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Chapter 21: “Diligently Learning, Striving for Improvement”

Startled, Shopkeeper Sun raised his head and said: “Lo……Lord, our master definitely will not agree to selling Thousand Treasure Pavilion. What you may not know is, the owner is part of the royal household……”

The male did not respond. He gave a glance around and then proceeded to pick up the jade tea cup from the table and began to drink lightly.

His fingers were slender but powerful and looked like jade. The mere action of him raising the tea cup possessed both a graceful and noble bearing, highly pleasing to the eye.

The personal guard beside the horse carriage walked up to Shopkeeper Sun and cut off his sentence.

“Isnt the boss behind your shop just a Lord of DongAn Just by his status alone, he wants to fight against our master Hurry and inform your Lord of DongAn that our master……wants to buy this store! Tactfully prepare the estates title deed. Tomorrow our master will send someone one over to retrieve it.”

In that moment, Shopkeeper Sun was at a loss for words.

Lord DongAn, he was the Emperors nephew with matchless identity. Yet the mysterious man in front of him didnt seem to put that identity in his eyes.

Could it be that his own identity was something far above Lord DongAns He couldnt possible be one of the Emperors Princes

When he thought this far, Shopkeeper Suns heart jumped. He couldnt possibly be the rumored……

But, it had been many years since that person last appeared!

If it really was him who had returned, then it would be exceedingly serious……


To what was happening behind her, Huang Yue Li was oblivious.

The speed of Thousand Treasure Pavilions delivery service really wasnt just empty words. By the time she arrived home, the two person tall furnace was already neatly placed within the study.

Currently, the maid Cai Wei was circling the furnace with a face full of amazement.

Seeing that Huang Yue Li had returned, she hurriedly walked to greet her.

“Third Young Miss, what did you go out to do This armament smelting furnace, was it truly bought by you”

“Could this possibly be fake”

“But……this is something only Armaments Refiners can use”

Huang Yue Li chuckled and said: “Yesterday when I went to the study, I found a book that my father had left behind. When I opened it, unexpectedly it was a personal letter from an Armament Refiner. There were also detailed explanations regarding refining and smelting. So I decided to try my hand at it.”

Cai Wei Blankly listened, “But……how could refining be this simple Dont others say that Armament Refiners are like Gods, can stone really become gold I think you must need extremely high talent in order to to succeed right”

“Of course I possess refining talent. My father had said in the letter that he had tested my potential when I was younger. That is why he wrote that letter and told me to train diligently, improving everyday!”

Huang Yue Li was blurting out nonsense non-stop.

But Cai Wei wasnt experienced or knowledgable like Shopkeeper Sun. She was someone of ordinary birth, furthermore she was but a lowly servant. At most, the information she could obtain was from listening to others discuss how difficult the profession was. She was oblivious to the actual difficulty.

Hearing Huang Yue Li speaking like that, she easily believed her.

She happily replied: “Turns out it was the Previous Master who said this, naturally this wouldnt be wrong! This…this is really too good. Third Young Miss, if you really are able to become an Armament Master, the current master and his family would no longer dare to bully you!”

Huang Yue Li on the other hand meet with something unexpected.

Looked like that cheap, old man Bai Liu Feng, of hers truly wasnt simple. Just through his good reputation alone, she was able to swindle others. Those years, he was definitely a highly influential man of the crowns……

Just how did he disappear

Suddenly thinking of something, she said: “Right, I need you to complete a task for me. Go find a couple of beggars outside and ask them to spread the news of my Fourth Sister running around naked in the streets. The further the news spread, the better. The best result would be spreading it throughout the entire capital!”


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