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Su Wan shook her head.

“No, hes fine.

Im the one who let him down.”

Xia Jing looked at Su Wan worriedly.

“Wan wan, what happened to you last night Last night, Auntie Qin realized that you were missing and called Jing Chen.

Jing Chen was almost worried to death.

He even asked me if you were with me, but I dont know where you went after I left with President Xin last night.”

Although Xia Jing hated Jing Chen, who had always bullied Su Wan, she could not forget how anxious Jing Chen was when he heard that Su Wan had gone missing last night.

Xia Jing had already changed her opinion of Jing Chen.

Su Wan knew that everyone was worried about her, but how could she say such a thing She only changed the topic and asked, “Xiaxia, what do you think of Lin Yu”

Xia Jing didnt hear the emotions in Su Wans words.

She frowned and thought about it carefully.

“Hes quite a good person.

Hes quite loyal and enthusiastic.

How should I put it He can probably be described as agentleman.”

A gentleman.

Su Wan sneered.

If Lin Yu was really a gentleman, how could he have done such a thing after she fell asleep How could he have done such a dirty thing when she wasnt paying attention!

The elegant image of Lin Yu in Su Wans heart collapsed.

She lowered her head and hid the emotions in her eyes.

She muttered softly, “What if everything is fake”

Xia Jing naturally did not hear her clearly.

She asked, “Wan wan, what did you say”


Jing Chen returned home at dinner time.

His heart sank when he saw that Su Wans door was still closed.

He walked upstairs and knocked on Su Wans door.

“Wan wan, dont stay in the house all day.

At least come out and eat something.

Your body wont be able to take it.”

No one responded.

Jing Chen knocked on the door a few more times in confusion and shouted tentatively, “Wan wan Wan wan, do you hear me Can you answer me”

There was still no sound.

Previously, no matter how sad Su Wan was, when she was hiding in her room alone, she would still speak when he knocked on the door.

But today…

Jing Chen sensed that something was wrong and a sense of fear arose.

He took a few steps back and kicked the door open.

The items in the room were neat and tidy, but Su Wan was nowhere to be seen.

Jing Chens heart skipped a beat and his eyes turned red.

He turned around and ran downstairs crazily.

“Wan wan, where did you go again Didnt you say that we should have a good talk Why did you leave me alone”

Jing Chen did not have time to let Zhao Lin drive.

He ran to the garage and drove the car out.

On the way, Jing Chen called Qin Lan.

“Mom, Wan wan went out today.

Did she go to your place”

When Qin Lan heard that Su Wan had disappeared again, her heart skipped a beat.

“No, shes not at the old mansion.

Did something happen to Wan wan again”

Jing Chen did not know either.

She was still fine in the morning.

He had just gone to the company to settle some matters when he disappeared.

Jing Chen hurriedly said, “Nothing should have happened.

She went out, but I dont know where she went.

She doesnt have a phone with her.

I cant contact her, so Im worried that something might have happened to her.”

Hearing this, Qin Lan almost lost her breath and cursed, “Jing Chen, just ignore what I said! You promised me that you would take good care of Wan wan.

What do you mean by shes missing now Let me tell you, Jing Chen, if you lose Wan wan again, I wont let you off! Even if youre my biological son!”

Jing Chens eardrums vibrated from the roar.

He could only move his phone further away and say helplessly, “Mom, something happened at the company.

I thought Wan wan wouldnt leave.”

Unexpectedly, Su Wan disappeared in a few hours.

“How can the companys matter be bigger than Wan wans You know that Wan wan just came back, but you dont even know how to accompany her.

What if something happens again!”

Qin Lan was so angry that she roared, her chest rising and falling.

“Call her best friend and ask her.

Wan wan might have gone to look for her friend when youre not at home.”


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