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Chapter 296: “Crown Prince vs Prince Yu (3)”

Before he could even finish his sentence, his chest felt stifled as an impressive aura of oppressiveness filled the entire hall.

The Crown Prince bore the brunt of the pressure, feeling something burst in his chest followed by a wave of dizziness as he felt a mouthful of blood rushing up his throat! He was so close to vomiting out that mouthful of blood!

Needless to say, there was nothing more he could say to follow up with his prior statement.

He expended a large amount of effort to finally swallow back that sickening liquid that had welled up in his throat, however his eyes were filled with horror!

The Crown Prince stared incredulously at Li Moying, as if this was the first time meeting this younger brother of his!


Li Moying grasped the struggling little fox in one arm, raised his head and said in a cold voice, “What trial grounds That’s too much of a hassle.

Let’s just settle it here and now.

On the account that you are my brother, I’ll concede three strokes to you!”

He said it in a very casual and relaxed manner, however, all who heard it became shocked and were rendered speechless!

No one would have thought that the legendary sickly and weak Prince Yu who could very well collapse any moment, would …would actually be a hidden expert!!

The Profound Qi he released was on a completely different level from the Crown Prince! No one present could see through his cultivation level! What did all this signify

Even the Imperial Tutor’s face had made a drastic change at this time and was frozen in shock.

The Imperial Tutor could feel that the Profound Qi emitted by Li Moying was very pure yet powerful; it was filled with an overwhelming oppressiveness! Despite everything…he could not see through his cultivation level at all!

There’s nothing more to say about the Crown Prince who had already been struck cold in his heart and his back was already drenched in cold sweat.

Heavens… How was this possible When had Li Moying been so strong This must be an illusion! How…How could such a thing happen

Unfortunately, this was not an illusion and it was the cruel and harsh reality that he had to face.

Li Moying waited for awhile and saw that the Crown Prince was still frozen in place while gaping at him in disbelief.

He furrowed his brows impatiently.

“Imperial Brother, how is it Are you still going to make your move If you are, faster! This Lord is in a hurry!”

He was too eager to find a place where no one else was there to obstruct the two of them.

He couldn’t wait to tame the restless little fox in his arms.

Time was precious and could not be wasted!

From the moment he saw her, all he wanted to do was kiss her and it didn’t help that this little thing had been stuck to him for so long.

Honestly speaking, he really wanted to kiss her right at this very moment!

However, if he really dared to kiss her in front of such a large audience, this little fox would definitely get very mad!

“If you are not going to start, then this Lord will not stand on ceremony!”

Li Moying was thinking of starting the first offense when the Crown Prince suddenly shouted out , “Have a taste of this!”

Immediately after, the Crown Prince pulled out a brilliant long sword from the scabbard that was hanging by his waist and a silver flash rushed out towards Li Moying.

Only that his sword tip was directed not at Li Moying but the beloved woman in his arms.

The Crown Prince sneered.

He knew that he would not be able to defeat Li Moying, so he simply attacked the woman in his arms!

If Bai Ruoli was really Li Moying’s beloved woman, then he would definitely protect her! He had to make use of everything in his disposal to try to get a chance to strike a fatal blow! Hence he grabbed onto this weakness and it would be easy to reveal any flaws.

The Crown Prince was a cultivator with wind attributes hence his actions were immensely fast.

What looked like one move was in fact a quick succession of a flurry of movements and had already attacked the both of them.

With Li Moying’s sharp eyes, he could naturally see the direction of the sword tip was directed to.

In an instant, he saw red.

He was really angry right now!


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