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Chapter 25 - “Bumping into something”

Huang Yue Li revealed a mysterious smile.

“Turns out it was Second Elder Sister……thats good. It saves me the trouble of going to find her myself.”

Cai Wei urgently pressed: “Third Young Miss, what time is it now to joke! Please take this chance to escape through the back door. This servant will use herself to buy you some time! Otherwise, when Second Young Miss arrives, she will definitely attack! Second Young Miss is the daughter of the first wife of this households master. Additionally, she is also a great genius in regards to cultivation. If she were to hit you, there would be no one to defend you!”

Huang Yue Lis thin lips hooked up: “Hit me What she seeks, I wont let her obtain it! Go, let us go meet this Second Elder Sister of mine. Let us see just how mighty this South Yue Country genius is!”

“Third Young Miss!”

Huang Yue Li steadily walked out.

On the other hand, Cai Wei was dashing and jumping to her in small steps. She was already worried beyond compare.

What was wrong with Third Young miss Ever since the day she was carried home, all the things she did were unconventional. Not even mentioning the matter of her generous pill giving, now she actually dared to go meet with Second Young Miss!

Who didnt know that Bai Ruo Qi possessed fourth grade talent She was only sixteen this year yet was already at the seventh level of the Qi Profound Realm. In the entire country of South Yue, you could count the amount of people who possessed this type of talent on one hand.

It was because of her, did Bai Rou Li seem even trashier than normal.

As for Bai Rou Qi, she didnt allow a single bullying opportunity to slip by. When she didnt have anything to do, she would come to give a her portion of frigid irony and scorching sarcasm. Grabbing at every chance to torment her miserably.

Normally, Third Young Miss didnt have enough time to hide. While today, she took the initiative to seek her out This time will be catastrophic. Who knows how wretched she will be after her torment!

Burning with anxiety Cai Wei but was unable to do any preventative measures.

The back courtyards entrance doors were roughly smashed open by the old servant Bai Ruo Qi brought with her. With a high and mighty demeanor, she crossed over the and met with Bai Ruo Li face to face.

“Bai Ruo Li! Seems like you really didnt die, you cheap slut!”

Bai Ruo Qis figure was outstanding, her five facial features displayed her feminine beauty. Her temperament was cold and arrogant. Adding these together and placing them with her fourth grade talent, she truly a “Ice Beauty” and the goddess to many noblemen sons.

It was only Bai Ruo Li who constantly constantly suffered her bullying knew of her true persona.

Under that mask of cold arrogance lay a wicked, harsh, vicious and merciless heart!

Huang Yue Li chuckled slightly: “Who is the cheap slut cursing at”

“The cheap slut is cursing you…”

Watching the satisfied smile on Huang Yue Lis face, Bai Ruo Qi reacted and spat out: “After hanging yourself, you mouth sure has become clever. No wonder Fourth Sister was swindled by you yesterday! Saying that it was some ghost. Clearly it was you cheap girl executing your dirty methods!”

A face full of innocence Huang Yue Li replied: Second Sister, Im afraid you are falsely accusing me! Yesterday when Fourth Sister came, she started shouting and running away. This gave me quite a fright and made me wonder if she had bumped into something”

“Continue acting! If it you werent pretending to be a ghost to frighten her, how could she possibly run home so deranged looking While also running on the streets……bare! Losing the face of our Wu Wei Manor!”

When she recalled the scene of a large crowd huddled around the entrance of Wu Wei Manor pointing and talking, Bai Ruo Qis face turned green.

When this type of thing happened, not only did Bai Ruo Yan lose face, as her elder sister, her own chastity may be questioned!

She still hoped to marry into the Royal Family. How could she allow herself to mingle obtain such a bad reputation

“What am I pretending” Within Huang Yue Lis eyes she portrayed great innocence, if she needed more, she would display more innocence, “Fourth Sister is a grand fourth level Profound Qi Realm practitioner, what can I do to her”

Suspiciously, Bai Ruo Qi thought for a bit.

Her Third Sister was a piece of trash, who possessed as much courage as a mouse. How would she possess the ability to make Fourth Sister suffer such a loss Could there some unknown point she was uninformed of


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