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Chapter 1311: My fiancée (2)

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By now, the banquet had already started for quite some time.

The important guests had already arrived at the banquet and only lacking Li Moying but unfortunately, he was one of the people who attracted the most attention.

So many people were already trying to find out why he hadnt arrived yet.

Just as this moment, the main halls main entrance opened up and the lovely couple Li Moying and Huang Yueli walked right in.

The minute they appeared, everyones eyes fell onto them uncontrollably.

This couple….

In terms of external looks, was simply too outstanding!

Li Moyings good looks were the same as his ability, which enjoyed a widespread reputation.

All the young ladies present, no matter if they were from Celestial Light Sect or Green Cloud Sect, bore some admirations of love for him.

Usually, just one expression of his was enough to cause an uproar among the young ladies but today in order to tie in with Huang Yueli, he specially adorned himself which made him look handsome beyond words, unable to find a single flaw on him.

But this wasnt the most shocking thing.

The real matter which made everyone surprise was the young lady beside him!

This was absolutely the first time when Li Moying brought a female companion to take part in a banquet.

Just this fact alone was enough to make all the young ladies hearts shatter into pieces.

But what made one even more melancholic was the young lady beside him was simply too stunning!

Almond shaped eyes and peach cheeks, her complexion was pearly white and that petite figure was slender and thin.

What attracted the most attention was that set of flowing dress on her.

Some of the higher grade practitioners who were more experienced could tell the material of the dress on her, and they all drew in a mouthful of cold air!

Just the price of this dress alone was enough to purchase a sixth tier Profound Armament! Theres someone who spent such a huge fortune just to look beautiful, buying a useless piece of ordinary dress

What was called extravagant This was real extravagance!

Murong Fei was standing by the side and almost gnashed her teeth to pieces when she saw this!

Earlier when Huang Yueli and Li Moying entered the hall together, she was already so jealous that she almost died.

Then on seeing Huang Yuelis piece of beautiful and expensive flowing dress, she was even more infuriated that she started shaking all over!

She could tell that for a country bumpkin like Huang Yueli, how would she be able to afford such an expensive dress.

Then looking at all the accessories on her! Those were definitely given to her by Li Moying!

What ability did this little vixen had Why was she able to seduced Li Moying, not only bringing her to such an important function and furthermore, giving her such an expensive clothing A flowing dress made out of Heaven Arachnid Azure Silk! As Celestial Light Sects Eldest Young Miss, she couldnt bear to part with her money to buy it!

What right did this wretched lass have to wear such a great dress

Murong Fei was so upset that she couldnt wait to strip Huang Yuelis dress down from her on the spot!

Li Moying hugged Huang Yuelis slender waist tightly as she led him to the front of Murong De and Cui Yuan Shan.

Cui Yuan Shan looked at them in surprise as he asked, “Master Li, may I ask… this young lady is your…..”

Li Moying introduced, “Miss Bai here is my fiancée! Weve been prenatally betrothed since young and half a year ago, I went back to South Yue Kingdom and officially set this marriage.

Lier, this is my Master, Sect Master Murong De and this is Sect Master Cui from Green Cloud Sect.”

Huang Yueli put on an obedient look as she greeted the two Sect Masters.

Murong De sized Huang Yueli up as he secretly nodded his head in his heart.

When he heard Murong Feis description in the past, he thought that she was a selfish young lady who wasnt presentable at all.

But seeing her today, his perception of her totally changed.

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