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Translator’s note: Here is another story I’ve started translating  I think you’ve already noticed I like rebirth very much  Like very, very much  Some points you probably want to pay attention to.

Even though the story has the gong protagonist and the summary might sound a bit like something similar to “The Wife is First” and similar stories, the story is completely different.

For one thing, the main character is reborn when he is three years old and at least for half of the story he is a child.

There are also some potentially triggering motives, including mpreg, rape, miscarriage and graphic description of childbirth.

However, the rape doesn’t happen between the MC and the ML, their relationship is entirely consensual.

It was very cold in winter in Qingjia.

Just after September, large snowflakes poured down, dressing the land in plain white, only white, an infinite whiteness with no other colour visible.

Yi Yin stood on two stacked stones by the palace wall, looking at the white expanse in the distance, unable to tell whether it was the sky or the snow.

His eyes were so blank that they were almost empty.

He didn’t understand why he was here.

He remembered clearly that in Daidang Palace, Wei Yang had brought him the poisoned wine with his own hands, watched him finish drinking it with an expressionless face and then turned away with an icy smile.

It was March, a beautiful time of spring in Yujing, but Yi Yin felt a bone-chilling cold in all his limbs.

Yi Yin originally thought that his soul would dissipate in the endless darkness and cold, but after the long dark night, he still woke up; only the timing of his waking seemed somewhat strange.

As soon as he regained consciousness, Yi Yin realised that something was wrong with his body.

He had already lived for almost thirty years, but he actually became a three-year-old child, and the name of this child, surprisingly, was also Yi Yin.

The person who seemed to be his nanny spoke the language that Yi Yin was familiar with, not Chinese, but Fuyu, which made Yi Yin, who had not heard it for a long time, have mixed feelings.

Was he in Fuyu

Before the age of ten, Yi Yin had lived in Fuyu, but the little village house in his memory was definitely not as gorgeous and spacious as the mansion he was in now.

Yi Yin was a little confused about what was going on.

Afraid of arousing unnecessary suspicion, Yi Yin didn’t dare to ask questions casually, so he went to find the answer by himself.

His nanny didn’t prevent him from going out anyway, only insisting that he had to be followed by someone.

After wandering around the strange mansion twice and overhearing some conversations among the maids, Yi Yin soon realised that he was in the Fuyu Palace in the royal city of Qingjia.

But he still didn’t understand why he was here.

Yi Yin remembered very clearly that he had spent his childhood in a small village outside Qingjia.

The house was very small, with only three main rooms and two wing rooms to the left and right.

When you entered the gate, there was a barn with three horses.

Apart from Yi Yin and Wei Zhao, there were only two mute servants who took care of their food, clothing and living.

Wei Zhao had difficulty using his hands and feet, so Yi Yin had to do a lot of the work himself, such as milking the horses every morning, and taking them out to graze in the summer.

Apart from the difference in accommodation, there was nothing that surprised Yi Yin more than Wei Zhao.

Two days ago, having wandered around half of the palace, Yi Yin returned to the Northern Courtyard at the urging of his nanny, and as soon as he entered, he saw Wei Zhao.

Wei Zhao seemed to be a little displeased with his wandering around.

His face was so gloomy that you could wring water out of it, but when Yi Yin saw that Wei Zhao’s arms and legs were intact and moving freely, he raised his hand to cover his mouth, almost laughing out loud in delight.

No matter how much Wei Zhao disliked him, or even hated him, Yi Yin could not help but be thrilled to see him well.

In any case, Wei Zhao was the one who gave him life.

The Wei Zhao that Yi Yin remembered was silent and depressed.

The tendons of his arms and legs had been cut, he couldn’t walk, he couldn’t carry heavy objects, and he couldn’t even eat on his own without help.

Most of the time, Wei Zhao lay in bed.

He hardly spoke and naturally ignored Yi Yin.

Even when Lu Ming came to their rescue, he didn’t say a word to Yi Yin, he just entrusted him to Lu Ming and killed himself by cutting his neck.

