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Mr. Nian, Your Wife Refuses To Be The Substitute It's Been Four Months

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Ning Qing pursed her lips and walked over very slowly.

She was wrapped in a towel, revealing her slender and well-proportioned legs as she stood in front of him cautiously.

There was no change in Nian Lies eyes. They were cold and elegant.

He patted his thigh. Ning Qing looked at him in confusion.

Nian Lie lifted his eyes. "Lie down."


"Ning Qing, my patience is limited."

She stirred her hands and breathed deeply, lying on his lap.

From this direction, the light poured down. The light was so bright that she could not open her eyes. It took a while for her to get used to it.

Then, she saw the mans slightly hairy chin clearly. The outline of his face was clear.

Nian Lie frowned slightly. Her eyes were clear and bright with circles of light as if she wanted to see through his heart.

He reached out and pressed his fingers to her eyes.

"Don look at me with those eyes."

The back of Ning Qings neck stiffened, and her lips twitched.

People who had seen her and Ning Su said that they were ridiculously similar, be it their faces or their overall facial features.

Except for her eyes.

Ning Sus eyes were like willow leaves, and the ends of her eyes were flat. Her smile was like a crescent moon, and she was gentle and calm at times.

The ends of her eyes were slightly raised. There was always a cold and aloof feeling. When she looked around, she would often feel a little charming.

Her eyes made him feel that she was no longer emotional?

As Ning Qing thought about this, a chill suddenly came from her neck, making her shiver.


Nian Lie lowered his eyes. With the ointment on his fingers, he gently opened the wound on her neck.

Sensing his movements, Ning Qing opened his hand. "I don need you to help me…"

She was about to get up when Nian Lie grabbed her shoulder.

"Don move."

Ning Qing did not listen to him. Nian Lie warned in a low voice, "Ning Qing, you don want to know what the consequences will be if you rub against a mans thigh."

Ning Qings entire body froze. Her grip on the towel around her chest tightened.

Nian Lie glanced at her and stopped talking.

The room was unprecedentedly quiet.

Ning Qings heart beat like thunder. She could only hear her own heartbeat and deliberately slow breathing.

This nervousness came from the fact that she had never been so close to a man of the opposite sex.

She could not even breathe.

Just as she was about to suffocate, the man finally stopped.

She turned over, her face flustered and her eyes avoiding his.

She actually said, "Thank you."

The warmth from Nian Lies fingertips did not dissipate as he looked at her with dark eyes.

Ning Qings face was a little hot. She stood there awkwardly and helplessly.

When she calmed down a little, she looked up and said tactfully, "Its late. I need to rest."

For the first time, Nian Lie replied, "Okay."

Then, she watched as he stood up and wiped his hands with a tissue on the table. His movements were slow and organized, pleasing to the eye.

He stepped closer and looked past her.

Just as she thought he was going out, Nian Lie walked straight to her bed and lifted the blanket to lie down.

Ning Qing was shocked. "What are you doing?"

His voice was still clear and calm.

"Didn you say you were resting?"

Ning Qing did not know if he was doing this on purpose. She could not control her nerves, which had been tense the entire night.

She resisted the urge to remind him. "This is my room."

"Let me remind you that this house is under my name."


Nian Lie looked at the speechless woman and said coldly, "This is the master bedroom, and you are my wife."

Ning Qings face turned from red to white.

Her stubbornness was a silent resistance.

However, Nian Lie said, "From now on, Ill sleep here forever."

The two words were very heavy, so heavy that Ning Qing felt powerless.

Her face was pale. She took a deep breath and gritted her teeth. "Then I…"

Before he could finish speaking, he responded to her next words.

"As a wife, Ning Qing, you know your obligations.

Don tell me you

e not even mentally prepared for this after four months. "

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