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That year when the Sacred Phoenix Clan was still in Soaring Heavens Continent, Soaring Heavens Continent isn\'t what you see now! The Profound Qi was abundant and was a place in which all clans were fighting to stay in.

If it wasn\'t for the fact that the Sacred Phoenix Clan was powerful enough, we couldn\'t possibly occupy Soaring Heavens Continent for several thousand years that long! Only, later… an accident happened.

Accident Huang Yueli blinked as she asked, What accident

Huang Zixiao bypassed her question once again, Anyway, the Heaven and Earth Profound Qi became so thin only one tenth of the past so this resulted in the clan\'s decline in the number of geniuses, even those who were able to ascend to the God Realm also kept declining so the clan had no choice but to make the decision to relocate.

Saying until this point he paused once again.

But this time Huang Yueli kept silent, not continuing from there.

She sort of understood that Huang Zixiao was simply self-conceited to the extreme so naturally there probably was some clan secret which he couldn\'t let her know about.

In conclusion, no matter what she asked, there wasn\'t any use as he would not pay any attention to it, treating as though he didn\'t hear anything and would not answer her at all.

As expected, even though she didn\'t say a word, Huang Zixiao continued to weave his story.

Roughly eighty thousand years ago, when the clan was at its peak, in order to filter out the clan\'s geniuses, the clan leader at that time had borrowed the entire clan\'s strength to build this inheritance tower.

In this tower, there is a large amount of the clan\'s resources and cultivation methods inheritance.

At the same time, it is an extremely harsh system, used to filter out the best top geniuses.

During that time, the inheritance tower would be activated once a year and the clan\'s talented practitioners who were between fifteen to twenty years old would enter the tower and obtain the inheritance according to their performance.

All the peerless geniuses who were formidable and renown in the God Realm had all experienced the inheritance\'s assessment.

However, after the entire clan relocated from Soaring Heavens Continent, this inheritance tower was left idle here.

Your luck is extremely good, under such thin Profound Qi in Soaring Heavens Continent, to be able to enter the inheritance tower and have the standard ability to take part in the assessment!

Huang Yueli finally couldn\'t help but butted in, Taking part in the inheritance assessment requires one to reach a certain standard ability

How is that possible Huang Zixiao stared at her.

You know that to activate the inheritance tower requires how much Profound Qi The inheritance tower now is sometimes visible because of the lack of Profound Qi! Furthermore, when the clan was at its peak, there were millions of clansmen living in Soaring Heavens Continent and it was not possible for everyone to take part in the assessment! So everytime the inheritance tower was activated, the talented ones among the clan had to obtain a quota according to the battle ranking and only those ranked top five hundred geniuses could enter the inheritance tower.

First five hundred….. Huang Yueli\'s mouth twitched.

She thought only the first five could enter the tower! First five hundred, seemed like there wasn\'t any difficulty at all...

Huang Zixiao saw through what she was thinking as he snorted, What Looking down on the first five hundred geniuses Let me tell you, at that time, those geniuses who had the qualifications to enter the inheritance tower, without any exception, were able to breakthrough to the tenth stage realm before they turn thirty and ascend to the God Realm!

What How is that possible Huang Yueli turned pale with fright.

Hearing this, she could no longer remain calm!

The clan\'s top five hundred were able to enter the inheritance tower and moreover the inheritance tower was activated yearly!

This meant that in the Sacred Phoenix, there were five hundred genius practitioners who advanced to the tenth stage realm before they turn thirty yearly!


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