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After hesitating for a moment, she replied, Alright, I\'d have to trouble Brother Mo Er then.

Mo Er revealed a strange smile, as he patted his chest assuring her, Third Miss don\'t worry, count on me for this matter! I guarantee that he will have a full and good meal! Furthermore, regarding the ingredients that we are talking about, there are some instant ones right here…..

Mo Er used his chin to point, and Huang Yueli turned around to take a look, to discover that Fatty Wang had, under the intense and infinite torture, he had already lost control of his bowels, and underneath him were his excrements, looking extremely disgusting, with a faint whiff of disgusting smell floating over.

Huang Yueli immediately lost interest, as she quickly covered her nose and said, Alright, alright, leaving this place to you, I\'m very assured! Moying, let\'s go quickly!

Li Moying nodded, as he held her shoulder and walked out.

Walking halfway, Li Moying suddenly stopped in his tracks, as he turned back, Mo Er, after you have completed what Third Miss has instructed, go release Mo Yi! In future, he will follow Third Miss around.

Third Miss has a few subordinates under her, so ask him to train them.

Mo Er was dazed momentarily, but following that his expression went wild from joy!

All of them Shadow Guards were very clear, that what Li Moying couldn\'t stand the most were people who betrayed him.

So even though everyone were glad that he didn\'t went to the extent of killing Mo Yi, but they also didn\'t think that Mo Yi would be released with a short span of time.

Now, Mo Yi actually regained his freedom so soon

Anyone could guess that, this absolutely wasn\'t due to a change in Li Moying\'s character.

There was a ninety percent possibility, that Huang Yueli had been pleading on Mo Yi\'s behalf in front of Li Moying!

Because Li Moying could ignore the whole world, but he absolutely cannot reject his Li\'er\'s request!

All the Shadow Guards looked towards Huang Yueli with a venerated gaze, as their hearts were filled with gratitude and deeply touched!

Third Miss was so beautiful, so powerful, and so kind and understanding, even pleading for them Shadow Guards!

With her around, even Young Sect Master had turned humane…..

Looked like, in future they must serve Third Miss even more diligently, hoping she and Master would live in eternal bliss, and not quarrel.

As long as she\'s around, everyone would peaceful days ahead of them, if she\'s not around...

Thinking of Li Moying who had been in a rage recently, all of them started to shudder.


Li Moying sent Huang Yueli to the outer disciple\'s courtyard, and reluctantly pestered her for a kiss before he finally turned around heading to Murong De\'s side.

Huang Yueli had returned to the residence keeping a low profile and was not surprised to find out that the courtyard where the Celestial Light Academy students stayed in, was totally empty, without a single person.

As they had all been distributed to manual, exhausting factotums, so although it was already lunch time, but not one of them had returned.

Huang Yueli spun around in the room and packed a few items, preparing to look for someone to change a factotum for Su Qingyue and the rest.

However, when she had just stepped out of the courtyard\'s gate, she was stopped by someone.


who are you Why have you walked out from that courtyard I don\'t think I\'ve seen you around A shocked voice rang.

Huang Yueli\'s footsteps halted, as she saw a few outer disciples heading back together from the outside, and on seeing her, they put on a righteous indignation expression, as they berated her loudly.

Who are you What are you trying to do

Huang Yueli blinked, and suddenly realised that she forgot to put on her disguise, so these people didn\'t recognise her.

For the first time in her life, she had been treated as a thief…..


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