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Chapter 352: Fifth Tier Magical Beast Core (3)

It was better if Luo Jiyun did not mention the word ‘array’, because once he did, he succeeded in triggering Murong Ni’s rage even more.

Murong Ni rolled her eyes at him, “Fifth Brother, you don’t have any backbones, just a few bottles of medicinal pills and you’ve been bribed! I am different from you!”

“I’ve not been…hey!”

Luo Jiyun wanted to continue to persuade but unfortunately Murong Ni was too lazy to listen anymore and simply ran ahead to catch up with the rest.

Luo Jiyun shook his head in exasperation, and his heart started to have foreboding feeling.

He felt that Murong Ni was treading a dangerous path and this kind of mentality was scary.

If it was not rectified soon, it could lead to a huge disaster….

The group of them walked along the winding path, deeper and deeper into the woods.

This time round, Mo Yi and the rest had heightened their vigilance and checked their surroundings every now and then.

This was afterall, the gathering areas of Fifth and Sixth Tiered Magical Beasts!

They hadn’t walked very far when a few had already spotted several Magical Beasts in the vicinity.

The oppressive aura of the Fifth Tier Magical Beast could be felt even if they were far away.

Even when facing Fourth Tier Magical Beasts, Murong Ni was already gripped by fear.

For someone who had been stirring up trouble every now and then, ever since they had entered the gathering area of these Magical Beasts, she had quietened down a lot and sticking to Luo Jiyun’s side the entire time.

Huang Yueli didn’t seem at all affecte as she explored the surrounding terrain and environment, earnestly searching for a suitable Magical Beasts to hunt down.

There were many Magical Beasts in this area, but finding a suitable one was not so easy.

First of all, she needed one of the fire attribute.

Even if they killed Magical Beasts of other attributes, it would be all for naught and it would also endanger Li Moying needlessly.

Therefore it was better to make ample preparation and search for a suitable target from the start.

Secondly, most of the Magical Beasts roamed about in packs and if there were too many in one pack, even Li Moying would find it difficult to cope with it, hence they had to look for solo targets or create opportunities to disperse them.

After searching for a long time, she had finally narrowed down on one Single Horned Flame Bull.

This was a species of a Fifth Tier Magical Beast of the fire attribute, it’s body was big and clumsy, its attack and speed weren’t outstanding, the only thing that was it was more well known for was it’s defense.

That ridiculously thick layer of hide could even block the attacks of cultivators of the seventh realm!

However, unfortunately for this Single Horned Flame Bull, it had met Li Moying.

For him, against its defense wasn’t much.

Hence this unlucky fella was singled out and quickly confirmed as their first target.

Mo Yi volunteered to take the initiative and act as a lure.

He shot out a sharp arrow and hit its jaw, inciting the wrath of the Single Horned Flame Bull.

It saw red as it grunted loudly and shot out a fire ball, throwing it in the direction where the arrow came from before rushing over in mad rage.

There was also another characteristic of the Single Horned Flame Bull, once it has determined its target, it would only focus on that one target until it was killed.

That was why once Mo Yi retreated, it had followed him and was very soon lured into an open space.

Huang Yueli had long hid herself behind a towering ancient wooden stump, and had peeked out to see how Li Moying was going to hunt it down.

In hr previous life, when she had just reached the sixth realm, she had came to Dark Moon Forest to hone her skills and gain experience.

At that time, she had nearly lost her little life to this bull since all her attacks had no way of penetrating it’s defense.

Only after she had sacrificed the soul of the zither did it collapse.

At this point, in a flash, Li Moying had already appeared to the left of the Single Horned Flame Bull.


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