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Chapter 29: Chapter 28: Desert Crown Honey (Happy New Year!)

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A dragon in the sky flashed past. It flapped its wings and flew across the river valley in a blink of an eye.

Richard immediately opened the attribute panel after being shocked.

[Desert Dragon]

[Level: 15]

[Potential: ]

[Skills: ]

[Race Talent: ]

[Fetters-Dragon: ]

[Description: A top-tier predator in the desert. No one can resist its dragon breath.]


“It was level 15!”

The other attributes could not even be seen.

Level 15 might be considered low in other games, but level 30 was god-tier on the official website of the game “Shining Era”.

Every 5 levels was a threshold. The higher the level, the more difficult it would be to level up.

Level 15 was enough to be tyrannical.

The strong level 8 temple guard could not raise its head in front of this dragon.

When Richard was lost in his thoughts, the rapacious and domineering dragon had already disappeared from his sight.

After a long time, Richard let out a long breath.

His eyes were filled with passion.

“I must catch a dragon to ride in the future!!”

The rapacious and domineering appearance of the dragon directly hit Richards heart.

Riding such a flashy life form to the peak…

Just the appearance alone was extremely flashy.

After coming out of the river valley, Richard, who was stimulated, quickened his pace.

Before sunset, Richard returned to the territory.

The moment he returned to the territory, Richard immediately relaxed.

That kind of stability made him feel at ease.

Thinking back, todays encounter was enough.

First, Richard saved the caravan of the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce. Then, because of this, he obtained the extremely precious blueprint of the Heros Altar and a large amount of food. Along the way, Richard also discovered a dungeon map, and finally, he encountered a level 15 dragon.

After a busy day, Richard only wanted to take a hot bath.

“Lord, youre back!”

When Karu, who was waiting for Richard at dusk, saw him, he immediately let out a sigh of relief.

“Whats wrong”

Richard looked at Karus expression. Karu was surely about to say something before Richard asked, “Is it about the people from the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce”

Karu nodded, and his tone became excited.

“They were completely captivated by the honey and told me to discuss business with you immediately after you return.”

Richard smiled slightly.

“Who could resist the taste of desert honey”

“Has the kitchen maids prepared food Let them see me after you are done.”

“They are already waiting for you.”

“Then, let them continue waiting.”

Richard did not care about anything else. After returning to the mansion, he finished his dinner with the help of two enthusiastic kitchen maids.

Richard took a hot bath along the way.

After taking a bath to get rid of the fatigue of the day, Richard asked someone to call Onyx who had been waiting for half a day.

In the hall with a rough architectural style, twelve oil lamps made of animal fat on the stone pillars were emitting dim light.

The bright moonlight shone into the hall through the glassless wooden windows, adding an extra layer of light.

“Good evening, Lord Richard.”

Onyx came alone with his round belly. After entering the room, Onyx immediately put his right hand on his chest and saluted.

“No need to be so polite, Lord Onyx. Please, take a seat.”

After Onyx thanked Richard, he immediately took a seat and then spoke impatiently.

“Lord Richard, thank you for treating us with such precious honey today.”

“The Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce lacks such delicious delicacy.”

“I wonder if we have the honor to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with you”

Richard smiled.

“Lord Onyx, the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce is a large chamber of commerce that can cross the Desert of Death. Have you ever seen my Desert Crown Honey”

“Forgive my ignorance, but I have never seen it before.”

“My Lord, this delicious honey is called Desert Crown”

Richard nodded as if it was a matter of fact.

“I obtained the Desert Crown Honey from a secret chamber. At that time, I even saw the murals that have been circulating in the secret chamber for countless years.”

“Countless years ago, the Deadly Desert was unified by a powerful emperor. He conquered the desert.”.

“His legend was even spread throughout the entire mortal plane And the greatest treasure of this great ruler was this honey. He compared it to his crown, and only the noblest people could wear a crown… So, he named it — Desert Crown.”

Before Richard could finish his story, Onyxs mind was already wavering.

Only the noblest people could wear a crown.

And this honey was called the Desert Crown...

Didnt that mean that only the noblest people could taste such a delicacy

For a moment, a sacred feeling rose in Onyxs heart.

It was as if he had become the noblest person on par with the king.

“Lord Richard, can I have a look at that mural I wonder how elegant the great emperor who once ruled the Deathly Desert is.”

Richards face was not even red.

“Youre too late. The sandstorm a while ago erased all traces.”

“You should know what kind of place the desert is.”

After saying that, Richard did not wait for Onyxs reply and continued.

“Lord Onyx, the production of the Desert Crown is extremely rare and precious. I wonder what price the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce would be willing to pay for it”

Hearing this, Onyxs heart skipped a beat. It was not because of the price, but because the production was extremely rare.

“Lord Richard, can you tell me the exact amount of production”

Richard spoke with some regret.

“Currently, it can only produce five units per week.”

After saying that, Richard added another sentence.

“But in the next time, there is still room for improvement in the production.”

The rarer an item was, the more valuable it was.

The quality of desert honey was so high, so it naturally had to take the high-end route.

If the quantity was small and the origin was extraordinary, would the price still be low

As for whether the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce would believe Richards story or not, it didnt matter.

If the person was smart, he would make this story even more perfect...

And the quantity was small, so Richard could control the price better.


Onyx heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Fortunately, fortunately...

If Richard could only produce five units a year, that would indeed be too little.

If Richard could produce five units a week, that would be 20 units a month. Although it was still pitifully little, Onyx could already accept such delicious food.

Onyx stood up and said proudly.

“Lord Richard, the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce will have everything you need!”

“We can get you even the lair of the dragon troop... As long as you can pay the equivalent price of the Desert Crown!”

Richard believed in these words. There was no need to doubt the strength of the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce that could cover the entire Deadly Desert.

“Lord Onyx, how do you think the Desert Crown should be priced”


Onyx could not help but hesitate.

The Desert Crown didnt need to be elaborated further. But after all, Onyx had never bought it outside, so it was hard for him to say the exact price.

Onyx thought for a while…

“Lord Richard, can you let us take some of the delicacies first and leave After we return, well let the consumers examine them before we set the price.”

Richard smiled slightly and waved at Karu, who had not spoken all this while.

Karu immediately turned around and left, then returned with a tray.

There were two broken glass bottles on the tray.

Through the glass bottles, one could see that half a jar of crystal clear honey was inside.

Richard picked up a bottle from the tray and put it on the table.

“You can use this bottle to set the price when you return.”

After saying that, Richard picked up another bottle and put it in front of Onyk.

“Lord Onyx, you have given us the blueprint for the construction of the Heros Altar as a mark of our friendship. In return, I will give you the most precious treasure of Twilight City — the Desert Crown.”

“I hope our friendship will last forever.”

Onyx was overjoyed.

The pain in his heart for giving away the blueprint completely disappeared at this moment.

“Thank you for your generosity!”

Richard smiled and continued.

“Lord Onyx, if possible, I hope that you will bring more blueprints for the construction of the territory when you come next time.”

“It would be best if there are resources-related treasures such as olive seeds...”


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