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Wound Dressing

It was still a mess inside. Shen Xi closed the door and quickly went to the place where she had been sitting and smoking when she had tipped off Hao Zi. This place was next to the window, and the whole room could be seen. It was also close to the bed.

Shen Xi took out her high-definition mini camera from the flower basket on the table.

After all, things were different from her previous life. Shen Xi wasnt sure if Hao Zi and the others would take a video or if there would be other issues, so she wanted to be sure. She couldnt let such a good opportunity go to waste.

When they returned to the Jiang family, Mama Lin welcomed them warmly, but was stopped by Jiang Lun.

Mama Lin didnt know what had happened, but she felt that the atmosphere was tense

Then, when Mama Lin saw Jiang Xues strange walking posture, she was shocked. “What happened to you Are you not feeling well Or are you injured somewhere”

Xia Chun immediately stood between Jiang Xue and Mama Lin and said coldly to Mama Lin, “She just accidentally bumped her knee. Go do your things. Xi, take the medicine box and follow me upstairs.”

Xia Chun had to be on guard. Mama Lin was also a woman. If she found out about Jiang Xues incident, it would be difficult to handle the matter.

When Shen Xi saw this scene, she sneered in her heart. In her previous life, she had encountered the same thing. Xia Chun did not avoid Mama Lin as much as she did now, so Mama Lin quickly realized that something was wrong.

Later on, Mama Lin would also use this matter from time to time to mock and humiliate Shen Xi. She would use shameless, slutty, and lewd words on Shen Xi.

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Shen Xi obediently took the medicine box and went upstairs. When she passed by the study, she heard Jiang Lun say fiercely, “I want them to die.”

Outside the room, Shen Xi could hear the ferocity of Jiang Luns gnashing of his teeth.

In her previous life, Jiang Lun and Xia Chun were not so protective of Shen Xi. After Shen Xi returned to the Jiang family with injuries all over her body, all she heard was insults about how she ruined the familys reputation and vulgar words. Even Jiang Lun did not want to take revenge for Shen Xi. It was only when Hao Zi and the others got cocky and thought that they couldnt be touched that Jiang Lun dealt with them.

However, Shen Xi did not care anymore. It was good that she had thought it through. After all, she was not their biological children. She sneered thinking about how the Jiang couple would have to deal with the situation more carefully this time. After all, this was a matter caused by their biological daughter herself.

When Shen Xi entered Jiang Xues room with the medicine box, Xia Chun was cleaning Jiang Xues body.

“Mom, Ill do it myself. You can stop looking.” Jiang Xue covered her lower body with an embarrassed look. Jiang Xue really couldnt accept having her mother do such a thing for her, especially after being raped.

“You cant see the wound below. Ill have to apply the medicine on you later. Be good, I will clean it for you. Otherwise, itll be bad if you get a fever or inflammation later. You cant go to the hospital like this,” Xia Chun comforted Jiang Xue.

Shen Xi couldnt help but find it funny. The fact that she wasnt allowed to go to the hospital was exactly the same as in her previous life. The Jiang couple cared a lot about their reputation. If Jiang Xue went to the hospital in this state and was seen by others, then the matter of the Jiang familys true daughter being humiliated would be exposed. Therefore, Jiang Lun would not allow Jiang Xue to be sent to the hospital.

Xia Chun carefully used a towel to gently wipe the wound below. In the end, Jiang Xue sucked in a breath of cold air. The pain shot directly from the wound to her forehead, causing her entire body to tremble in pain.

Jiang Xue immediately could not stop her tears from falling. She cried and complained, “Mom, what should I do If people find out about this matter, what should I do”

Xia Chun looked at her daughters tears and her heart could not help but ache. Her heart ached so much that tears started to fall out of her eyes, she rolled down. “Nothing will happen. No one will find out about this. You are still a pure and innocent girl. Mom and Dad will help you. Do you believe in us”

When Shen Xi heard the words “Pure and innocent”, she became curious. How should she restore her innocence Could it be that she had to repair her hymen She had to take birth control pills first. Otherwise, if a virgin had to give birth or have an abortion, it would be like miracle.

Xia Chun finally calmed Jiang Xue down with much difficulty. Only then did she pick up the medicine box in Shen Xis hand.


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