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Chapter 847: Three Sacred Mountains

Zu An obviously didn’t know that Bi Linglong was thinking weird things.

After he answered her, he focused on absorbing primordial ki.

In reality, most of the primordial ki was used to stop the neverending meteors.

However, the primordial ki used for that wasn’t wasted, as it served to continuously temper his flesh and bones.

He could clearly feel every inch of his skin becoming sturdier.

It didn’t become as hard as a rock, but rather had a powerful elastic strength.

After his skin was refined, he then used the primordial ki to temper his muscles, bones, vessels, and internal organs.

He felt that after this process was complete, his body would become several times stronger than before; the attacks of normal cultivators wouldn’t be able to do much to him even if he didn’t bother using ki to defend.

Zu An remembered Yun Jianyue mocking him, saying that the bodies of grandmasters were different from normal people and that only a powerful man could penetrate those at her level.

But he was confident that right now, forget about a grandmaster, he was now tough enough to even do an earth immortal!

But the only earth immortal in this world was the emperor, so he immediately wanted to throw up when he thought of that.

Half a month passed just like that.

Zu An had already completely tempered his body three times over.

He had never felt so strong before; every single cell in his body was full of explosive power.

Bi Linglong couldn't help but move over.

She touched his skin with a fingertip, asking, “Why do I feel like your skin tone has become lighter”

“Really” Zu An was a bit surprised.

Could it be that he was born to be a pretty boy

“I’m sure.” Bi Linglong was a bit envious.

“And your skin is so amazing! It’s even prettier than a girl’s.”

Zu An realized that the tempering process had made him continuously shed and create new skin.

That was why his skin had become whiter than before.

“Being touched one-sidedly like this feels like I’m being taken advantage of! How about I touch you a bit too, to make it fair” he cried out.

Bi Linglong harrumphed.

She took a step back, blushing.

“Per-vert!” She turned around and ignored him afterward.

Zu An sulked. Why is it fine when she touches me, but I’m a pervert if I want to touch her

Mi Li coughed and said, “Stop flirting with the crown princess already.

What layer has your Primordial Origin Sutra reached”

Zu An replied, “I actually already finished the third layer a while ago.

But I don’t have the Primordial Origin Sutra’s second half, so I can’t go any further.

It’d be a waste if I let all of this primordial ki go, so I tempered my body three more times.”

“Three more times” Mi Li’s eyes widened and she couldn't help but reach out to touch him.

“This really is a tremendous opportunity for you.

Even though the successive generations of Qin’s kings were outstanding talents, they were only able to complete a single refinement to perfection.

Who knows how tough your body will become when you completely cultivate this technique!”

Zu An smiled bitterly.

“I only did this because I had no choice.

I don’t even have the second half of this technique, so I can only keep refining my body over and over again.”

Mi Li shook her head.

“To a certain degree, this will actually take you to a completely different level.

I’m quite curious what kind of state you’ll reach once you fully cultivate the Primordial Origin Sutra.”

Zu An said, “But I have no idea where that latter half is… I might not even be able to find that mysterious Westhound Tomb in my lifetime.”

In the dungeon, the Qin King’s remnant soul had told him to search for Westhound Tomb if he wanted the other half of this sutra.

Unfortunately, he had searched everywhere, and even accessed the Embroidered Envoy’s information network, but he hadn’t found a thing.

He could only give up as a result.

Mi Li’s expression turned strange.

“Don’t worry, you’ll find it soon.”

Zu An didn’t notice the strangeness in her voice.

He raised his head and asked, “Master empress, did you notice that the meteors seem to have decreased The chaotic elements seem to have calmed down quite a bit too.”

Mi Li nodded.

“I believe the new dungeon will completely make its appearance soon.”

Zu An wasn’t too concerned about a new dungeon, and instead became worried.

“Won’t the emperor come to kill us if the elements stabilize”

Mi Li replied, “Don’t worry, the new world’s laws are different from before.

He won’t be able to cross over that quickly.”

Zhao Ruizhi observed them from his side.

After a bit of hesitation, he decided not to make any rash moves.

It was clear that with his cultivation, he was able to sense that the new world’s laws weren’t as calm as they seemed on the surface.

His prior actions had already made him lose a lot of face again and again without achieving anything, making him seem as if he only knew how to display his anger powerlessly.

That was why he decided that he would only make his move when he had a hundred percent certainty.

He wanted to laugh when he thought of that.

It had already been many years since he last felt such a thing.

With his cultivation and status, when did he not have absolute confidence when he did anything

Even when he was facing King Qi out in the open, he still felt everything was in his control.

Yet here, a brat like Zu An had been beyond his control several times.

However, the more things were like this, the more he would make Zu An pay later.

Suddenly, a rumble came from above as the entire world began to slowly descend.

Those from King Qi Manor turned pale, their eyes full of despair.

Even the always-composed Zhao Ruizhi’s expression changed.

Even though his cultivation was high, it wasn’t at a level where he could hold up an entire continent!

Even though a large portion of that landmass had already broken apart from half a month of meteor showers, it was still an entire continent in the end! If it crashed down on them like this, forget about an earth immortal, even a true immortal would be pulverized!

When she saw the descending landmass, Bi Linglong subconsciously moved closer to Zu An.

It seemed as if only then could the ice-cold despair in her heart be broken by a sliver of warmth.

Even though Zu An was extremely nervous as well, he still held her hand to console her.

Bi Linglong trembled.

Normally, she would definitely have pulled her hand back bashfully.

But in this situation, she didn’t want those interlocked fingers to separate instead.

“Big sis empress, what do we do Are we really going to all die here” Zu An called out frantically to Mi Li.

“What are you panicking for Just keep watching.” Mi Li harrumphed.

She raised her head to look at the continent, a hint of grief flashing through her stunning face.

Zu An was confused.

Ever since they had entered this dungeon, he’d felt that her reactions had always been a bit strange.

“It stopped, it stopped!” King Qi Manor’s people cheered joyfully.

The landmass above them had stopped when it reached several hundred zhang above their heads.

Even Zhao Ruizhi let out a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, they could hear the sound of cracking.

They quickly raised their heads and saw that several visible massive cracks had appeared in the continent.

Those cracks grew larger and larger until eventually, the entire continent was split up into three chunks.

Scattered rocks, dirt, trees, and other such things rained down from above.

Zu An and everyone else began a new round of island protection.

But those things didn’t fall for long.

Soon afterward, a ray of light descended, putting the long period of darkness to an end.

A gust of wind swept past.

The smoke and dust that had surged because of the splitting earth scattered.

Those present looked up, seeing three large islands floating above them.

Every single island was many times larger than the island Zhao Ruizhi was standing on.

Rather than calling them floating islands, it would be better to call them floating continents.

“I think I see a blue sky!”

“Sunlight, I can see sunlight!”

After half a month of bitter struggle, King Qi Manor’s people had survived by the skin of their teeth.

They all wept tears of joy.

“What is that over there Is that an immortal palace” Someone suddenly pointed at the continent that was directly above them.

The original landmass had been divided into three parts, and they just happened to be under the middle continent, so they could already make out some things on it.

They saw all manner of decorations and buildings.

What seemed like palaces towered one after another into the sky.

Every single room seemed as if it were made from gold, silver, and jade.


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