Now, Wei Zhao was standing in the courtyard in good health.

Although his face was a little pale and sickly, his limbs were intact and there was no despair in his eyes that used to scare Yi Yin.

Wei Zhao didn’t scold Yi Yin.

He never talked to him.

He simply gave him a cold look and turned to go into the house.

Yi Yin giggled all the way following him in.


In the next two days, Yi Yin made several trips around the palace to find out what he had misremembered.

Fuyu was located in the northeast, with the Great Yan to the south and Tiele to the west, and was a country of fishing and hunting, with some farming and nomadic herding.

Fuyu was much more backward than the Great Yan in every respect, and even the so-called royal palace was, in Yi Yin’s opinion, less impressive than his former residence in Hehua Lane in Yujing, so it was no trouble at all to wander around it several times a day.

Unfortunately, his efforts were useless.

Yi Yin seemed to be unable to restore the memories of his life in this place, as if he hadn’t gone back to his own childhood.

But other things still could be matched.

For example, the king of Fuyu was Helian Zhuo; for example, Wei Zhao was the fourth prince of the Great Yan and was captured by Helian Zhuo four years ago; and for example, he was the son that Helian Zhuo forced Wei Zhao to give birth to…

Helian Zhuo was not an incompetent monarch who only lusted after beauty.

His harem was not full of concubines.

The only ones in high positions were the Great Yan-zhi(1) and Lady Zuo(2), both of whom were the result of political alliances, and other than that, there were only a few concubines of no status.

Wei Zhao was not even as good as Helian Zhuo’s concubine; yet there would be something wrong in describing him as a male pet.

Five years ago, in order to recover Youzhou, which had fallen into the hands of the Fuyu people since the end of the previous dynasty, the emperor of the Great Yan, Wei Su, sent Li Kang, Hou(3) Pingnan, as his general, and Wei Zhao, the Fourth Prince, as his cavalry general with 100,000 troops to march into Youzhou.

In the face of the menacing army of the Great Yan, Helian Zhuo, who had just killed several of his elder half-brothers to take the throne, couldn’t have been more nervous.

He knew that just over ten years ago, the Tiele people, who had been dominating the desert for more than two hundred years and had beaten the Western Regions, the Zhengao people and the Fuyu people into submission, had been slaughtered by Wei Su’s army, thus losing all their strongholds in the south of the desert and having to retreat to the desolate, cold north of the desert.

The ability of Li Kang and Wei Zhao to lead the troops into the battle might not be as good as the one of the amazing Ji Qing, Wang(4) Changning, and the unprecedented Jun Lin, Hou Zhaoyang, but Fuyu’s army didn’t have the same combat power as Tiele’s cavalry either.

Helian Zhuo’s worries were by no means superfluous.

Wei Zhao galloped across the Wusu Steppes unstoppably, while Li Kang advanced steadily east of the Arslan Mountains.

Seeing that Youzhou was about to be lost, Helian Zhuo sent a message to Tiele’s Khan Vaziri to discuss joining forces.

He didn’t hear back from Vaziri, but the Great Yan people themselves had an internal strife.

Wei Zhao, who was regarded as the “reincarnation of Jun Lin”, was taken prisoner by the Left General under Helian Zhuo, Tuoba Naigang.


Helian Zhuo didn’t even know the reason why Li Kang wanted to harm Wei Zhao, and he was not interested in inquiring, because after losing Wei Zhao, Li Kang still commanded the remaining army to recover the four northern counties of Youzhou for the Great Yan, and the Fuyu people lost the Wusu Steppes and the rich Songhe Plain.

Although the Great Yan’s reasons for reclaiming Youzhou were valid enough, for Helian Zhuo it was a fact that he had lost his ancestral heritage.

With the power of Fuyu alone, it was impossible for him to counterattack Youzhou.

His anger was overwhelming, and Wei Zhao became the best target to vent it on.

Helian Zhuo was not actually interested in men, but Wei Zhao’s status as a prince gave him a sense of accomplishment, especially after Wei Zhao gave birth to Yi Yin.

