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Chapter 1429: Rare Treasure appears (4)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

By the time Huang Yueli and Li Moying arrived, both Sects had been in a stalemate for quite a period of time.

They already heard the argument coming from the ground level when they were still quite a distance away.

“This cave dwelling is obviously discovered by our Celestial Light Sect disciples so what right do you Green Cloud Sect have to stick a pole into, thinking of snatching the treasure” Luo Jiyuns voice was heard.

Immediately following that, Fang Shaonings cold laughter was heard.

“What a joke! You had indeed discovered the cave dwelling but have you successfully entered it Have you gotten the rare treasure in it All the treasures in this Cloudy Qilin Mystic Region dont belong to anyone so the one with the most ability gets it! You dont have the ability and cant enter and yet youre not allowing others to enter”

Luo Jiyun was obviously upset by that, “For you to know that theres a treasure here is all because our people had activated the array on the outer boundary isnt it If not for this, there wouldnt be that blinding strong light at all!”

“So what about it You guys cant enter and activated the array which could only mean that youre all useless! Since you dont have the ability then stop wasting time! Scram to one side and dont make us deal with you!”

Fang Shaoning was totally immodest as he spoke.

Originally when they were outside the mystic region, although the two Sects were having a competing relationship, but due to reputation, they couldnt openly provoke the other party nor attack them.

But now that they were in the mystic region, there were no outsiders around while the temptation of the rare treasure was placed right in front of them.

This round, both Sects had completely tore their faces as they prepared to let their fists do the talking!

Luo Jiyun also realised that talking reason was useless as he was so angry that he started trembling, “You all….

simply bullying others intolerably!”

Fang Shaoning gave a chilly smile, “Mister Luo, youre not young anymore so how could you so be naïve Whoevers ability is stronger will obtain more resources, this is originally Soaring Heavens Continents survival rule! We are bullying intolerably Its obvious that Celestial Light Sect has more people but unfortunately your potential is so weak.

If I were you, I would not have the face to stay on any further! Quickly scram!”

Hearing such intense arguing, Huang Yueli turned her head in astonishment as she exchanged glances with Li Moying and the both of them quickly hastened up their footsteps.

When they got nearer, they discovered that the scene had evidently just turned into a battle ground.

Green Cloud Sects people were much lesser while Celestial Light Sects disciples were much more.

However, the majority of those who were laid on the ground with serious injury and not being able to get up were mostly Celestial Light Sects disciples.

Even Luo Jiyun sustained a heavy injury as the blood on the wounds on his body kept flowing.

It was obvious that even though Green Cloud Sects numbers were lesser, but their overall combat abilities were much higher than Celestial Light Sects.

Green Cloud Sects total combat ability was on a higher rung and included the fact that the two Sects top battle powers were not present.

On Green Cloud Sects side, other than Leng Yi Feng alone, the other top experts in their Sect were all present.

But Celestial Light Sect was short of quite a number of people.

Li Moying, Huang Yeuli, Murong Fei, Li Lingchuan were all not present.

Even Mo Yi, Mo Er and the rest had not arrived in time so there was only Luo Jiyun alone who pitifully tried to hold up the scenario, so he totally couldnt hang on for long.

Luo Jiyun was ridiculed by Fang Shaoning so much that even his nose turned crooked!

The problem was he couldnt find any words to rebuke at all!

Because what Fang Shaoning said was the truth.

Celestial Light Sects disciples were at least double of Green Cloud Sects but in the earlier intense battle, Celestial Light Sect was totally not their match as they were beaten pants down.


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