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So the person who was currently in charge of handing Li Moying\'s residence\'s factotum, was an elderly administrator whom Celestial Light Sect had temporarily arranged.

This administrator, happened to be Elder Wang\'s relative, so he\'s considered to be Fatty Wang\'s Great Granduncle.

Fatty Wang shoved a huge sum of spirit stones to him, so that he would help to scam Huang Yueli.

This sum was really huge.

In order for Fatty Wang to seek revenge for his Iron Claw Silver Wolf, he had indeed dug out all his treasures!

Administrator Wang was tempted by the large sum of money, and recalling that Fatty Wang was their own relative, plus the matter that he was tasked to do was as easy as lifting a finger, so Administrator only took a moment to consider before agreeing to it.

Huang Yueli walked up to Administrator Wang and handed the task token to him, explaining her presence.

Administrator Wang opened his dazed eyes as he casted her a sideways glance, I know, you\'re the new cleaning factotum.

This Old Man will first say the ugly words, although this factotum is a beautiful task, but if you must do it well.

Young Sect Master especially loves a clean environment, and hates things which are disorderly! You must be especially meticulous to ensure that your cleaning doesn\'t miss any corner.

Otherwise if Young Sect Master were to blame you, no one will be able to help, have you heard me clearly

He especially emphasized not missing any corner, which implied that Huang Yueli had to enter every single room to clean properly.

Huang Yueli felt that his tone was weird, but didn\'t give it much thought as she just obediently nodded her head.

Li Moying\'s residence, she naturally must clean it properly.

Furthermore that man indeed loved a clean environment, sometimes to the point of being mysophobic.

But Huang Yueli wasn\'t afraid of him blaming her, because from her past life, no matter how much that man was dissatisfied, he hadn\'t dared to say her, and would only start cleaning up by himself, as well as to service Eldest Miss Huang.

Even when in Celestial Light Academy, when she and Li Moying were cohabiting, it was Li Moying who made the bed, while she was having breakfast by the side.

Administrator Wang saw her non objecting expression as he secretly laughed in his heard.

This lady was indeed dumb! To be scammed till this extent, and still not realising anything, yet showing such an excited look

But, after careful thoughts, that was understandable, after all she was going to help out Young Sect Master! A female disciple able to stay by Young Sect Master\'s side, how much rationality could she preserve

That could only be because of Young Sect Master\'s amazing charm.

So many young ladies had already thrown themselves at him, even Eldest Miss Murong was no exception.

The ordinary young lady in front of him, was going to be smitten to confusion.

Administrator Wang didn\'t had any interest in someone who was about to die, so he simply added a few sentences of concern, before letting her off to tidy up Li Moying\'s courtyard.

Huang Yueli took a mop and cleaning cloth, as she lifted a bucket and walked into Li Moying\'s courtyard.

This was the place where the man she liked lived, so she was naturally filled with curiosity, as she kept glancing around.

Li Moying\'s likes in this lifetime, seemed not much different from her previous life.

The courtyard wasn\'t very big and from the outside it looked very plain, but the minute one walked in, it was a totally different world.

The courtyard was elaborately laid with seventh tier and above upper grade materials, extremely lavish, but Huang Yueli knew that this man\'s motive wasn\'t to flaunt his fortune but to ensure that his residence was safe and comfortable, well-fortified.

Li Moying\'s residence originally was located at the rear mountain of Celestial Light Sect gathering point, and he had set up various eighth tier spirit gathering arrays, so the entire mountain artery\'s Profound Qi had continuously flowed and gathered towards his courtyard!


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