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Yaegers stall was set up somewhere between Resurrection Square and the entrance to the commercial areas.

It was a good location for a stall because players would pass by there very often.

Rakshasa: Princess, are they here to buy things

“Have you seen someone go shopping with such an unruly attitude” Yaeger rolled her eyes.

Nangong Lin looked ahead into the crowd and fear sprung through her eyes.

She started to panic a little but when she saw Yaeger and Rakshasas face, she calmed down.

Players came surging from Resurrection Square.

Most of them just looked dissatisfied but some had a murderous look in their eyes.

Originally everyone was at the same starting point which could be said to be absolutely fair.

However, this guy just broke this state of fairness by cheating!

Some of these players were losers in reality while some were victims of societal class oppression.

These people more or less wanted to start over in the game and obtain a new lease on life.

Unexpectedly, someone broke the rules and trampled over them right at the very beginning!

This reminded them of all kinds of injustices in the real world and a wave of anger rose in their heart, hoping to tear Yaeger into pieces immediately.

However, when they approached Yaeger and saw her appearance up close, everyone couldnt help gasping because of her stunning looks.

Even Vast Sky was of no exception.

They had never seen such a beautiful person.

She was simply the embodiment of beauty, a fairy-like existence!

How could there be such a beautiful person in this world!

Both men and women, young and old, were shocked from the bottom of their hearts.

The previous unpleasant emotions magically vanished like a puff of smoke.

It was absolutely impossible for such an angelic beauty to cheat.

There must be something in her life thats forced her into this situation!

Some people made up excuses on behalf of Yaeger in their hearts.

Beauty! I want to be your lap dog!

Some people stared at Yaeger with lustful expressions.

I want to cut her face with a knife!

A girl was going crazy with jealousy.

Yaeger looked at everyones admiration, infatuation, envy, jealousy, appreciation, greed, and felt a pang of depression in her heart: Im a man dammit!

“Excuse me, are you here to buy things” However, as the saying goes,the customer is king so she should at least let them experience high-quality service before wringing them dry.

Thinking to this point, Yaeger slightly tilted her head and showed them a professional smile that could ruin men and overturn cities.

At the next moment, everyone took 10,000 points of damage and their eyes almost turned into heart-shaped emotes.

“Buy! Of course were here to buy!” Someone shouted excitedly and then many others shouted.

Seeing these people getting so fascinated, Vast Sky immediately got angry: We are here to destroy the cheaters, not to buy things!

Rakshasa and Nangong Lin looked at each other.

Both of them were all puzzled.

Werent these murderous-looking idiots here to cause trouble Why did they suddenly start acting like they were ensnared by Princess

This woman had a magical charm! Vast Sky was more determined than any average person.

He lowered his head and tried not to look at Yaeger, for fear that he too would fall to her wicked charms.

Rakshasa suddenly realized that these people were charmed by her Princess!1

A smile captures the attention of thousands of people.

Princesss charm was so terrifying!

In fact, Yaegers charm was indeed terrifying.

After all, she had 2,500 points in Charm.

Players who were mostly only one level had low mental strength and it was difficult for them to resist this charm!

Just as the scene became weirder and weirder, the cheating accusation incident was already in full swing and countless players protested fiercely on game forums or official websites.

“Ding! You have a new notice.”

All of a sudden, a cold voice sounded in the minds of players all around the world at the same time.

Immediately after that, everyone saw a new message in the Character Info.

‘Please check your notices.

The game master has posted in the forums..

They clicked on it to have a look.

It turned out to be a notice regarding the cheating accusation.

The game masters had also posted a sticky message to the forums.

For a moment, almost everyone flocked to the forum and clicked on the official post.

What they saw was information regarding the closed beta and the 10 players that were invited to participate.

At this time, people realized that the so-called cheater was actually a closed beta player!2

Seeing the officials specially thank these 10 closed beta players for helping the technical staff to test the game loopholes, everyone did not know whether to laugh or cry.

In the end, it turned out to be a big misunderstanding.

However, there were still many people who were dissatisfied.

Why could these 10 players participate in the closed beta but they couldnt

The officials didnt waste time talking nonsense and rewarded all players with a Green Random Equipment Chest.

Now, most players were happy.

Who would have thought that making trouble would bring benefits!

Most players were actually onlookers who were interested in the spectacle but didnt have anything knowledgeable to say about it.

As long as the 10 closed beta players were not really cheating and it did not affect the balance of the game, it was not a problem.

They were just lucky!

They could only look on with envy or hatred!

Seeing everyone happily open the chests, Vast Sky was very displeased: “Are you guys going to let it go so easily These closed beta players get more benefits than you but you guys are unexpectedly satisfied with just a bit of compensation! Look at that equipment, look at those props! Originally, this is what we should have been rightfully ours to obtain with, fair and square!”3

He pointed at Yaegers stall and became more and more vexed.

“So noisy!” Yaeger had long been unhappy with this guy.

She nocked her bow, and shot, killing the man instantly in a single hit.4

Vast Sky suddenly felt a sharp pain in his body.

He looked down only to find an arrow lodged right onto his chest.

Then he looked at Yaeger in disbelief: “How dare you kill me…”

Before he finished speaking, he turned into light particles and disappeared.

“Insect, killing you is no different than stomping on an ant.”

Yaeger put away the bow indifferently and then looked at the crowd with a professional smile on her face: “Selling equipment! Dont miss this great opportunity! You can get a big discount now on Green Equipment.

30,000 for one piece and 100,000 for three pieces!”5


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