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Zuo Fangping\'s hysterical threats had reverberated through the forest and clearly passed on to Huang Yueli\'s ears.

Although she was in a state of fake death, but that did not mean that she was oblivious to the surrounding changes.

On the contrary, although she looked exactly like a dead person, but her soul trace was extremely clear and her five senses were abnormally sensitive.

Towards what was happening in the outside world, she was even clearer than usual!

Zup Fangping\'s threats had indeed sounded horrifying and if it had been any other ladies, they would probably have been scared out of their wits.

No matter which practitioner, if they were to meet their demise while training, no one would want to be burnt into a piece of tender roasted meat, right This way of dying was just too disgusting, and a tat too frightening

Besides that, Huang Yueli also believed that Zuo Fangping was capable of doing that.

In the high level practitioners eyes, low levelled practitioners and normal human\'s lives were not lives, it was no different from any beasts.

In a place like Soaring Heavens Continent where might was highly valued, there were quite a number of people who still believed in this view.

However, Huang Yueli was one who wasn\'t afraid of those type of people.

Because of her Flame Spirit Physique, she don\'t believe that any flames would be able to hurt her in any way!

Even if it was the number one deviant flame, True Phoenix Fire, hadn\'t it be easily refined by her As for other ordinary flames, even if it could start a prairie fire and burnt her body, but it would not be able to hurt her one bit!

So if Zuo Fangping really intended to set fire on her, then it would be a good thing.

Because once the fire was started, the scenario would definitely be in a huge mess.

Once a forest fire lit up, it would be extremely hard to extinguish it.

By then, Zuo Fangping would definitely assume that she\'s dead and would not need to make too much verification and all she had to do was to wait for Zuo Fangping to leave before she could quietly leave the scene of fire.

To Huang Yueli, this was simply the best way to escape from this scenario!

So Huang Yueli had been secretly mumbling to herself, Quickly burn, quickly burn, you, better quickly set fire!

If Zuo Fangping was able to hear her inner thoughts, he would probably be driven mad on the spot!

The threat that he had thought to be extremely horrifying and abnormal was actually able to help Huang Yueli Moreover, she had been praying non stop that he could quickly use such a sinister method on her

What was the problem here

To torture one person was naturally to make her afraid, then only would the tormentor feel good.

But the other party was not afraid and was excitedly hoping for it, then there would be no meaning at all.

Huang Yueli operated the cultivation method and at the same time, she looked forward to Zuo Fangping setting fire.

However, not knowing if Zuo Fangping had found his consciousness or what, he finally… did not set fire.

Haung Yueli waited for a long, long time but there was no signs of movement so she gauged that he had probably given up the decision to set fire in the forest, and couldn\'t help but feel disappointed.

At the same time, she started to be on her guard.

Zuo Fangping would probably not give up at this moment in time but if he chose not to set fire, then it would mean that he must have found another sure-win way to force her to appear and this….

what method would it be

Huang Yueli waited and waited, until she almost lost her patience.

From the outside of the woods reverberated a sharp shriek.

You… who are you What are you intending to do Le….Let me go, he… Help! Bo hoo hoo…..

That voice sounded like it was filled with shivering and choking and sounded slightly familiar.

Huang Yueli was stunned for a moment and realised that… this was her cousin Bai Ruo Qi\'s voice!


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