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If they were not immediately sentenced to death, they would be given a suspended death sentence.

In short, they would definitely die of old age in prison.

They would definitely pay the highest price for their arrogant and idiotic acts.

Only after everyone left did Wu Jingzhong say, “If RS Bank were to transfer money secretly, they would have listened to the clients request and transferred money from the public funds.

This way, they could be sure that itw would be untraceable.”

“Then well start with Xiao Yaxin.

Since the money was transferred via RS Bank, someone mustve contacted them.

We have to check if Xiao Yaxin has had any dealings with RS Bank.

If she has, well know about it soon.”

“Nuannuan, you think that its Xiao Yaxin too, right” Sze Lingyun looked at Nangong Nuannuan.

If Nuannuan agreed, she would wholeheartedly believe that Xiao Yaxin was indeed the culprit without worrying that she falsely accused someone falsely.

Nangong Nuannuan nodded.

“Its highly likely.

If we monitor her, well soon uncover the identity of this mastermind.”

Nangong Nuannuan said that very casually, but when she finished speaking, the Wu family fell silent.

Even though the Wu family was the richest family in Sea District and had supreme glory in the political world, in the country of Camino, the truly wealthy families were all from Emperor District.

This was because only the wealthy families that settled in Emperor truly had connections in the ruling, military, and business realms—and a family needed all three realms to complement each other if they wanted to be truly powerful.

The Xiao family was a hundred-year-old wealthy family, and they had bigshots in the ruling, military, and business realms.

The capable people of the Wu family were incomparable to those from the Xiao family.

They were only just starting.

Xiao Yaxin had already been spying on them for a while.

“Nuannuan will help you all spy on Xiao Yaxin.

If anything of importance comes up, shell inform you.”

Before Nangong Nuannuan could react, Chi Yang spoke on her behalf.

For a moment, everyone in the Wu family smiled gratefully.

They all knew that Nangong Nuannuan was a hacker, so it was the perfect job for her to spy on Xiao Yaxin.

Although Xiao Yaxin was powerful, it was unlikely that her family had provided her with an anti-hacker technician, right

“Governor, someone came to visit Zhou Menglu and Zhou Mengjing.

We sent them away as requested.”

Wu Jingzhong nodded.

Just as he was about to speak, Sze Lingyuns phone rang.

Wu Jingzhong looked at Sze Lingyun and asked, “Is that Old Madam Zhou”

“Yes.” Sze Lingyun nodded and picked up her phone.

Before she could say anything, Old Madam Zhous ear-piercing curses erupted from the other end of the line.

“Sze Lingyun, you damn b*tch! What on earth did you do Why did your mother and your aunts family get arrested Your mother was kind enough to call you back home to introduce you to a man.

Is this how you repay her How can you be so vicious Where are you now Im coming for you!”

Sze Lingyuns lips curled into a mocking smile as she asked, “Grandma, this is perfect.

Even if you didnt want to see me, I was going to go looking for you.

You dont have to worry about Zhou Menglu introducing me to a man.

Just tell me, am I really my mothers daughter”

“You… What do you mean” At first, Old Madam Zhou was still very sharp and arrogant, but upon hearing Sze Lingyuns question, she was obviously taken aback.

“What I mean is, I found my father, and he clearly told me that Zhou Menglu isnt my mother.

Grandma, do you know who my father is”

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