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Chapter 315: “The Master of the Manor (2)”

Li Moying laughed as he gently held her waist and personally led her in.

“I will pick you up in three days.”

Huang Yueli nodded her head.

Last night, the two had agreed that three days later they would set off for Dark Moon Forest in search of the Profound Lunar Jade and craft the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror there.

However, after the words had been said, Li Moying still did not let go and remained motionless at the entrance.

Huang Yueli was speechless for a moment.

“Your Highness Prince Yu, it’s getting late, please go back! Bye!”

Only then did Li Moying loosen his grip and slowly backed off.

Huang Yueli let out a sigh of relief, thinking that he was just about to leave.

In that instance, she felt her wrist was being pulled and Li Moying tugged her gently and the next moment, she was brought into his embrace and his hot lips covered hers.

“Mmph!” Huang Yueli started hitting him on his shoulders.

This kiss was very passionate but it was not a long one.

After a short while, Li Moying raised his head.

“Little Li’er, I’m going to repeat myself once more.

Remember my name! If I hear you call me Your Highness Prince Yu the next time round, Pavilion Lord, hey, pervert, or any other names that I don’t like, then…”

His fervent eyes looked at her slightly swollen crimson lips that he had kissed, full of threat.

Huang Yueli was raging within, she really wanted to slap this man silly! How could he kiss her in front of so many people Moreover he even said such overbearing words!

However, she did not beat him or even think of any ways to get back at him.

She knew that she wasn’t his opponent!

Li Moying saw her scrunched up face that huffed at him in arrogance and left in satisfaction.

After he left, those bootlickers started clamouring over her again as they surrounded her once again.

“Third Miss is sure blessed with fortune! To be engaged with such an outstanding man, Prince Yu!”

“Yes, yes! Prince Yu and Third Miss are both top talents and are a match made in heaven!”

“Miss Bai, congratulations to you! May I know when are you getting married”

Damn it all! All these jibber jabber, and now even rattling such nonsense!

Huang Yueli angrily stomped in and yelled out to Cai Wei, “Get those flies away! Those that refuse to budge just beat them up! Let’s see who still dares make a fuss at my house! Don’t blame me for being strict! Beat up anyone you see! See one, beat one!”

Cai Wei nodded her head , “Yes Miss.

There’s one more thing..”

“What’s the matter” Huang Yueli stopped in her tracks.

“Early this morning, Master personally brought Madam to your courtyard and are waiting for you in the hall.’

“What Who asked you to let them in”

“But..it’s Master after all…”

Cai Wei stuttered as she tried to explain herself as much as she could until Bai Liujing had already strode out.

“Oh, Li’er, you’re finally back! Second Uncle had been waiting for a long time! You’ve made a name for our family! I’m so proud of you! If your Father knows of it, I’m sure he would be very happy as well!”

Bai Liu Jing was all smiles, and very enthusiastic, as if Bai Ruoli was his very own daughter as he fawned all over her.

His wife who stood behind him had on an awkward expression.

Huang Yueli laughed coldy, “Second Uncle doesn’t seem to know that this time, I could reveal my strength was all thanks to Second Sister’s willingness to sacrifice.

I’m really touched by her dedication to let me use her as a stepping stone, otherwise, how could I have such an opportunity”


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