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“Father, what is going on” Grandpa Dian noticed Great-Grandpa Dians reaction.

“The ancestor comes.” Great-Grandpa Dian said.

“What He comes Where is he right now” Grandpa Dian asked.

“At the door.” Grandpa Ray said.

“We need to go and welcome him.” Grandpa Dian said.

He turned to his father and said.

“Father, you stay here.”

“Alright.” Great-Grandpa Dian nodded.

“What happened Why does Zun Ke look so nervous” Huo Xi asked Great-Grandpa Dian.

“Do your enemy comes or something” Bucong Guang smirked.

“The ancestor comes.” Great-Grandpa Dian answered.

“What He comes” Jiang Nanxiang who happened to want to talk to Great-Grandpa Dian was shocked.

“You manage to invite him” Bucong Guang could not believe it.


I invite him but I dont expect him to come.” Great-Grandpa Dian said.

Yu Qi and Long Hui looked at each other.

Yu Qi was surprised to hear that Qin Xia came to her Great-Grandpas party.

She was kind of happy to see him here.

It was kind of different for Long Hui though.

He still remembered that night when Yu Qi was drunk and met him.

They talked about the stuff that he could not understand.

And the most frustrating thing was that Long Hui could not ask Yu Qi because she did not remember that.

Not long after that, Grandpa Dian escorted a masked man.

Everyone in the cultivation world knew this man.

They bowed respectfully toward the masked man.

Others who did not know the masked man, they were confused by the people around them.

They began to feel curious about the masked mans identity.

Qin Xia walked to Great-Grandpa Dian.


I hope you will stay alive longer.” Qin Xia said.

“I prepare a gift for you.”

Qin Xia took out something like a white ball.

The surface was so smooth.

It emitted some light.

“The giant pearl.” Great-Grandpa Dian was surprised to see the gift.

“Ancestor, thank you very much.”

Giant pearl was a very rare thing.

It could emit light.

What was special about this thing was it could protect the people from the dark power.

“I relieve that you like the gift.” Qin Xia said.

“Ancestor, we are surprised to see you here.” Bucong Guang joined the conversation.

“I have time.

So, I come.” Qin Xia said.

Bucong Guang also wanted to invite Qin Xia to his house.

But they did not know where Qin Xia was.

“I am surprised that Dian Family knows where the Ancestor is that they could send the invitation.” Bucong Guang said.

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“I came to visit Dians Family once.

They invited me that time.” Qin Xia answered.

Qin Xia visited the Dian family once.

Two months before the party.

Qin Xia just wanted to see what kind of Dian Family was since it was Yu Qis family after all.

When he got to know much about Dian Family, he was satisfied with Dian Family.

He knew that Yu Qi would be treated well in this kind of family.

“Why do you visit Dians Family” Bucong Guang was curious about that.

“Do I need to tell you about my matter” Qin Xia looked at Bucong Guang.

Bucong Guang felt the pressure.

He gritted his teeth holding his body.

The pressure that the ancestor put on him was very strong.

It made him lose his strength.

Suddenly the pressure disappeared.

Bucong Guang felt relieved.

“I hope it will be a lesson to Bucong Head.” Qin Xia said.


I am sorry.” Bucong Guang bowed his head.

Bucong Shuye who was beside his father, helped his father stand up when seeing his father wanting to fall down.

Bucong Shuye knew that the ancestor put pressure on his father earlier.

“Who is that man Why does everyone seem to respect him so much” Mu Li Zei looked at Qin Xia.

“Mum, do you know him”


I have never seen him before.” Kang Pian Sue was also curious about the mans identity.

That man seemed to be more powerful than Dian Family seeing Dian Familys reaction themselves.

“The ancestor seemed to be close to Dian Family.”


My grandpa has the highest respect for the ancestor.”

“Not only your grandfather, but everyone respects him.”

Mu Yian listened to some peoples conversation and also looked at the man.

She seemed to have seen him before.

Well, not the face but his silhouette.

However, she could not remember who he was.

She stared at the mans silhouette and tried to remember where she saw this silhouette before.

Then, she remembered it.

This silhouette seemed to belong to a young man who she met before.

But when she listened to the conversation, they called him the ancestor.

What was that supposed to mean The ancestor seemed to be a title for an old man or woman.

But for such a young man like him.

Mu Yian thought to go and talk to him for confirmation.

However, her step stopped when she saw the man walking toward Yu Qi.

She frowned.

She wanted to know their relationship too.

The young man that she saw had a very good looking as Long Hui.

The man who she thought very suitable to her.

She wanted to know the man.

She was hoping that man to be her man.

She saw that Yu Qi bowed at the man too.

Did this mean that Yu Qi also reacted like everyone else

“Sister, why does he wear a mask And people seems okay with that man Is that weird right” Mu Rong Xie asked Mu Yian.

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