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Chapter 818: Do You Have Any Shame at All

Bi Linglong was stunned.

She hadn’t expected the two of them to be so decisive.

She sighed.

They had grown up together after all.

Even if there was no love, there was still some basic affection.

This was a result that no one could have seen coming.

However, she quickly snapped out of her daze and looked at Zu An.

“What did they mean with their final words” Zu An began to think to himself.

Gao Ying said, “It might be just a curse out of resentment.

There were only so many people who came with us this time.

Shi Tong and the others have already exposed themselves; King Qi shouldn’t have been able to send in another expert, right Otherwise, the rest of us might as well just slit our own throats and just end it all.”

Bi Linglong nodded.


Everyone involved in this trip was selected carefully, and all of them have undergone strict background checks.

The fact that Shi Tong was able to get in was already something extremely unlikely; it should have been impossible for anyone else to sneak in.

After all, something that can deceive the cultivation measuring device isn’t that easy to find.”

Zu An nodded and said, “I hope it’s as you all say.”

What they said made sense.

The emperor and the other experts of the crown prince’s faction weren’t idiots.

How could they possibly leave such a huge gap to exploit in their plans

Gao Ying revealed a rare smile.

“Also, even if there’s a problem, with Sir Zu here, it’ll be easily solved.”

Even Shi Tong, who was at the peak of the eighth rank, had easily been killed by Zu An.

Gao Ying really couldn't imagine what kind of danger he couldn't deal with.

Bi Linglong shared similar thoughts.

She looked at Zu An and said, “Thank you.”

Zu An chuckled, “Now you know that you didn’t trust the wrong person, right”

Bi Linglong blushed.

This was a secret only the two of them shared.

Back then, she had asked him if she could trust him, and he had said that she could.

However, she had never felt too much confidence back then, and she had been sure that he could sense as much too.

The two of them looked at each other just like that.

The mood gradually became a bit strange.

“Ahem…” Gao Ying coughed lightly.

“Brother Pei might not be able to hold on much longer.”

He actually wanted to say that he himself might not be able to hold on much longer. The two of you are looking at each other so passionately; do we not exist anymore to you two

Bi Linglong immediately snapped out of her daze.

She rushed over to check on Pei You, her face red.

Zu An also followed her.

Pei You had suffered Shi Tong’s blow just now, and even his chest had caved in; he had clearly suffered a serious injury.

The fact that he could hold on until now was a reflection of his powerful will.

Bi Linglong quickly took out a few pills and fed them to Pei You.

His complexion became a bit better, but his injury still didn’t show any signs of recovering.

“His injuries are too serious; I fear…” Bi Linglong couldn't help but become sad.

This person was in this state because he had tried to save her, and she had even doubted his loyalty earlier.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t reached the seventh rank yet.

Otherwise, seventh rank cultivators would at least be able to survive with their regenerative ability.

Zu An knelt down by Pei You’s side and suddenly asked, “You’re from the Pei clan.

Do you know Pei Mianman”

Pei You was stunned, but he weakly replied, “I do… sShe is… my younger cousin.

When we were little… I even taught her a few skills…”

He didn’t know why Zu An would suddenly ask him that.

If it weren’t because the other party had heroically defeated Shi Tong, he wouldn’t even bother replying to this weird question as he lay dying.

Zu An nodded.

He then took out a pill from his inner pocket and said, “Give this pill a try.”

Bi Linglong couldn't help but say, “I already gave him the imperial hospital’s best medicine…”

Her implications were clear.

As the crown princess, she obviously had the royal family’s best medicines.

If not even her medicines would work, there was even less of a chance that someone else’s medicine would do anything.

Zu An chuckled and said, “Just give it a try.”

He fed Pei You the pill, and then infused his ki into the other party’s body to help him absorb the medicine’s effects, and also to treat his wounded internal organs, bones, and other parts.

Pei You circulated the remaining ki in his body together with Zu An.

A while later, his eyes widened in shock.

“I think it’s working.

Sir Zu, isn’t your medicine a bit too incredible”

Bi Linglong was shocked.

She quickly checked Pei You’s pulse and sensed that his injuries had actually stabilized.

Furthermore, judging from his recovery speed, as long as this treatment continued, his life was practically guaranteed.

“It’s good that it worked.” Zu An sighed in relief.

This was the Soul Return Pill he had gotten from Ji Dengtu back then.

It was known to be able to bring even the dead back to life.

