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Celestial Light Academy indeed had a Plum Blossom Dome and that was an array which practitioners used to train on their movements.

In the array, there were a total of thirty six plum blossom dome poles.

It raised high into the sky and each pole was at least ten meters from the ground.

Once the array was activated, each plum blossom dome pole would vary in terms of height as it randomly stretched and shrunk at will.

Those practitioners who were training at this place would be required to be agile and move around these ever-changing plum blossom dome poles, otherwise they would fall down the poles! As time passes, the speed the poles took to contract would increase as the practitioners would require faster reaction time.

The longer one stays in the array, it only meant that one\'s movements were much better.

Now, Lu Zijue had suggested to battle it out on the Plum Blossom Dome so that meant both parties must had exceptionally accomplished movements otherwise even before they started, they would fell from the Plum Blossom Dome.

Not only this, they must also avoid the opponent\'s attacks and simultaneously think of ways to defeat the other party!

This difficulty was already very high but Lu Zijue had raised an even more difficult request! Both parties would have to blindfold their eyes!

Just keeping their eyes open to train on the Plum Blossom Done was tough enough, what more about blindfolding their eyes

Under the circumstances where they were not able to see, to maintain one\'s balance and not fall down from the poles, to most practitioners, this was an impossible mission.

Moreover they still had to fight against each other

How was this going to be done

The banquet hall went into a bustle once again.

Young Master Lu actually requested to fight it out on the Plum Blossom Dome! H….

How is this possible

Why is it not possible I\'ve heard many people say that Young Master Lu is most adept in movements and moreover, he often utilises the academy\'s Plum Blossom Dome to train.

Not only does he blindfold his eyes, he sometimes even ties his hands behind his back! This is his speciality!

Ah Young Master Lu is so powerful But how about Bai Ruoli Surely she cannot be adept at Plum Blossom Done as well right

About this….

It can only be said that Young Master\'s Lu\'s move is very sinister!

As for this Could that Bai Ruoli really be so strong Young Master Lu\'s sinister moves had already been used!

Lu Zijue also knew that he was very underhanded but this time as he had used his family heirloom cultivation method as a stake, he could not afford to lose! So no matter how those present were to treat him with disdain, he also would not bore the risk of losing!

On seeing Huang Yueli keeping silent, he was afraid that she would not agree as he hurriedly added.

Miss Bai, don\'t tell me you\'re really afraid Aren\'t you full of yourself and you don\'t even think anything of us the Honorary Association Since that\'s the case, just a mere Plum Blossom Dome had already scared you off

He wanted to dare her to provoke Huang Yueli\'s emotions.

Huang Yueli clearly knew what he was up to as she couldn\'t help but reveal a smile, Young Master Lu, you don\'t need to intentionally provoke me.

Aren\'t you just worried about losing No problem, I\'ll follow your wishes so let\'s fight it out at the Plum Blossom Dome! I will… make you concede defeat willingly!


After she said that, Lu Zijue started to feel worried again.

But no matter how he thought, a special array like the Plum Blossom Dome requires an array master of at least fifth rank and above to set up.

This young lass came from a small country and he gauged that she probably hadn\'t even seen it before.

It was even more impossible that she would be practicing on the Plum Blossom Dome every day!

So that was to say that Huang Yueli would definitely lose!

She was so pleased with herself as she underestimated him.

But later she\'d probably not even have the time to cry when she was defeated!


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