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517 Don’t mention anything about her in front of me!

Even though Murong Ni had a crafty and unruly temper, her character was of poor quality and had done plenty of offensive things to Huang Yueli.

She was still everyone's Junior Sister, and was merely a sixteen year old girl, so naturally Luo Jiyun felt that he had some responsibility towards her.

Especially yesterday when Murong Ni had ran into the tent, her entire body was covered in blood.

It was obvious that she had been beaten up by Huang Yueli but they didn't know the extent of her injuries.

If she was indeed heavily injured and to make matters worse, she was left along in the inner zone of the Dark Moon Forest, then...

Luo Jiyun realised that he would not be able to bear the responsibility if anything had happened to her.

Which was why he struggled for a long time and finally he couldn't stop himself from bringing up this matter.

Once he spoke out, Li Moying's face darkened and a terrifying chill surrounded all of them.

Even the air seemed to become frozen in that instance.

"Don't mention anything about her in front of me!" He spat the words out through his clenched teeth.

Luo Jiyun cowered upon seeing his anger but he mustered up his courage and continued, "Se….

Senior Brother, I know she had provoked the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats which indirectly caused Sister-in-law to fall off from the cliff, and she had challenged Sister-in-law several times, all these have made you very angry.

I too, feel she had done wrong.

Even if she had to kneel down in front of Sister-in-law to apologize, she deserves it.


she is after all Master's biological daughter.

If anything untoward were to happen to her, how are we going to account to Master"

"Acount" Lo Moying's face expressed a cold smile, the chilling glint in his eyes made everyone tremble in fear.

"From how I see it, it's Murong Ni who should give me an explanation! Don't get yourself involved in this matter anymore.

Even if Murong Ni were to die in the Dark Moon Forest, it's something that she deserved! If Master were to ask about it, I will take responsibility for it, it has nothing to do with you!"


But….." Luo Jiyun attempted to continue his persuation.

Li Moying had already turned around coldly and he got down from his bed and left in a few big strides out of the room, leaving the rest behind.

Luo Jiyun wanted to go after him but was held back by Mo Yi.

"Young Master Luo, Master is really angry now.

Please don't add anymore oil to the fire, otherwise…..

if you were to really make him fume up, you'd gain nothing out of it too!"

"Sigh!" Luo Jiyun gloomily expressed, "Junior Sister is still young and thoughtless so if we want her to do anything to compensate, it should be fine.

But we shouldn't just leave her there like that… what if Master was to fly into a rage, what would happen to Senior Brother Even if it was Sister-in-law, she also wouldn't want Senior Brother to split off from the Sect right"

Mo Yi shook his head and said, "Young Master Luo, there are things you didn't know.

When Third Miss fell off the cliff, it wasn't because she missed her footing.

She was pushed down by Miss Murong!"

"What" Luo Jiyun's eyes turned wide, "How can it be Why would she do such a thing"

Mo Yi continued, "Absolutely right, otherwise, how would such a careful person like Third Miss suddenly lose her footing and fell off the cliff And when Third Miss was refining the armament, Miss Murong knew that her disruption would cause Third Miss to go into the state of Qi Deviation and yet she intentionally attacked the Array.

To be able to do such things, wasn't the purpose obvious to want Third Miss to end her life"

"But, this….

perhaps she didn't do it on purpose, because she didn't know the severity….."

"This kind of words, do you believe it yourself" Mo Yi patted Luo Jiyun on his shoulder.

"Anyway, you already know Third Miss's position in Master's heart.

Miss Murong had attempted to harm Third Miss so many times, this has already passed the border that Master has set.

The fact that he didn't kill her personally was on account of The Sect Master's face.

You still expect him to go back and save her Absolutely impossible."


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