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She tried to move her body only re notice that her body wasn moving, it was obvious she was tried to a chair and her hands where bounded as well, her legs were also tried to the chair.

the place was dark or could it be because her head was covered with a sack.

she just couldn remember anything else apart from the fact that some men showed up at where she was staying asking her about Raphael and Ariana, when she told them that she had no idea, one of the covered her nose with a white handkerchief.

hold on a sec !!

she got kidnapped

as the realisation hit her , she began to struggle to break free but still she couldn .

" I won struggle much if I were you " a familiar voice said to her.

she recognised the voice, it was the voice of one of her kidnappers.

she didn answer, due to the sack covering her head.

miles gently walked over to her and took off the sack, giving her a better view of where she was.

she was sure this was a warehouse considering the numerous containers present, the place wasn all that dark at lease she could still see .

" where is Raphael and Ariana ?" Miles asked.

" i f*cking told you that i had no idea " she half yelled at him.

The Miles shes looking at now was completely different from the Miles she met earlier, that one was a little bit scary but this one is just as scary as Hell, yet Mandy Rose cared less.

" listen here miss, you better answer me now that you still have the chance " he told her,

Mandy Rose looked around to realise that just the two of them were the only ones in that room, she mental shook her head, he must be having the others hiding by the corner just like Issac, who was their neighbour only for him to turn out to be an enemy.

" I have no idea where they are, he met me last night, I was in danger, he saved my life and then took me to his house , thats all " Mandy Rose said glaring at Miles.

miles looked at her.

" so you expect me to believe that Raphael, saw a stranger and then took her to his house knowing fully well that his life is in danger " Miles said sarcastically.

Mandy Rose nod her head at him while he chuckled.

" do I look like a baby ?" he asked

" you might be " she replied.

she went back to struggling to set herself free, finally realising that it was of no use, she began to scream, even Miles was shocked with her reaction.

" keep quiet " he warned , yet Mandy Rose ignored him.

" somebody please help me !!!!!!" she kept on screaming, Miles even brought out his pistol as a way of threatening her, yet the girl ignored him.

suddenly a door opened, a someone walked into the room.

His presence made everywhere quite, Miles had to stand upright at the presence of the man.

Mandy Rose looked up at him, her heart stopped beating for a moment, she knows him, he is the King of the business world, the Youngest billionaire in Nigeria no in Africa as a whole,

his gray eyes gazed down at her in that uncomfortable position that she is, he looked at her for few seconds before he looked at Miles.

" whats the matter ?" his deep cold voice asked.

" she claims not to know anything Boss " Miles said with a slight bow.

he turned back his attention towards the girl.

" why the scream ?" came yet another cold voice.

Mandy Rose was dumbfounded, she just stare into those gary eyes of his, they were just so captivating that she just couldn keep her eyes away from him.

Gary wasn sure why he was still keeping the girl alive, normally he would have killed her a long time ago but for some strange reasons, he just want her to be alive.

" I believe she was scared " Miles chooses to answer the question for the girl, doesn she know that its rude not answering the Bosss question.

Gray ignored Miless response, his eyes were completely fixed on the girl.

" untie her " he said and walked out immediately.

Mandy Rose was surprised,

wait, Mr Gary Carter is her capturer ?

the mighty Gary Carter is her capturer ?

what the hell!!!!!!

Miles was shocked as to why his Boss asked him to untie the girl but he did it anyway, after all its the Bosss order.


Elegantly he stepped down from his Jet, with Michaelson threading behind him, he looked around before he walked over to the white Lamborghini that was waiting for him.

A man was standing close to the Lamborghini, he bowed to both men, opened the car for them to get in, before he took the drivers seat.

the car zoom off almost immediately.

Felix, brought out his phone and and few calls, he was suddenly panicking for reasons he knows nothing about.

well who won be ?

his sister is in a city she knows nothing of, and stranded at that fact, he has been trying to call her using the line she called him before but it wasn going through and knowing that he has no other way of reaching her he chose to travel to Lagos, even if it meant searching the whole of Lagos State, turning it upside down just to find his sister he will do it.

whenever it comes to his sister, shes always his first priority.

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