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817 Red Cloud Covering the Sun

He originally planned to sink his entire body into the red cloud to properly experience how the spatial energy in the red cloud operated, but just as he was about to do this, he suddenly reacted.

If he did this, there would naturally be no problem with his body, but if he could not protect his clothes, he would become naked and awkward again.

It was one thing to do this on Planet Leppler, but not many people would see it.

Now, he was certain that his naked butt would appear on the Milky Way Network the next day and be seen by everyone.

Therefore, Chu Nan immediately cut off this thought.

As he controlled his body to maintain the distance from the red cloud, he allowed his entire right arm to enter but did not let the quickly expanding red cloud touch anywhere else.

As the red cloud spread and retreated, in a moment, the red cloud had already spread for more than 500 meters in the sky with that Void Break Martial Artist as the starting point, dying a large area of the sky blood red.

Even the sunlight turned blood red.

Realizing that the red cloud was no longer expanding, the spatial energy that was originally violent and contained terrifying lethality had also become unstable.

Chu Nan glanced at the Void Break Martial Artist in the distant sky and knew that he should have reached his limit.

At this moment, Chu Nan had already relied on the direct contact of his right arm and his perception to gather sufficient data on the condensation and circulation method of the spatial energy in the other partys red cloud.

He knew that it was meaningless to delay any longer, so with a thought, his Internal Breath circulated and entered his right arm, quickly synchronizing the spatial energy around his right arm to a high-frequency vibration state.


With a muffled sound, the red cloud that Chu Nans right arm entered revealed a huge gap like smoke being blown away.

Then, everyone could clearly see with their naked eyes that ripples with obvious vibrations were emitted from his right arm and quickly spread on the red cloud.

Wherever the vibration ripple passed, the redness was immediately shaken into nothingness.

In the blink of an eye, more than half of the red clouds that filled the sky had faded.

The vibration ripples quickly invaded the Void Break Martial Artist.

Before he could even react, the vibration ripples had already invaded his body.

His body in the air shook violently for a moment at high speed, and then he spat out a mouthful of blood.

All of the Internal Breath in his body dissipated at the same time, and his body fell diagonally like a kite with a broken string.

boxn ovel.


This change was immediately beyond the expectations of the audience.

Earlier, it was clear that the Void Break Martial Artist displayed his might.

With a thought, he summoned red clouds that filled the sky, causing Chu Nan to have almost nowhere to escape.

Moreover, they swallowed his entire right arm and almost swallowed his entire body.

However, in the blink of an eye, Chu Nan only shook his right arm and completely resolved all the attacks of the Void Break Martial Artist.

He was even heavily injured and actually fell.

Clearly, he had completely lost his combat strength.

The ordinary people and martial artists below the Internal Breath Realm still did not feel this deeply.

Most of the Void Break Martial Artists in the sky could sense the change in the spatial energy in the surrounding space, and the shock they felt was only greater.

Although the cultivation method used by that Void Break Martial Artist could not be considered top-notch, he had clearly cultivated it extremely well.

The power was definitely extraordinary.

However, Chu Nan seemed to have dealt with it so easily.

It could be seen that compared to his opponent, his strength clearly far exceeded his.

There was still more than 300 Void Break Martial Artists left who looked at each other.

Those who felt that their strength was inferior to the first person to attack could not help but retreat.

As for the other Void Break Martial Artists who felt that their strength was not weak, they could not help but hesitate.

Seeing their reaction, Chu Nan chuckled.

“Not only are these fools so easily deceived by others, but theyre also all so timid.

Alright, since you dont dare to take the initiative, Ill do it myself.”

With a thought, a red cloud suddenly rose behind Chu Nan.

At some point, it spread and covered the sky that was more than a kilometer in radius, enveloping the dozen or so Void Break Martial Artists closest to him.

Chu Nan took the initiative to attack because he planned to fight ten alone!

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