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Power and Wealth Chapter 30

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Power and WealthChapter 30 – Made money!

Dong Xuebing was in a daze because of the warrant prices forabout 1 second.



The scenes changed.

“Time to start work.” Changjuan was keeping her cosmetics.

“Its 1 pm. I will go and photocopy some documents.” TanLimei walked towards the copier machine.

Time had returned to the past. Trading had just resumetrading.

Dong Xuebing took in a deep breath. He had not the time towaste. He quickly looks at Changhong CWB1 warrant prices. It was still at 0.002RMB. More trade orders were selling the warrants compared to the orders buying.A few million warrants were waiting to be sold. There was no indication thatthe prices will increase.

Theres still enough time......

Theres still enough time......

Dong Xuebing quickly click on the trading software. If it werea few months back, he would surely not remember his accounts passwords. He hadnot to trade shares for a few years. But the past few days, he had been helpingZhou Changchun to choose shares, and he recalled his accounts password. Click,click, click, click. He logged in to his trading account. He looked at hisavailable balance in his account. It was 2.35 RMB.

When Dong Xuebing set up this trading account with hismother in the past, he had used his current ICBC bank account. All of DongXuebings savings and salary were in this bank account. It still has about2,000 RMB. Click, click, click. He clicked on the fund transfer. 2 secondslater, 2,000 RMB was transferred from his bank account to his trading account.

He could buy the warrants now.

Dong Xuebing did not hesitate a moment. He used his fastestspeed to enter the number of warrants he could buy with his 2,000 RMB. Then, hepressed the confirmed button with his trembling fingers. He looked at the mainscreen again. A trade at the price of 0.002 RMB was completed. From thenumbers, it was his trade. Although it was only 2,000 RMB, the price ofChanghong warrants was too low. The number of warrants that was bought with2,000 RMB was astronomical!

Transaction completed.

Dong Xuebing was right on time.

He sighed in relief. He felt that his heart had never beatso fast in his entire life.

Come on. Rise!

It was as if the market had heard Dong Xuebings prayers. ChanghongCWB1s screen refreshed. There was a super big call order worth 5 million RMB.It had bought all the orders that were selling for 0.003 RMB. A while later,millions of warrants were sold. The prices had changed from 0.002 to 0.004 RMB.It was still increasing.

Dong Xuebing clenches his first and stared at the monitor.He was breathing heavily.




The prices of Changhong CWB1 warrants was like a rocket.

Dong Xuebing was very excited. But he came back to hissenses. He knows that it not the time to celebrate yet. He quickly opens thetrading window and entered a put order. He was not sure Changhong CWB1 priceswill rise until how much. But he knew that it will increase to 0.02 RMB in awhile. He wanted to be safe and entered 0.02 RMB as the put price. He does notwant to be greedy.




Dong Xuebing slapped his thighs. “Its sold.”



Changhong CWB1 prices paused at 0.022 RMB for a while. Thena lot of put orders came flying in. The volume of warrants traded was huge. Theplunged was much faster than the time it rises.







The prices had plunged back to the bottom.

Dong Xuebing wiped the sweat on his forehead. He could notdescribe his feelings. Changhong CWB1 was the last warrant on the stock marketsof two cities and today was the last trading day. He thought he had no chanceto use BACK to make money from trading. But who knows that Dong Xuebing managedto get a chance to make some money.

“Xiao Dong, whats wrong” Old Yan went to the waterdispenser to get some water when he saw Dong Xuebing sweating profusely.

Tan Limei and Changjuan also turned to look at him.

Dong Xuebing immediately minimized the stock marketsoftware. “Nothing. I just feel a bit hot.” Zhou Changchun dares to tradeshares in the office openly, and no ones dare to say anything. But Dong Xuebingcould not do the same. He must be mindful of his actions in the office toprevent getting into trouble.

At this moment, Zhou Changchun entered the office fromoutside. “Xiao Dong, come in for a while.”

Dong Xuebing could not look at his trading account anymore.He quickly follows the leader to his office.

Hou Changchun had called him to his room to help him pick ashare. “Daqin Railways did not perform well today. Luckily, I did not buy a lotof that companys shares. Help me see which share is good.”

Dong Xuebing was very careful. He knows that Zhou Changchunwould get suspicious if he were to be 100% accurate every time he picks ashare. It might be okay once in a while. But his ability BACK might still haveother uses. He cannot be using this ability for Zhou Changchun to pick shares.“Chief Zhou, recently the market is not doing well. I am not very confident.Why not wait for a few more days”

Zhou Changchun looked at him: “Your analysis of the past twotrades is quite accurate. Whats wrong”

Dong Xuebing smiled wearily. “But in the end, you did notmake any money. The market looks bleak. Have you seen the market today Therewere almost no shares that were rising. There is nothing I can do.”

Zhou Changchun thought for a while. He only manages to makea small profit from Hainan Rubbers and Daqin Railways shares. But if he did notmanage to sell off the shares, he might be stuck with the shares. “Already. Ithink the stock index should reach 3,000 points in a month or two. Lets waituntil then.”

Dong Xuebing returns to his desk.

He secretly opens the trading software in a small window. Hecant wait to see his account balance.

After deducting the charges, the account balance was 20,000RMB.

2,000 RMB was multiplied by 10 times within seconds.

20,000 RMB! 20,000 RMB! 20,000 RMB!

Dong Xuebing was overjoyed. This amount of money might meannothing for some families. But for Dong Xuebings family, it was an enormousamount.

In the future, he could call his mother over the phonewithout worrying about the phone charges. They could afford to eat meat likebeef and mutton......

Dong Xuebing tears start to well up in his eyes. Its been 4years. He and his mother had been living in poverty for too long.....

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