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Chapter 1358: Boosting with self-confidence (1)

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Hmph, who asked this man to pretend to be angry, cheating her to throw herself into his arms!

Then she could also pretend to be angry, cheating him to be meek and subservient!

The two of them walked hand in hand as they headed towards the public square where the arena tournament was held.

When this couple appeared, it attracted various envious and jealous glared.

There were too many young ladies who liked Li Moying whereas after that days banquet, there were also plenty of young men who secretly admired Huang Yueli.

Everyones eyes fell onto their tightly clasped hands.

There was no denial that when Li Moying and Huang Yueli walked together, they were simply too compatible.

No matter if it was in terms of looks, temperament or innate talent, they seemed to be a pair made in heaven making everyone jealous but there was no choice but to admit that they themselves werent worthy of this pair!

But those inferiority thoughts were only from those ordinary people.

To self-professed geniuses like Murong Fei or Leng Feng Yi, other than an eye-piercing scene, it was just too eye-piercing! They couldnt wait to replace the other party immediately!

As Young Sect Master, Li Moyings seat was at the stage, at a striking position.

Furthermore, as he wasnt required to take part today, it added a detached feel.

This time, someone had already arranged another joint seat next to his, apparently for Huang Yueli.

Li Moying raised his head and saw this arrangement as he silently nodded his head, his mood improving by quite a lot.

This meant that he and Lier had already been recognised by the masses, an official couple!

He held Huang Yuelis hand as they walked through the arena tournaments competition grounds, walking up the stage.

Along the way, both of them walked past Murong Fei.

At this moment, Murong Fei was surrounded by a large crowd of direct disciples as everyone wasted no effort in fawning on her.

“Eldest Young Miss, your conditions look great today!”

“Isnt that so Eldest Young Misss surrounding Profound Energy is abundant, apparently your ability has reached another notch higher again!”

Murong Fel displayed an unconcealable complacent look as she intentionally said reservedly, “For the Sects glory, to gain the quota for everyone to enter the mystic region, I have been cultivating hard for the past few days until Ive forgotten to eat or sleep! Finally I had successfully advanced last night, from sixth stage realm first level into sixth stage realm second level!”

“Wow! Sixth stage realm second level! Eldest Young Miss hasnt even reached eighteen years old and already at sixth stage realm second level!”

“Wasnt it said that after the sixth stage realm, it was extremely difficult to advance for each small realm.

Really didnt expect Eldest Young Miss to improve yet again in such a short time!”

“This is really great.

Eldest Young Miss is so talented, able to upgrade so quickly.

No matter how many abilities Green Cloud Sects people have, how could they be compared with you Today theyd definitely be beaten pants down!”

“Thats right, todays arena tournaments judges comes from South Sky Regions various large Sects elders or top exponents.

After today, Eldest Young Misss name will have spread throughout the entire South Sky Region!”

Murong Fei pretended to stop them from talking, “Stop spouting nonsense.

Green Cloud Sect is an established large Sect and their abilities cannot be underestimated.

I dont dare to say that I will definitely win in todays arena tournament.”

Although she said that, but whoever saw the smile on her face would tell that she was full of confidence, feeling that this times arena champion was already in her bag!

Just as Murong Fei was riding high, she suddenly saw Li Moying walking over.

The moment she saw Li Moying, her senses jolted as she intentionally overlooked Huang Yueli who was beside him.

She had been arranging her head in anticipation as she puffed out her chest and walked right towards him.

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