hard to find out anything about them.”

Dai Seventh and Chen Eighth both sighed.

They had already investigated this case for a long time, yet now, even though the truth was in sight, there was actually nothing to be found.

If it were anyone else, they could seize them and extort a confession, but the Shi clan was different.

The clan leader Shi Miao was one of the Great Zhou Dynastys prestigious eight dukes.

His sons were also all top level officials in the court.

Ignoring the son who had died, his second son Shi Qiao was the Imperial Secretariats Court Gentleman, and his third son Shi Tong was a high ranking officer of one of the guerilla warfare armies.

His fourth son Shi Jun served as the Assistant Minister of the Huang Gate, and his fifth son Shi Jin was a senior provincial official.

The least impressive of them all was probably his sixth son Shi Kun, but he was still a crown prince secretary.

That was why the Shi clan really was an incredibly powerful clan, a top tier family in the entire Great Zhou Dynasty.

Furthermore, they had a death pardoning token, so the Embroidered Envoy couldnt do much to them.

When he saw their dispirited appearances, Zu An chuckled and said, “Dont worry, I have proof.

Im going to pay the chief commander a visit right now.”

When they saw his departing figure, Xiao Jianren and the others looked at each other in dismay.

“We didnt manage to find any proof even when we used all of the Embroidery Houses resources.

But boss found a way so easily”

“Our boss really is deep and unfathomable!”

“He really is someone to look up to!”

Zu An arrived outside Zhuxie Chixins office and saw that he was currently taking out his anger on his subordinates.

They had investigated all day, yet they couldnt find any records of those deathsworn soldiers in any of the military records.

They couldnt find anything about their existence.

“How could these people appear out of thin air Even if theyre deathsworn soldiers, they would definitely have left behind some traces in the capital over the years! Yet youre all telling me that you cant find anything” Zhuxie Chixin roared in anger.

His subordinates replied while trembling, “We might find something if you give us a bit more time…”

“Might Perhaps” Zhuxie Chixin erupted into another burst of rage when he heard those words.

“His majesty is pushing me; we dont have time!”

The others fell silent out of fear.

None of them were willing to say anything.

Suddenly, Zu An coughed lightly and said, “Chief commander, I have some leads here.”

“Oh” Zhuxie Chixin was first shocked to see him, but he quickly became happy as he asked, “What kind of leads”

Zu An was a bit distracted when he saw the mans appearance.

After all, he had fought him to the death in Jia Silis world of illusion.

But he quickly snapped out of his daze and said, “I have some things I wish to discuss with chief commander in private.”

Zhuxie Chixin knew that his identity was special, so he waved his hand and gestured for the others to leave for now.

His subordinates were all happy, but also envious.

They were happy that they didn\'t have to hear the chief commanders criticism, but they were also jealous that this Golden Token Eleven had just arrived, yet he already seemed to have received the favor of their chief commander.

They are always chatting with each other in private.

When it was only the two of them left, Zu An said, “The one those deathsworn were after was me.”

Zhuxie Chixin was shocked and quickly asked, “What exactly happened”

Zu An repeated everything that happened that day, but of course, he omitted the details involving Yun Yuqing.

“Later on, I continued to run, and those experts pursued me relentlessly.”

“The Shi clan truly is daring!” Zhuxie Chixin slammed his table in anger.

The first-rate pearwood table exploded into pieces on the spot.

“Then based on what youre saying, the three experts are probably the gold and silver ring user Bo Zhou, White Horse Red Spear Luo Xin, and Three Extremes Hammer Yuan Fu.

All three of them are outstanding warriors from the army who established great contributions with Shi Miao in battle.

Its quite surprising that you were able to survive under their attack.

Unfortunately, we have no proof.

The Shi clan wont admit to anything even if we knock on their doorstep.”

“Who says theres no proof” Zu An had a strange expression.

He clapped his hand, indicating for the people outside to come in.

Three corpses were carried in.

Zhuxie Chixins eyes almost popped out as he said, “Its them…”


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