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While she was enjoying Li Moying\'s kiss, she was also attempting to struggle.




Wait a while…..

Why must I wait I want to kiss you, touch you, to feel your existence, so will you be obedient and listen, didn\'t you say that you liked me

After Li Moying rebuked her, he bluntly peeled open Huang Yueli\'s hook in front of her chest, and the minute that fair slender neck was exposed, Li Moying\'s glare became deep.

He lowered his head…..

Ah! Huang Yueli gasped loudly!

Li Moying actually bit her on her neck, leaving visible teeth marks!

You, you, you…..

let go of me…..

Huang Yueli tried her best to struggle and to push him aside, but Li Moying seemed as though he was bent on leaving a mark on her body, not only did he not let go, he even continued sucking on the area where his teeth marks where, insistent on nibbling an inerasable mark.

The more she struggled, the tighter Li Moying hugged.

Huang Yueli was crying without tears.

Actually she didn\'t mind having a relationship with Li Moying….

although they haven\'t officially wedded, but they had already been through two lifetime\'s torture, and in each other\'s heart, they were closer than any ordinary couple.

But… he had to at least let her be sure, if he was conscious or not!

Furthermore, what kind of timing was this.

Li Moying had just relapsed, and even if he managed to suppress it down, but….

won\'t his energy be depleted

Just as Huang Yueli had no other ideas, she heard a shuffle of moving feet coming from the corridor.

Where\'s he Where\'s he Where has Master gone to

He\'s not in the study, nor is he in the cultivation room, where on earth has he gone to Has he already ran out Then we\'re in trouble, could Master be going on a killing spree again

What situation is this Xiao Qi, didn\'t you saw Third Miss had already returned safety and is waiting for Master in the courtyard Why had Master suddenly acted up

That\'s right, have you seen the wrong person Or have the both of them starting quarrelling again Really that\'s enough they\'re not even kids.

They obviously love each other to death, why must they keep arguing every day

Ai, stop talking about these.

Beware that Master hears you, and skins you alive! Quickly find them, Master\'s illness is acting up, and Third Miss has gone missing, could she have been killed by Master while he\'s angry

At the entrance, a pile of guards discussions could be heard.

When he heard that Huang Yueli had returned, they were already assured, feeling that throwing Third Miss to their Master would give them a piece of mind, so all of them ran out to have a drink.

However, just as they were enjoying themselves, suddenly they heard saw lightning flashes and thunder rolls coming from the rear mountain.

When everyone hurriedly ran out to take a look, they discovered that Li Moying appeared on the top of the courtyard, and a streak of terrifying lightning, and the surrounding four areas turned into a lightning zone, as several miles within the vicinity were filled with thunder attributed Profound Energy, focused on the little courtyard, as it speedily gathered together.

The Shadow Guards were experienced people and they only needed one look, when they knew things were in bad shape!

This was the signs of Li Moying\'s Soul Detachment Illness flaring up, and if this continued, in no time, Li Moying was going to rush out and go on a killing spree!

All of them had no time to consider why while Li Moying and Huang Yueli were together.

His illness was going to act up any moment and they could only use all their might to run forward in desperation, praying at the same time that nothing would happen.

No matter if it was Li Moying or Huang Yueli, nothing would happen to the both of them.


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