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508 Don“t know how to take your own medication

"Third Miss, Third Miss, what are you thinking about" Mo Yi's voice echoed from behind.

Huang Yueli snapped out of her thoughts and tried to shake those thoughts out of her head.

She really shouldn't be considering these affairs of the hearts at such a time when everyone in the midst of fleeing.

Mo Yi gave her a questioning look, puzzled as to why she suddenly went into a blank.

"Third Miss, there are still a number of people who Li Lingchuan had brought onto the ship.

Although it looks like they have given in and are obediently steering the ship, we cannot be sure that we are clear of any spies.

The few of us will need to run through checks frequently.

To leave master here….."

Huang Yueli understood his meaning and immediately replied, "Please go ahead.

Li Moying will be safe in my care!"

After Mo Yi and the rest left, Huang Yueli personally poured some Saint Spring Water and tried to feed Li Moying the medicine refined by Liu Buyan.

However, no matter how she tried to feed him, the pills kept rolling down from Li Moying's mouth.

Huang Yueli tried several times and was still unsuccessful.

She resignedly gave out a sigh.

"Seriously, you are already on the verge of recovery, why do you still refuse to take your own medication On those days when I was refining the Armament, Brother Mo Yi and the rest must have spent a lot of effort to feed you the medication"

Saying that, she took a mouthful of Saint Spring Water and holding the pill in her mouth, she lowered her head and pressed her soft lips against the man's elegant thin lips.

This action of feeding medication was done repetitively over the past few days, so she had become very skilful and did not feel that anything was wrong with this action as she did it subconsciously.

The only thing was, during the process of feeding the medication, she seem to have felt li Moying's tongue moving, and it seemed to be licking her tongue.

However when she stopped to verify the feeling, there was no action from Li Moying.

It might be…..

her misperception

Huang Yueli didn't dwell too long on this matter and continued to feed Li Moying all his medication.

After she was done, she sat on the chair next to the bed.

Even though it was the third day that he had lost his conscious, his facial expression compared to the previous days, was a lot better.

And this round, his breathing was stable, expression was peaceful and his wound didn't rupture open.

Everyone unanimously deduced that he should be able to regain his consciousness very soon.

So they were not as anxious as before.

After Mo Yi and the rest had completed their duties on the ship, they dropped by to check on Li Moying and following that, each of them lodged an excuse to left the room, leaving only Huang Yueli to care for him.

She didn't leave the cabin for the entire day and for the entire duration, she busied herself with wiping off his sweat, feeding his medication and changing his clothes.

Mo Yi brought in the dinner for them once it was ready.

The entire process lasted till the middle of the night and this caused Huang Yueli to be extremely tired.

In this entire duration, although Li Moying was the one injured, it was Huang Yueli who felt the impact most and used up most of her energy.

First, she fell from the cliff and almost ended up dead.

Next, it was followed by Li Moying suffering from a serious injury, so she had to carry him on her back for the entire route down the mountain.

After that, they met with the bunch of scum, the Werewolf Mercenaries.

She practically didn't have a night of sleep as she had to guard against their plots.

Just when she had gotten rid of the mercenaries, Li Moying's illness suddenly acted up and after killing everyone at the campsite, he continued his killing spree in the forest!

After she had pacified Li Moying, without any rest, she hurried to the Spirit Jade mine vein to obtain the Profound Lunar Jade just to refine the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror for him!

The entire refining process took three days and three nights, and she didn't get to shut her eyes at all!

Based the entire duration, she had no opportunity at all to take a good rest for the past five to six days.


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