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Chapter 1344: Too easily jealous (1)

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Huang Yueli immediately detected a familiar presence so she totally didnt avoid it as she stood at the original spot.

Leng Yi Feng sensed that this gust of Profound Energy was extremely strong and wasnt something which he could go up against so he hurriedly slipped to one side hoping to avoid it!

However the speed of the person was too fast and he simply could not avoid it at all.

His feet had yet to shift when he was struck by that raging thunder attributed Profound Energy!

Luckily as Leng Yi Feng was a direct descendant of the Leng family, he put on a high levelled Profound Armour on him and although he was struck, his injury wasnt very serious.

Leng Yi Feng gave off a dull moan as he clutched his chest and turned his head around to take a look.

Standing in front of the door was Li Moying with an icy cold face.

That pair of bewitching peach blossomed eyes revealed a murderous air, as he looked towards Leng Yi Feng with a frigid expression.

“Master Leng, what are you trying to do to my woman” His thin lips moved as the words which he spat out were like icicles.

Leng Yi Feng couldnt help but shuddered hard as he was filled with shock and terror!

He didnt knew why he was so afraid, that his heartbeat almost stopped.

Li Moying was just a practitioner from a third rated Sect and his background was totally incomparable to his.

Whenever Leng Yi Feng talked about him, it was usually full of disdain and even when he talked about him to Huang Yueli earlier, he was still belittling Li Moying with confidence.

But now when he faced the real person, other than shock, Leng Yi Fengs heart was still filled with shock!

Too powerful!

Li Moying was merely at seventh stage realm but why was his imposing manner so powerful Even giving off the misperception that he was facing a ninth stage realm top expert!

Li Moying was radiating with coldness as he slowly walked towards Huang Yueli.

When Leng Yi Feng saw him nearing, he shivered as he hurriedly spoke out, “Li… Li Moying, you… what do you want to do”

Li Moying pulled Haung Yueli into his embrace and lifted up her face taking a look all around, then touching her little hand to ascertain that she had not been touched by another man before he heaved a sigh of relief.

But he still gave her an apprehensive look.

Huang Yueli didnt know if she should laugh or cry, thinking silently that this man really was too easily jealous.

Obviously nothing had happened but why was it that the expression on his face looked as though he had drunk a whole urn of vinegar

Li Moyings icy cold glance shot towards Leng Yi Feng, “You dare to come harass my fiancée when Im not around, and still trying to ask me what Im trying to do I want to ask, Master Leng what are you intending to do Your Green Cloud Sect… are you thinking of resorting to some underhanded schemes”

Leng Yi Feng was seen through by him as he felt extremely guilty.

His trip here this time round was indeed not because of himself.

At the same time it was also for Green Cloud Sect.

The arena tournament was at the corner so if the gossip of Celestial Light Sects Young Sect Masters fiancée turning towards Green Cloud Sect, Celestial Light Sect would definitely be deeply set back, losing all their spirit, and would be difficult for them to gain the last victory.

Li Moying had always hated those houseflies which harassed his Lier and on seeing Leng Yi Feng not speaking a single word, the Profound Energy might in his body almost uncontrollably spread towards Leng Yi Feng.

Leng Yi Feng found it hard to breathe under his suppression as his face turned extremely pale.

The disparity between the potentials… was simply too distinct!

He cried out loudly, “Li… Li Moying! Youre just a normal practitioner with no foundation.

If… If you dare to be disrespectful to me, in future when you come to Sky Emperor City, Ill definitely make sure that you cant hang around there!”

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