He had tried it himself a few times.

He felt it was second only to the Faith in Brother Spring he could get from the keyboard system.

He had gotten twelve of these miraculous pills from Ji Dengtu back then.

He only had six left now, so he obviously couldn't use them randomly.

That was why he had asked about Pei You’s relationship with Pei Mianman.

If the two had a bad relationship, then he could only apologize.

He actually had one more Faith in Brother Spring.

As long as the patient had even a single breath left in them, it could bring them back no matter how severe their injuries.

However, he wasn’t willing to use that on someone he didn’t share much friendship with.

Then, he arrived at Gao Xing’s side.

Comparatively speaking, his injuries were a bit lighter.

As such, Zu An brought out some medicine Chu Youzhao had given him earlier and had Gao Ying take it.

“Thanks.” Gao Ying quickly sat down to meditate.

His aura gradually stabilized as well.

Bi Linglong arrived in front of Zu An.

She gave him a curious look and asked, “Where did you get your medicine from It seems to be even better than the imperial hospital’s.”

“From a perverted middle-aged doctor.” Zu An was actually quite shocked as well.

He had thought that Ji Dengtu was only a divine physician in Brightmoon City.

He hadn’t expected that fellow to be better than even the imperial palace’s doctors.

That meant his background was worth pondering over.

“Huh” Bi Linglong had a strange look on her face. Birds of a feather really fly together. When she heard that it was a perverted middle-aged doctor, she quickly lost interest.

Then, she rushed over to wake everyone up.

These people had been knocked unconscious because of the Gu clan brothers’ drug, so they wouldn’t wake up from a normal call.

However, she was quite prepared for this trip and had all sorts of antidotes.

She woke up the Eastern Palace’s guards first, and then had them wake up everyone else.

Soon afterward, Zhao Xi, Meng Pan, Liu Xian, and the others woke up.

They were shocked when they saw Pei You.

All of them prepared to battle.

However, they were stopped by someone.

Pei You was seriously injured and had no chance of stopping their attacks.

“Zu An” They became more shocked when they saw who it was.

Bi Linglong promptly appeared and stopped the group’s attacks.

She gave them a recount of everything that had happened.

“I was just saying that the Gu clan brothers were shifty-eyed.

I knew they were nothing good,” Zhao Xi mumbled.

Meng Pan sneered.

“When did you ever say that Did you forget that you doubted Sir Zu”

Zhao Xi became annoyed.

“Weren’t you the leader in chasing Sir Zu out”

Seeing that the two were about to fight, Bi Linglong harrumphed.

“Do you two not see what kind of situation we are in right now Despite that, you’re still trying to start internal strife If Sir Zu hadn’t promptly arrived, we would’ve all been killed by the Gu clan brothers and Shi Tong.”

“Shi Tong He’s here” The others were shocked.

They immediately looked around as if they were facing a great enemy.

Who in the capital didn’t know that Shi Tong was an expert at the peak of the eighth rank That wasn’t someone they could face.

Piao Duandiao carried Shi Tong’s corpse over and asked, “Crown princess, what do we do with Shi Tong’s corpse”

“Toss it into the wilderness to feed the wild dogs,” Bi Linglong said coldly.

It was clear that what had happened left her feeling extremely disgusted.

The others were petrified when they saw Shi Tong’s corpse.

They asked with trembling voices, “Who killed Shi Tong”

Bi Linglong looked at Zu An.

Her expression was extremely gentle.

Gao Ying’s injuries had improved considerably.

He opened his eyes and said, “Sir Zu, of course…”

Then, he gave a rough recount of Zu An’s great victory over Shi Tong.

He, who was usually quite stingy with words, managed to make the story vivid and realistic, to the extent where he made Zu An seem even more formidable than he really was back then.

“Really” The others’ jaws dropped to the ground.

They were even more shocked after hearing how formidable Zu An was than when they heard that Shi Tong had been killed.

Shi Tong had already remained at the peak of the eighth rank for many years.

Then what rank was Zu An at

It was Liu Xian whose attitude changed the fastest.

He immediately said, “From the first time I saw Sir Zu, I immediately felt that he was incredibly suave and majestic, extraordinary and mighty.

Now, it seems you are unfathomable after all! My respect for Sir Zu gushes forth like the relentless tides of the river!”

Zhao Xi and Meng Pan were speechless. Mother**er, do you even have any sense of shame at all!


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