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Jiang Xue Showing Off

The moment she took the medicine box, she saw Shen Xi standing by the side, looking like she had lived a peaceful life. Her heart inexplicably felt stifled.

Xia Chun had also groomed Shen Xi in all aspects, so now Shen Xi was decent and generous. When she looked at Jiang Xue, she was in a sorry state, and now she had lost her innocence.

The Shen family had returned a daughter who had been brought up in such a state to the Jiang family, and the Jiang family wanted to return the Shen family a daughter who was elegant, pure, and innocent. At the thought of this, Xia Chun felt extremely upset. She even thought viciously, why was it that the person who had suffered today was not Shen Xi, but Jiang Xue.

That kind of dirty and unbearable thing should be experienced only by lowly commoners like the Shen family, not Jiang Xue, who was her beautiful daughter.

Shen Xi did not know what Xia Chun was thinking. Of course, she could tell that it wasnt anything good, because Xia Chun looked at her with hatred and malice in her eyes.

Shen Xi did not want to have too much conflict with Xia Chun in the Jiang family. After all, she was under their roof now and had no choice but to lower her head.

“Mrs. Jiang, should I go buy birth control pills for Xia Chun” Shen Xi wanted to find an opportunity to go out. Although she knew that the possibility was not high, she still wanted to give it a try.

“Youre not allowed to go out.” Jiang Xue was now afraid that Shen Xi would run away.

Xia Chun covered Jiang Xue with the blanket and said, “Let Mama Lin go.”

Shen Xi pretended to be troubled and said, “Then what if Mama Lin finds out”

Xia Chun said casually, “Just say that you want to use it.”

After saying that, Xia Chun realized that it wouldnt work. One was her biological child, and the other was her foster child. Both of their matters would affect the Jiang familys reputation.

Thus, Xia Chun retorted, “Forget it. Ill get Mama Lin to buy it. You go back to your own room and watch your mouth. If you dare to say anything, youll suffer.”

Shen Xi nodded obediently. Then, the moment she turned around, her expression suddenly turned cold.

However, Shen Xi still wanted to try her luck. She went downstairs to the main door, but was stopped by the two bodyguards standing at the door. Shen Xi laughed in anger. Was she being placed under house arrest It seemed that Jiang Xues matters had not been settled, so she was not able to leave.

Fighting head-on was not smart for Shen Xi, who wanted to live a good life with her parents, so she could only go back to her room.

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Jiang Xue rested at home for seven days before her body recovered. However, Shen Xi only recovered after half a month in her previous life. At that time, Shen Xi was locked in the basement, and was not treated as well as Jiang Xue.

At that time, Shen Xi did not have enough food, nutrition, and even no medicine. The first three days were filled with repeated inflammation and fever.

Seven days was enough for Jiang Lun to deal with Jiang Xues matters, and even Hao Zi and the other five people.

Jiang Xue was in a good mood now that her body had recovered and the bad things had been buried.

Compared to Shen Xi, who liked elegant and textured clothes, Jiang Xue liked princess-like clothes more.

“How is it Its the latest style. Mom specially chose it for me. Her taste is much better than yours.” Jiang Xue deliberately changed into clothes to show off in front of Shen Xi.

Xia Chun, who was following behind her, was overjoyed when she heard this. She did not expect that Jiang Xues taste in beauty was so in tune with hers. As expected of Xia Chuns biological daughter.

In the past, Xia Chun also liked to buy clothes for Shen Xi. In the end, Shen Xi decided that she preferred buying clothes for herself, so Xia Chun rarely had the sense of accomplishment of buying clothes for her daughter. Now, she got it from Jiang Xue. She was so happy that her eyes were curved into crescent moons.

Jiang Luns mood became better seeing his daughters cute appearance, sitting at the side, he said happily, “But these clothes can only be considered casual wear. Today, you and your mother will go to buy some dresses. You will need them for the banquet in three days. When the time comes, your mom and I will officially introduce you to everyone. We will let everyone see our Jiang familys real precious daughter.”

When Jiang Xue heard Jiang Luns words, her eyes instantly lit up. In three days time, she would officially become their acknowledged daughter. She would no longer be the poor girl who was chased around by loan sharks. Instead, she would be a princess who lived in luxury.

Thinking of this, Jiang Xue could no longer suppress her excitement. She said happily, “Ive finally found my parents. Dad and Mom, I really, really love you guys.”


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