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Su Wan took a sip of coffee and frowned.

The coffee that entered her mouth was even more bitter.

Su Wan hugged the coffee and tears dripped into it one by one.

She couldnt stop them no matter what.

Xia Jing gently hugged Su Wans shoulder and patted her gently.

“Wan wan cried many times today, but you didnt say anything.

Youre making me feel bad too.”

“Wan wan, if you still treat me as your best friend, can you tell me If I can help you, Ill feel better than watching you suffer.”

Xia Jing was usually carefree, and it was rare for her to be emotional today.

She persuaded Su Wan gently, her voice choked up.

When Su Wan heard this, her shoulders trembled violently, but she still didnt say anything.

As if she had made a mental decision for a long time, Su Wan endured the pain in her heart.

“Xiaxia, actually, I didnt lose contact on purpose last night.

I was kidnapped and they kidnapped me somewhere.

They even forced me to take medicine.

When I woke up, I was at the hotel and I was…”

Su Wan cried until her entire face was covered in tears.

The pain in her heart was at a maximum level and she could not say a word.

She was very unwilling to recall what had happened last night.

To her, recalling it once was equivalent to tearing her wound open and letting it bleed profusely.

Xia Jing flew into a rage.

“Damn it! Who did it Who is that man Do you know him Tell me and Ill beat him up immediately!”

“I dont know.” Su Wan shook her head violently.

“I dont know anything!”

Her heart ached so much that she felt suffocated.

Xia Jing could only comfort Su Wan first.

“Wan wan, you cant continue like this.

Ill bring you out to play.

Just treat it as a break to relax.

Dont think about that first.

Ill definitely help you find that person.

You have to make him pay! And those people who kidnapped you!”

Regardless of whether Su Wan agreed or not, Xia Jing forcefully brought Su Wan out.

In the huge city, Xia Jing actually didnt know where to bring Su Wan, so she drove around the streets.

Xia Jing opened the convertible and let the night wind blow.

“Wan wan! Open your arms and feel the wind! I hope they can take away your worries! When the sun rises tomorrow, it will be a new day!”

Xia Jing shouted loudly, it was as if she was talking to the wind or maybe Su Wan.

Su Wan burst into laughter.

She was obviously amused by Xia Jings actions, but her face was covered in tears.

When she smiled, she really looked worse than when she was crying.

But Su Wan really did as Xia Jing said.

She opened her arms and hugged the night wind to her hearts content.

Although it was slightly cold and painful, she still felt very comfortable.

The car drove onto an empty road.

Xia Jing turned on the music in the car and played an energetic song.

She sang and swayed along.

Su Wan wasnt that relaxed, but she still maintained her open arms, letting the wind rush into her arms.

The corners of her lips curled up, and she was obviously much happier.

About two hours later, Xia Jing started to drive back.

At this moment, Su Wan was in a much better mood.

When they were about to reach the downtown area, Su Wan turned to Xia Jing and said from the bottom of her heart, “Xiaxia, thank you.

Fortunately, youre by my side.”

Xia Jing felt much better.

She waved her hand indifferently.

“Wan wan, youre treating me like an outsider! Whats our relationship like Were best friends! I definitely have to help you if youre bullied, but youre actually thanking me! Others wouldnt be treated like this!”

Xia Jing snorted proudly as she spoke.

Su Wan couldnt help but laugh.

“Yes, Xiaxia.

Then Ill take back my words.

Just pretend you didnt hear anything, okay”

Then, the two of them couldnt help but laugh.

Su Wan thought that since that was the case, she should end things with Lin Yu and never contact him again.

As she was thinking, Su Wan turned her head to look ahead and happened to see a familiar figure.


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