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Chapter 214 – Why are you so foolish

“You….baseless slandering!”

Listening to all the discussion and variety of despising eyes, Bai Ruo Qi could no longer control herself and jumped up.

“Your Highness, you must listen to Qi’er.

Things are not like this………”

With large strides, Huang Yue Li walked to her side with a look of concern.

“Second Sister, do not become excited.

Did I not tell you just then No matter what Doctor Liu will say, do not take it to heart.

Regardless of his claims, the truth will eventually come to light.

No one is wronging you!”

“You…..the person who wants to wrong me, is it not you”

“Second sister, I have not said anything towards you ah”

“Enough!” The Empress Dowager interrupted the two, “It was already agreed that Li’er will do the questioning.

No one is to intervene! Now settle down for Ai Jia! Who ever dares to speak again, will leave immediately!”

The onlookers hurriedly shut their mouths.

Facing Doctor Liu again, Huang Yue Li spoke with great righteousness: “Doctor Liu, how can you sow dissension, ruining the bond between sisters I grew up with Second Sister, so our relationship is very intimate.

Do you think that a casual few lying words will make us suspect each other Let me tell you, you are wrong!”

Listening to this, Doctor Liu turned even more anxious.

Feeling resentful for not reaching his expectations, he continued: “Third Young Miss Bai, why are you so foolish Do you really think that Second Miss Bai is truly good to you She has been secretly plotting against you, okay Can you grow some brains, don’t help count the money after being scammed!”

Bai Ruo Qi almost fainted.

In the end who was the scammer and the one helping to count the money

It’s Doctor Liu himself okay

This damn girl is so insidious.

Not scamming others would be good enough.

If she was considered foolish, then are no smart people in this world!

However, no one could hear Bai Ruo Qi’s voice.

With a face full of anger, Huang Yue Li replied with shaking hands: “Do not speak nonsense! How can Second Sister plot against me Simply nonsense!”

Her attitude stimulated Doctor Liu further.

The more she disbelieved him, the more determined Doctor Liu became to show her the truth!

“Humph, she will not plot against you Let us talk about today’s affair! If you think about it, did Second Miss Bai personally invite you to drink wine And then immediately faint It was no accident! I just do not know why, she was foolish enough to take the wrong glass and drink the drug herself! “

As Huang Yue Li recalled the events, a look of shock appeared on her face.

If she was hit with great force, she staggered and almost fell to the ground.

“Impossible, it can not be……must have been caused by others.

Second Sister did not know her wine was drugged!”

“Oh, you still do not believe Well, even though there is no evidence, do not feel anything When you were in poor health, every time you wanted to visit the Royal Palace, you will fall faint with a fever.

Do you think it was due to your own health That was the work of Bai Ruo Qi.

Everytime she would come to me for a prescription, hindering your trips every single time!”

“What How is that possible You are talking absolute nonsense.

You think you can speak without evidence…….”

“Oh well.

The last time someone said you were having an immoral relationship with a an, but do you know how you ended up in the back courtyard It is all because of your Second Sister.

She drugged you.

As for this sleeping powder…….it happened to be me who provided her with it!”

The more Doctor Liu spoke, the more vigorous his tone became.

Like spilled beans, he revealed all of the past deeds Bai Ruo Qi conducted against her!


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