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Chapter 7: “What Are You Crying For!”

Huang Yue Lis mouth twitched.

The previous Mistress serving girl was quite loyal. Just previously when she was being pressed again the wooden bench and getting beaten to death, she did not forget to protect her Mistress. It was just a shame, it seemed like her brain wasnt too good and thought she was actually a ghost

Cai Wei was still wailing away at her feet: “Third Miss, if you were this strong while alive, how great that would be! If the old master knew that you were killed at such a young age, how heartbroken he would be………”


Unable to bear the increasingly tragic cries, Huang Yue Li yelled out in exasperation: “Stop……stop! Stop! Dont wail for the departed anymore, your familys miss isnt dead yet! Can you not speak such depressing words!”

Cai Wei abruptly raised her head and stuttered: “What Young Miss……Young Miss isnt dead”

Lips curving upwards, Huang Yue Li smiled: “Of course I not dead. If I died, then wouldnt those who cause my death be delighted Those people who treated me unjustly are still living happily. How could I die just like that Im well and alive!”

After raising her head, Cai Wei stopped to observe for quite a while before exclaiming out: “Young Miss, you didnt die……you really didnt die! Your body is still warm!”

“Nonsense!” As Huang Yue Li flicked her sleeve and turned to walk back towards her room she proclaimed: “In the future, dont cry so easily and lose your Miss face! Whomever bullies us, you should fiercely retaliate!”

Eyes wide in shock, Cai Wei thought that a big change had happened. Not only was Third Miss life was strong and survived this ordeal, her entire person seemed to have changed.

In the past, when the second household came and bullied them, Third Miss would only secretly cry. She would lament that she had led a tough life from childhood; both parents dying when young and a wastrel at cultivation. She would so say that was reason why people bullied her.

Now she says to hit them back. And she had just scared away the Fourth Miss who had reached the fourth stage of the Qi Profound Realm!

Cai Wei moved to tears: “God really has foresight!”

She was known throughout. As the daughter of the infamous number one expert of the Southern Yue Kingdom, how could the Third Miss be an easily bullied wastrel

“Why are still standing there making such a fuss at the entrance for Hurry up and come in.”

Hastily, Cai Wei pushed opened the doors and entered.

Presently, Huang Yue Li had bent down to pick up a small white bottle. Pulling off stopper off, she held it under her nose and took a whiff while she reached out to open Cai Weis mouth: “Although those whips lashes had only caused superficial wounds, they still affected the muscles and bones. If you do not properly treat those wounds now, then they could cause problems in cultivation later.”

Cai Weis mind momentarily blanked out: “Young Miss, what did you just say Cultivation This lowly is but a servant, so I dont have the qualifications to cultivate. Even if I do have some bone and muscles injuries, it is okay.”

Ignoring these words, Huang Yue Li poured out three pea-sized pellets from within the bottle. She then instructed: “Take these Blood Clotting Pills. By tomorrow morning, your wounds would have fully healed.”

Cai Weis eyes widen, just like they were popping out of their socket: “Third……Third Miss, these are high grade pills ah! Just one of these pills can cost up to two hundred taels! Even if you have the money, you may not necessarily be able to purchase it! This half bottle was something the Old Lord left behind for you. Quickly put them away! This is a precious family treasure!”

Huang Yue Li furrowed her brows: “They are merely the lowest of the lowest grade pills. Is there a need for such a reaction Precious family treasure as well Fine, if i tell you to eat them, then eat them and dont waste them. This lady is still waiting for you to serve me.”

Without waiting for any remarks, she directly stuffed the pills into Cai Weis mouth.

Mustering all her strength, Cai Wei tilted her head to the side in attempt to dodge her familys Miss. Unfortunately she was still too slow. Before she knew it, her mouth was stuffed with the pills.


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