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479 Earth Realm, Fighting a Ninth Level Nascent Soul!

Whos the big clan in the secret realm they wondered.

Under the lead of a Nine-Lives Cat Clan Golden Core cultivator, the two of them looked at the Jade River Pills and other medicinal pills refined by the Green Weasel Clan and then at the weapons refined by the Stone Pond Rhinoceros Clan.

Finally, the two of them took away a batch of pills and weapons.

The items were very good.

If they took them back, they could increase the combat strength of their clan quickly.

“Master, are we going to let them take the items for free” Shan Cang, who was dragging four tails, muttered as he watched the two White Tiger elites happily take away a pile of treasures.

Han Muye glanced at him and turned to step into the stone house.

Not far away, Huang Zhihu was teaching methodically.

By now many members of the Nine-Tailed Cat Clan could recite a few lines of poetry.

Five days later, a half-step Heaven Realm White Tiger came to deliver three drops of White Tiger Bloodline, three million spiritual rocks, and a supreme-grade spiritual weapon.

The value of these things was countless times more valuable than the pills and weapons Han Muye had given them.

“Master, you really have great foresight.” Looking at those treasures, Shan Cangs expression immediately changed.

boxn ovel.


Han Muye took the treasures and spiritual rocks.

After the White Tiger clansman left, he gathered the 36,000 Nine-Tailed Cat Clan experts in the base and sent a message to the Green Fox Clan before leaving quietly.

The Purple Leopard Clan had the same bloodline as the Lynx.

While Han Muye was studying the power of bloodline, he was already thinking about this large clan.

In the entire secret realm, the Purple Leopard Clan was considered the largest clan closest to the top.

Among them, some were at the peak of the Nascent Soul level.

How could the Nine-Lives Cat Clan and the Green Fox Clan defeat such powerful beings


Tong Tian Ridge, the Purple Leopard Clans base.

The Patriarch of the Purple Leopard Clan, Yan Yang, and Grand Elder, Yan Heng, had gloomy expressions.

The experts below had solemn expressions.

“Attacking the White Tiger Clan is imminent.

Right now, there are still three clans that have yet to arrive.

Are you treating my summon as a joke” Yan Yangs expression was dark as he spoke in a low voice.

With his cultivation at the ninth level of the Heaven Realm Nascent Soul Stage, Yan Yangs aura was like an abyss.

At this moment, his anger was like lava gushing out, causing the atmosphere in the entire tent to freeze.

Ninth level of the Nascent Soul Realm, half a step away from the Out of Body Realm.

The power of his soul could condense into an illusory incarnation.

Yan Yangs strength was ranked at the top in the entire Ten Thousand Demons Secret Realm.

This was also the reason why the Purple Leopard Clan dared to join forces with the Yellow Lion Clan to attack the White Tiger Clan.

“Leader, The Ping Yang base and Ke Yan base are usually respectful.

They wouldnt dare to delay.” A Purple Leopard elder with a majestic figure wearing half-body armor spoke from the side.


When we sent the message back then, these two bases said that they would gather quickly,” another elder said.


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