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Hu Jingyao was a tanned youth, around twenty years old.

He narrowed his eyes and said, That\'s right, my potential is much higher than Ye Mingshuang but the overall performance isn\'t too different.

Do you… dare to accept my battle invitation

Huang Yueli was beaming as she replied, Mn, I accept! Remember to prepare your star currency!

Ke ke, don\'t you worry about it.

I think… you\'re the one who should prepare your star currency!

Hu Jingyao stared at the delicate fair face and her faint smile and was captivated momentarily by her looks as he pondered silently.

Could this top student be an idiot

He and Ye Mingshuang were not ordinary people.

Among the core students, they were rather famous.

Truth be told, for the first time in several decades, Huang Yueli had been the first one to enrol into the school as a core student so ordinary students really didn\'t dare to challenge her.

Those who did were naturally not common people!

Heavens knew how she was able to accept these battle invitations so indifferently.

Who did she think she was

No matter what, she\'s just a new student who had just entered the third stage realm! To breakthrough on a last minute basis, her base was not stabilised and yet she was already thinking of exchanging blows with those core students who had entered third stage realm long ago

Hu Jingyao silently shook his head but said nothing at all.

In actual fact, based on his cultivation and potential, he felt that it was beyond his dignity to take part in matters such as taking advantage of new students.

If it wasn\'t for someone who had promised him some other benefits, he wouldn\'t even be standing here…..

But since he was already here, he wouldn\'t show any mercy.

He would treat this as a lesson for the new student! To let her know how deep the water ran in the Celestial Light Academy!

Hu Jingyao left behind his battle invitation, passed it to her and left.

Who knew, right after he took one step, he was called out by Huang Yueli.

Oh right, that….

Senior Brother Hu, wait a moment!

Hu Jingyao suddenly turned around, Why You regret it already Since you\'ve accepted this battle invitation, then the Martial Arts Stage have already taken in this case so there\'s no chance for regrets!

Huang Yueli smiled as she showed a set of tidy white teeth.

That\'s not it, Senior Brother Hu, you\'re mistaken! I just want to ask you if you happen to know if there\'s anyone else who wants to challenge me Please pass the message around and tell them to go ahead.

No matter how many of you come, I will accept all the battle invitations!

Hu Jingyao stood in blank momentarily and following that his pupils dilated as though he had just seen a ghost.

Where on heavens would you find such a ridiculous matter

This lass actually… actually proactively asked other people to come challenge her

What was wrong with her

Had water seeped into her brain If she were to accept so many people\'s challenges, and to fight continuously, no matter how strong she was, she would not be able to take part in a cartwheel battle right

Moreover, as a new student, if she wasn\'t able to win even one single round, if she accepted so many battles, was she prepared to lose all her fortune

She really don\'t know the immensity of heaven and earth!

Hu Jingyao snorted, Since Junior Sister you\'re so confident, I\'d naturally inform the others!

En en, then I\'ll depend on your Senior Brother.

Have a good trip! Huang Yueli waved.

Hu Jingyao almost spat out a mouthful of blood as he clutched his chest and walked away looking melancholy.

After Hu Jingyao left, he spread what Huang Yueli had said and indeed, the entire Celestial Light Academy swarmed up a huge wave!

Everyone was now saying that the top new student didn\'t have any self-knowledge and was simply looking for death!

Those who were looking to gain some advantages were overjoyed and very quickly, Huang Yueli received yet another two battle invitations.


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