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Chapter 15: “Repaying a debt is Heavens Law and Earths Principle”

Huang Yue Li swayed her body lightly and avoided her.

“Fourth Miss, what are you doing Repaying a debt is Heavens law and Earths principle. Could it be you, the young miss of the stately Wu Wei Manor wants to renege on a debt”

Not being able to catch her already angered Bai Ruo Yan beyond belief. Now hearing her words laced with sarcasm, she was extremely furious!

“You sly and treacherous slut, this IOU is not something that I willingly signed! Hurry and hand it over, or Ill rip you to pieces!”

Bai Ruo Yan was constantly reaching out, but Huang Yue Li was as slippery as a roach. She could not even catch a single hair.

Unfortunately, as Huang Yue Li was dodging, she was also speaking in a grieving tone: “Fourth Miss, this here in clear black words reads your name right What do you mean that you signed unwillingly How could I, your older sister who cannot cultivate, force you to sign your name How do I possess that ability”

“Thats right. This Bai Family Fourth Young Miss is just too excessive. Owing money and doesnt want to repay it!”

“Correct, Fourth Young Miss Bai is at the fourth level of the Qi Profound Realm and her cultivation isnt low either. How could the Third Young Miss force her Isnt she speaking lies without even batting an eye”

“Really befitting of someone born of a concubine, doing such a scandalous thing in such an audacious manner. She is totally losing the face of Wu Wei Manors! ”

Bai Ruo Yan nearly spit out a mouthful of blood!

Yesterday, it was unknown as to what methods Huang Yue Li used. But the fact that she was not clear headed was the truth. What she said was all the whole truth, but why did no one believe her at all

Not only this, on the faces of everyone present were clear signs of loathing and despise while Huang Yue Li drew all the sympathy. Even the guards of Thousand Treasure Pavilion were standing in front of Huang Yue Li, protecting her.

Poking her head out from behind the guards, Huang Yue Li shyly said: “Fourth Younger Sister, I know you hold a grave misunderstanding towards me. Yesterdays affairs, I really can explain them!”

“What do you have to explain”

“Presently there are many people present, so I will honestly speak the truth and allow everyone to be the judge! In front of so many people, if I were to speak a single lie, I will receive retribution! ”

Bai Ruo Yans heart gave a small jump.

Yesterdays affairs……were the biggest humiliation of her entire life!

She wished that no one would ever come to know of it. Yet now, Huang Yue Li wanted to narrate everything from start to finish out here

What was there to say Was she going to say that she was running around naked in the the streets

Those people on the street that day were common people. Even if they did see her in her most humiliating moment, they couldnt tell who she was. Even if they did recognise her, they wouldnt dare to speak of it.

But the customers of Thousand Treasure Pavilion were not the same. If they were not aristocracy, they were rich merchants.

If Huang Yue Li were to narrate the events of her running around naked, she would become the laughing stock of the entire kingdom!

However, the crowd encircling them held great praise towards Huang Yue Lis actions.

“Not bad. It should be like this. Who is right and who is wrong, if you tell us the story we would know right”

“Third Miss isnt the daughter of Bai Liu Feng for nothing, behaving with integrity and honesty. Hurry and tell was what happened.”

“Correct. We cannot misunderstand Fourth Young Miss either! You should still explain the situation at that time! Only this will be fair, just and right!”

Bai Ruo Yans face turned green.

Only she saw Huang Yue Li nodding her head in agreement: “Okay. Well yesterdays affair went like this……”


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