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Chapter 1 : “Lighting the Soul and Scattering”

Tian Ling Continent.

Northern Ice region.

Huang Yue Lis entire body was drenched in scarlet blood; not a single ounce of strength left within her.

No trace of emotion could be seen on that peerless beautys face. It was only that pair of chillingly cold eyes that revealed her killing intent.

“Ten Directional Nightfall Formation! At such a large scale! This Sky Phoenix Jade Ring is merely an incomplete godly armament. Im afraid that you have wasted your efforts!”

The white clothed male coldly sneered: “Dont believe for a moment that I dont know the reason for your visit to the Northern Ice region. Its all for the sake of finding the Profound Ice Jade to repair the ancient godly armament right”

Both Huang Yue Lis heart and mind shook.

There was only one person who knew of her trip to the Northern Ice region. That person was the Ling Sects eldest young lady, Ling Qing Yu. Could it have been her who had betrayed her But these two ladies had known each other for many years and had gone through many life and death situations, close bosom friends with many shared secrets between them. So how could it be

Her eyes quickly scanned through the figures of the surrounding people, the corners of her mouth rising.

“The Demonic Sect, Cloud Sea Ancestor and Qi Xing Palace…of the seven powers, three of these great masters have actually gathered here. The allure of the Sky Phoenix Ring is truly great. Unfortunately, even if I did hand the Sky Phoenix Ring to you, there is only one ring…may I ask how will you three will divide it”

The expression of the white clothed male faltered and became unnaturally stiff. Hurriedly he went to cut her off.

“Dont try to stall for any longer. Before the might of the Ten Directional Nightfall Formation, all will become flames and ashes! All except the godly armament! Now hand the armament over. In respect of your master being the Number One Armament Refiner, I will spare your life if you pledge your loyalty to me!”

Huang Yue Li sarcastically laughed: “Pledge my loyalty In your dreams! My, Huang Yue Lis life-never has relied on others to live!”

Just as those dominating words fell, the world lit up in a raging tower of flames. In a blink of an eye, the colour of the land completely transformed.

When the white clothed male witnessed this, his complexion became unusually grave. Urgently he cried out: “Not good! She wants to self-destruct!”

“Not good!”

“Quickly, stop her!”

Chaotically numerous people attempted to stop her. Unfortunately by the time they had reacted, it was already too late.

As an Emperor Profound Realm master, the detonation range of Huang Yue Lis was enough to wipe out a city. As for those within her immediate surrounding, they naturally would not be able to escape the blast and would be turned to ashes.

It was also precisely at that moment was the icy land plunged into darkness accompanied with terrifyingly violent tremors that shook the entire land.

About thirty metres away, a black clothed male stood in the air. His body was slim and graceful, with devastatingly exquisite looks that looked to be as perfect as a sculpture. Yet those desolately cold eyes disdainfully looked towards the commotion as he dispelled the incoming and powerful force.

Ashen faced were all the people present.

“Its……its Clan Head Mu……he………he is attacking the formation!”

“Looking to die! How could that be Isnt he in closed training to ascend to the peak of the Emperor Profound Realm How could he possibly appear here”

Mu Cheng Ying was the publicly acknowledged number one sword expert of the Tian Ling Continent, without compare. It was also widely known that he had been chasing Huang Yue Li for many years now. If it were not for the fact that they knew Mu Cheng Ying was in closed door training, they would not have dared to confront Huang Yue Li.

Who could imagine that this man would spare at no effort to rush over thousands of miles to save her!

The matchless and tyrannical Ten Directional Nightfall Formation could not withstand even a single blow. With a wave of his hand, the great formation shattered to pieces.

“Quickly, escape. Otherwise everyone here will lose their lives!”

All those who had surrounded and attacked Huang Yue Li, turned and scattered.

He did not have the time to care about them, and leapt directly to Huang Yue Lis side.

Only, he was still too late.

Mu Cheng Yings stoic face, which never displayed his emotions, twisted into one of despair and heartbrokenness for the first time.

He did not dare to believe his eyes; to believe that he had still come a step late. Helplessly, he looked at the glowing figure of Huang Yue Li.

“Yue Li—!!!”

“WHY……Why did you do this! Why did you not wait for me to save you!”

Within the burning trance, a sliver of Huang Yue Lis consciousness returned. With that, the picture of Mu Cheng Yings outstanding face was the final thing embed into her mind.

“I never thought you…would…come……Thank……you…”

Thank you for treating me like this.

If there is another chance, I am willing to do whatever necessary to return your undying love.

Unfortunately the price of detonating ones soul was truly great. She would never have the opportunity to reincarnate.


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