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Chapter 1428: Rare Treasure appears (3)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

If these words of hers fell onto those disciples who had entered the mystic region, they would absolutely throw up blood on the spot!

Because Huang Yueli and Li Moying had already collected many treasures on their way.

For example the Extreme Fiery Obsidian Stone mine, that was priceless and just one small piece of ore in Sky Emperor Citys auctions would be auctioned at an astonishing heavenly price!

Whereas this kind of ore mine, Huang Yueli had already dug several of it in the past few days.

To ordinary disciples, even if they picked up a piece of eighth grade ore was already considered as a huge chance!

Li Moying on the other hand had smoothly killed several eighth grade magical beasts and removed its magical beast core.

He also passed the assessment at another underground palace which the forefathers had left behind, obtaining an entire set of heaven grade upper level cultivation methods.

Just casually walking around was a huge chance.

But eighth grade magical beasts to ordinary disciples were absolutely a life and death huge crisis! There was a ninety nine percent chance that they would lose their lives if they met with it!

In the end, in Huang Yuelis words, it was “both safe and no chances around”.

However, Li Moying understood what she was thinking, “Thats right, this place is indeed a little too quiet.

Perhaps it is because we had been travelling around the outer boundary.

The real chances in the mystic regions are usually in the centre.

Only, are you sure that you want us to proceed to the centre region”

Huang Yueli hesitated for a moment, ” We can get a little closer towards the centre but not really enter it.

After all, our abilities this time round arent really adequate…”

She was a little unreconciled but she had no choice but to consider the practicability of the problem.

In the past when she and Mu Chengying entered mystic regions, both of them were both at ninth stage realm cultivations and their potentials were simply tyrannical so naturally they had nothing to fear.

But this time, they were just at seventh stage realm and fifth stage realm.

The disparity in their abilities was indeed a little too large and if they just ran in abruptly, it wasnt just a risk, it was to send themselves to death.

The both of them were conversing when they suddenly heard a burst of thunder like loud sound in the sky.

At the same time, far away in the mountains, a bolt of blinding bright light shone, lighting up the entire sky until it turned as bright as daylight!

That bolt of strong light lasted briefly and after a few breaths, it started to dim.

Huang Yuelis eyes lit up, “Quickly look over there! This kind of abnormality, a rare treasure must be appearing! Lets go over quickly to take a look!”

Li Moying nodded as he chased up to her.

Their footsteps were rather fast but there was no way to use transportation tools such as flying ships to replace their legs and as they were very far away from the location where the bright light shone, they practically had to travel at least half of the mystic region.

Hence although they tried their best to rush over, they also spent roughly one and a half days time.

By the time the both of them had reached the anticipated location, they saw quite a number of people who had gathered nearby.

Other than a few minority, a large portion of Celestial Light Sect and Green Cloud Sects disciples had already appeared at the ground level of the mountain.

Everyone were disciples of a large Sect so they had more or less heard of the strange occurrences which might appear when a rare treasure appeared.

From the strange occurrences that had happened, their first reaction was — theres a huge chance!

Hence everyone rushed over to this place and those who couldnt come were either trapped somewhere or they were just too far away so they hadnt arrived.

As the ground level of the mountain was very near the entrance of the mystic region, many of them had been lingering nearby, not daring to travel further away hence they had all reached pretty early.

After they arrived, they saw the ground level filled with people, and very naturally, they segregated into two groups according to their Sects.



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