Helian Zhuo deliberately sent a letter to inform Wei Su about it to make him angry.

Because of this, Wei Zhao’s status in Helian Zhuo’s harem was particularly awkward, and it was not even enough to call him a male pet.

But Wei Zhao had a son after all, and even though Helian Zhuo didn’t like Yi Yin much, he would ask about him on a whim, so he would not let anyone belittle the father and son too much.

Yi Yin had reason to believe that Helian Zhuo’s act was just another way of insulting Wei Zhao and even the Great Yan.

In the Great Yan, it was legal for men to marry each other, and the man who took the Suyun pill could bear children; but the princes of the Wei family had always only married child-bearing spouses, never becoming child-bearers themselves.

Three years ago, when a letter from Helian Zhuo was sent to Wei Su, the enraged emperor of the Great Yan disregarded the rules and killed the messenger; but rumours of Wei Zhao’s story slowly spread through Yujing.

Faced with an environment not quite the same as he remembered, Yi Yin was somewhat bewildered as to whether the world was not quite the same as the original as well, or whether something he didn’t know had happened at the age that he couldn’t remember.

He couldn’t guarantee that he hadn’t lived in the palace when he was three years old.

Today, Yi Yin got rid of his nanny and maids and ran to the palace wall alone, wanting to look outside.

The Fuyu Palace was a lot more modest than the palaces of the Central Plains, and the walls were not built high; but they were still the height of an adult man and Yi Yin was too small.

Even if he jumped up, he could only see the white walls.

Yi Yin turned around and easily found two stones stacked on top of each other, probably because someone had been looking at the scenery from here earlier, so he climbed up with great enthusiasm.

He didn’t expect the outside of the wall to be the same as the inside; except for white, there was more white and nothing new.

Yi Yin sighed and was about to jump off the stones when he suddenly felt a pain in his back, as if he had been hit by something hard.

As he turned his head, he saw a black slingshot ball lying on the pure white ground.

The slingshot ball was made from a small sharp stone, the size of an adult’s thumb, and it hit him hard and painfully.

Even though his nanny had wrapped him in a thick cotton-padded coat and covered him with a cloak of ferret fur, he felt his back swelling and hurting, and there must have been a bruise.

Yi Yin raised his head and looked around to see the culprit who had bullied him.

At that moment, another slingshot ball flew at him, right in the face.

If he was really hit, it would have made a bloody hole.

Luckily, Yi Yin was prepared this time and jumped off the stones before the shot arrived, dodging the blow.

He wasn’t going to stand on a high place, deserving to be a target, either.

Unfortunately, he was dressed too thickly and the snow was soft, so he landed unsteadily and fell directly onto the snow.

It took Yi Yin a lot of tossing and turning to get back to his feet and stand up again.

The tallest one among the group of boys was holding a slingshot made of iron birch in his hand, and he was the one who had just shot twice.

Yi Yin didn’t want to pay any attention to them, wrapped his cloak tightly around himself and was going to leave.

But Pei Di didn’t allow him to do so and shouted, “Xianhan, Zhe Zhe, stop him!”

Yi Yin had never seen Pei Di; but he had heard from his nanny that Pei Di was the son of the Great Yan-zhi, two years older than him, and the only son of Helian Zhuo besides him.

He was usually very spoiled by the Great Yan-zhi and developed a temperament that required to have everything going his way. 

Before Pei Di finished speaking, the boy holding the slingshot took a step forward and gave Yi Yin a heavy push.

He was a head taller than Yi Yin and was also very strong.

It was easy for him to knock Yi Yin to the ground.

Pei Di immediately cheered: “Xianhan, well done!”

The main wife; you probably know how -shi is used with the woman’s maiden name to indicate “the woman from this or that clan”; -zhi here is the same thing, with “Yan” being a collective name for the harem of the ruler… so kinda literally “the main one in the harem”The Left Lady, another wife, with the status higher than the Right LadyOne of five noble titles, approximately equal to MarquisAnother title, higher than the simple prince, sometimes can mean Prince, King, or other things-

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